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6224RE: Starting with CPPN, basic concept questions

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    Dec 29, 2013
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      Hi Ken,

      Thanks for the reply, clearing up the the delta concept was a good point and I now understand how the concept works.

      I missed the DNA section on the Picbreeder site but I have now spent some time playing with it and it also helped to enforce the concept. I'm not sure who looks after the Picbreeder site but one feature that would be nice in the future is to have the DNA button available for each image on the start from scratch image selection. I imagine that the start from scratch images contain a small number of very basic functions so it would be nice to see the DNA of each of those starter images, it's not a big deal just a passing thought. 

      Now that I have the CPPN understood, I will start a new thread on the next step, evolving CPPN's.



      PS I'm not sure how to change the alias, I may have to re-subscribe using a different email system, I joined yahoo mail to join this group and changing the alias associated with this group is beyond me...

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