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IW&A: Uruad; "American Hostage"; "Iraqi Press Headlines"; Czech shipment

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  • Francis Deblauwe
    Some of the new additions to the Iraq War & Archaeology site: • Les secrets de Babylone, in Le Télégramme (France), August 28, 2005: review of Uruad.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2005
      Some of the new additions to the Iraq War & Archaeology site:

      • "Les secrets de Babylone," in Le Télégramme (France), August 28,
      2005: review of "Uruad. Par Jean-Christophe Issartier, éditions Le
      Félin, 19,90 €."; theological/archaeological thriller set at the time
      of the invasion of Iraq in early 2003; did the US go to war to protect
      a secret that could change the world? Iraqi archaeologists excavating
      the Sumerian site of Aruad [fictituous] had found something special;
      invading US military proceeds to systematically destroy museums,
      ancient sites and remains, Iraqi archaeologists disappear, Uruad is
      bombed; a US officer ruthlessly kills anyone approaching certain
      burials; the hero is William Fisher, an English Sumerologist... [see
      also Weber September 29, 2005]
      Photo: [no caption]

      • "New releases," in The [Fort Wayne] Journal Gazette (Indiana),
      September 25, 2005: "'American Hostage: A Memoir of a Journalist
      Kidnapped in Iraq and the Remarkable Battle to Win His Release' by
      Micah Garen and Marie-Hélène Carleton ... Moving and suspenseful, this
      account of a journalist’s ordeal as a captive in Iraq recounts the
      machinations behind a delicate hostage situation. Documentary
      filmmakers Garen and Carleton went to Iraq in 2003 to investigate
      reports of looting at archaeological sites. ... Garen’s first-person
      account of their time in captivity alternates chapters with Carleton’s
      story of how friends and family rallied at home and abroad to
      jump-start a rescue effort, even before the FBI got on the case. ...
      Even readers who followed the story in the newspapers will find much
      that is new since so many negotiations happened off the front page. And
      with a romantic subplot humming through the tension, this story is made
      for the silver screen."

      • "Iraqi Press Headlines, September 15, 2005," in Iraqi & Regional
      Media Monitoring (Jordan), online, September 15, 2005: "Al-Zaman
      <daily, independent, Baghdad edition of London-based Al-Zaman>: ...
      [A]ttempt to smuggle 135 artefacts to neighbouring countries aborted"

      • "Foreign Undersecretary Receives Credentials of New Czech
      Ambassador," in Republic of Iraq. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Iraq),
      online, September 26, 2005: "Mr. Labeed Abbawi, Foreign Undersecretary
      for Policy Planning, received ... a copy of the credentials of Mr.
      Peter Voznica, ..." "He added that the Czech government has approved
      shipment of items to the Iraqi Ministry of Culture, to be used in the
      maintenance of archeological property."

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