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  • neareasternarchaeology@yahoogroups.com
    May 1, 2014
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      Just a friendly monthly reminder of the rules from the management.


      (AS OF 7 MARCH 2005)

      In order to maintain an atmosphere of scholarly, collegial discussion, the following rules will be followed by this Yahoo! Group:

      1) Ad hominem attacks will not be tolerated. Any postings containing personal attacks will be rejected by the moderator. Please think carefully about what you post before you hit the send button. What may not be meant as offensive may be taken to be that way by a more sensitive reader.

      2) The use of racist, ageist, sexist, and vulgar language is prohibited.

      3) Religious and political agendas have no place in this group. While ancient religion and politics are clearly acceptable topics and one can argue that current political and religious issues affect the archaeology, this is not the venue for such discussion.

      4) Before posting a message please make sure that it is relevant to the group's interests. Irrelevant post will be rejected.

      5) No advertising of products or services will be allowed on the Yahoo! Group unless they are for pro bono services/products. If you wish to advertise a service or product to our community, please contact the moderator about advertising on NearEasternArchaeology.com.

      6) The primary language for discussion on this group is English. While most scholars likely speak one or more other languages, not all members do. Please try to post your messages in clear, correct English whenever possible. If you must use a different language please try and use one for which free online translation is available. (http://babelfish.altavista.com/ [Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish])

      7) All postings must be signed and should include the author's name, degrees held, and current institutional affiliation and titles.

      8) The sale and collection of antiquities is considered by many archaeologists to be unacceptable. This venue is not an appropriate forum for an unbiased discussion of the issues. If you wish to discuss the subject please do so offline and privately or subscribe to Unidroit-L.

      9) The moderator reserves the right to deny membership to any applicant on the basis of insufficient academic credentials (the lack of a completed degree in a relevant field of study from an accredited university). Students enrolled in relevant programmes who have not yet completed a degree may also be granted membership at the discretion of the moderator as may individuals who despite a lack of formal credentials have sufficient informal training or experience in the archaeology of the ancient Near East to be deemed lay-experts.

      10) Should one wish to post an online article link, one should only post a small snippet of the content (headline and opening paragraph) followed by the link to the actual site. Please do not post entire articles since: a) it may infringe on an author's copyright; b)it takes up unnecessary bandwidth and file storage space; and c) often much, if not all, of the formatting is lost making the article difficult to read.

      9) All messages are reviewed by the moderator before posting. The moderator reserves the right not to post any message if he feels that it is in breach of any of the above rules.

      11) No posting of messages written by an author other than the poster will be allowed. If you see something that you feel might be appropriate for posting here on another group or list, contact the author and ask them to join this group and post the message here themselves or have them contact me directly and I will post it on their behalf.

      13) The posting of private email correspondences is unacceptable unless both parties involved agree to its posting.

      14) The moderator reserves the right to temporarily or permanently ban any member from the use of this group due to breaches of the rules. Any such member will be warned in advance of their potential removal from the membership by the moderator.

      Group Email Addresses
      Related Link: http://www.neareasternarchaeology.com/mission.htm
      Post message: neareasternarchaeology@yahoogroups.com
      Subscribe: neareasternarchaeology-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
      Unsubscribe: neareasternarchaeology-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com
      List owner: neareasternarchaeology-owner@yahoogroups.com
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