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Near-Death Newsletter ---------------- March 2006

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  • Kevin Williams
    When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is
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      "When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that
      something is possible he is almost certainly right. When
      he states that something is impossible, he is very probably
      wrong. The only way of discovering the limits of the
      possible is to venture a little way past them into the
      impossible. Any sufficiently advanced technology is
      indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clarke, the inventor
      of satellite communication

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      I am under this month. Thank you.

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      News From P.M.H. Atwater
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      Bruce Greyson to Give an NDE Presentation at
      the Rhine Research Center on May 5th - 6th, 2006
      (March 1, 2006) (The Rhine Research Center)
      Bruce Greyson of the University of VA Division of Personality
      Studies will give a presentation at the Rhine Research Center
      in Durham, North Carolina during a conference entitled,
      "After Death - What Do We Know?" This conference brings
      together leading scientists and physicians in this area of
      research to present their findings. Other presenters include:
      James Tucker, MD; Stephan A. Schwartz; Dianne Archangel, MS;
      Ginette Nachman, MD, PhD; Emily Kelly, PhD; Lloyd Auerbach, PhD;
      Gary Schwartz, PhD. This event is open for all health care
      professionals and interested laypeople. CMEs pending. To
      register, or for further information, contact the Rhine Research
      Center at (919) 309-4600, or email at Deana@...,
      or visit their website at http://www.rhine.org/.
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      --- Books: A List of Publications Authored by Bruce Greyson:

      Is There Life After Death? An Emminent International Cardiologist
      Believes He Can Prove It!
      (February 20, 2006) (ClickPress)
      A leading cardiologist -- who has become convinced of the
      existence of life after death after hearing his patients'
      experiences -- is talking about his research and beliefs at
      a major conference in London in March. Dr. Pim van Lommel
      was so inspired by the stories related by his patients of their
      near-death experiences (NDEs) that he became the first medical
      practitioner to risk his reputation with a full, systematic
      trial into the phenomenon. He interviewed 344 heart patients
      at his hospital in Arnhem, Netherlands who had all clinically
      died, some for five minutes or longer, before being resuscitated.
      Of these, 62 -- or 18 per cent -- reported some ongoing experience
      after the medical monitors had pronounced them to be dead ... He
      will be talking about his latest discoveries at the "Icons of
      the Field" conference, which is being held in central London
      on March 18 and 19.
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      by Pim van Lommel:

      --- Article: The Lancet Study on NDEs:

      --- Website: "Icons of the Field" Conference:

      --- Book: "The Field: The Quest For The Secret Force Of The Universe"
      by Lynne McTaggart:

      Science is Making Room for Near-Death Experiences Beyond
      This World
      (February 18, 2006) (Deseret News)
      Dreaming -- whether in pleasant reverie or nightmarish angst --
      has long been accepted not only as a real physiological
      phenomenon but as a common human experience. But when
      the dying describe open-eyed visions of long-dead relatives
      and friends, those who don't "see" the extra people in the room
      usually grow skeptical. "Demented," "crazy" or "lost it" are the
      labels, whether whispered or silent. Yet some of those who work
      most closely with the dying report such events as highly spiritual
      experiences that occur across faith traditions and cultures, and
      includes agnostics and atheists. And though it is still taboo to
      validate such things in clinical or academic settings, science is
      making some room for near-death experiences beyond the tangible,
      physical world. Meanwhile, hospice chaplains watch such "pre-death
      visions" play out daily as their patients slip away.
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      --- Article: "Palliative Care Perspectives" by James L. Hallenbeck:

      Near-Death Experience, Consciousness, and the Brain:
      A New Concept about the Continuity of Our Consciousness
      Based on Recent Scientific Research on Near-Death Experience
      in Survivors of Cardiac Arrest
      (January-March 2006) (The Journal of General Evolution)
      In this article first some general aspects of near-death experience
      will be discussed, followed by questions about consciousness and
      its relation to brain function. Details will be described from our
      prospective study on near-death experience in survivors of cardiac
      arrest in the Netherlands, which was published in the Lancet in 2001.
      In this study it could not be shown that physiological, psychological,
      or pharmacological factors caused these experiences after cardiac
      arrest. Neurophysiology in cardiac arrest and in a normal functioning
      brain will be explained. Finally, implications for consciousness
      studies will be discussed, and how it could be possible to explain
      the continuity of our consciousness. Scientific study of NDE pushes
      us to the limits of our medical and neurophysiologic ideas about the
      range of human consciousness and mind–brain relation.

      Near-Death Experiences and the Mystery of Consciousness
      (March 1, 2006) (Quantum Biocommunication)
      Although we have all heard a great deal about near-death
      experiences in the past 25 years, much of this has been
      debate and controversy centred around whether they are
      hallucinations or a glimpse of an afterlife. The true
      significance of these experiences may soon finally be revealed
      through scientific research. Recent medical studies in cardiac
      arrest patients have begun to shed light on this fascinating
      phenomenon and have indicated that the mind and consciousness
      may in fact be what remains of us after death. If proven, this
      will of course have huge implications for all humankind. In this
      article I will examine our understanding of NDE during cardiac
      arrest and their significance for the wider debate on the nature
      of consciousness.
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      --- Website: Horizon Research Foundation:

      New Scientific Evidence Heaven Really Exists: Blockbuster DVD
      Includes Astounding Back-From-Dead Testimonials
      (March 2, 2006) (World Net Daily)
      Until now, heaven has been just a matter of faith. But a new
      documentary, "The Evidence for Heaven," available exclusively
      through WND's ShopNetDaily online store, offers scientific evidence
      for the afterlife. It includes medical testimonials, first-person
      accounts of "resurrections" from the dead and the latest developments
      on the scientific front. Is the inevitable conclusion to life's
      exciting journey the termination of the human spirit and a plot in
      the local cemetery? Or is there something beyond this life -- a
      spiritual realm of some kind where the soul resides when we lay
      this body down?
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      The Miraculous Survival Story Of Michelle Funk
      (February 10, 2006) (CBS News)
      Amazing, because when Michelle was 2-years-old something
      devastating -- and miraculous -- happened. "We were out having
      a picnic and me and my older brother, who was 4 at the time --
      I was 2 -- we went across the street to throw rocks into the steam.
      I was a clumsy two-year-old. I fell into the stream," Michelle
      recounts. She was carried downstream, swept through a culvert
      and trapped under the frigid water for a terrifying one hour and
      six minutes. "I was clinically dead. They didn't think I would ever
      survive when they pulled me out. I was an ice cube. I was blue,"
      says Michelle ... Michelle made the Guinness Book of World Records
      for the longest underwater submergence for surviving being
      under water for 66 minutes.

      The Afterlife Experiments - Are Life and Love Eternal?
      (February 2, 2006) (Quantum Biocommunication)
      If it could be proved beyond a doubt and in an entirely
      convincing way, if it could be proved scientifically, that life
      and love are eternal: Would your love be enhanced? Would your
      fears vanish? Would your purpose in life be magnified? How
      would life be different for you if you knew that just as
      patterns of dynamic light from distant stars continue to expand
      into the universe, our light - our dynamic information and
      energy, our soul and spirit - not only continue to expand into
      the universe, but live and grow just as we do on the earth? That
      the living soul can be likened to a dynamic living rainbow, a
      vibrating spectrum of visible and invisible energies that shimmer
      and shine forever? Consider a time when eternal life is an
      accepted part of our universe. Imagine when the continuum for all
      of our human relationships can be extended beyond the physical
      years spent on earth. This book presents the scientific possibility
      that all this, and more, has been proved and is real. How you handle
      this information is up to you; even skeptics will begin to evolve
      as a result of these findings.
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      After-Death Communication (HBO experiment):

      --- Book: "The Afterlife Experiments: Breakthrough Scientific
      Evidence of Life After Death"

      Can You Have a Sex Life in the Afterlife?
      (March 3, 2006) (The Seattle Times)
      To some Americans, eyebrows raise at the very idea of suicide
      bombers believing their heavenly reward will include sex with
      beautiful virgins. But aren't the 75 percent of Americans who
      believe in an afterlife concerned that there might not be any sex
      in their heaven? Mark Twain thought about this. In "Letters from
      Earth," he writes of humankind: "He has imagined a heaven and has
      left entirely out of it the supremest of all his delights -- the one
      ecstasy that stands first and foremost in the hearts of every
      individual of his race -- sexual intercourse!" For any sane person,
      he wrote, heaven would be an intolerable bore ... Whether anyone
      gets to hook up in heaven depends on whether you believe in
      immortality of the soul or a full resurrection of the body, said
      Segal, who is author of "Life After Death: The Afterlife in Western
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      Articles containing the word "sex": http://tinyurl.com/eh3we
      Articles containing the word "sexual": http://tinyurl.com/pv8xg

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      Articles containing the words "sexual" and "death experiences":
      Articles containing the words "intercourse" and "death experiences":
      Articles containing the words "genitals" and "death experiences":

      --- Book: "The Beginner's Guide to Sex in the Afterlife: An
      Exploration of the Extraordinary Potential of Sexual Energy"
      by David Staume: http://tinyurl.com/odsey

      --- Book: "Life After Death: The Afterlife in Western Religions"
      by Alan F. Segal: http://tinyurl.com/pvufb

      Of Death, Dying and the Possibility of a Hereafter
      (March 1, 2006) (Buzzle News)
      Discussion by a cardiologist of how both he and a dying
      patient had a spiritual experience which convinced him that
      death is a transition, not an ending ... But as he began to
      intermittently lose consciousness in the Coronary Care Unit,
      the pain that had oppressed him throughout his life began
      to fall away. Father More had begun an astonishing series
      of healing experiences that led to his religious and spiritual
      awakening. Father More was simultaneously dying, and
      moving into another realm, an inner journey that opened him
      to a oneness with the divine, and an absolute peace he had
      never before imagined. His prayers had been answered. At
      the moment of his passing, Father More's last words were,
      "I'm coming home to God."
      *** Related items of interest:

      --- Book: "Courageous Confrontations: Lives Transformed
      by Life-threatening Illness" by Dr. Richard Helfant:

      Does Heaven Exist?
      (February 22, 2006) (CBS News)
      "I felt myself leaving my body," said Bob Shutter. Shutter is a
      guidance counselor in Bucks County. He was eight-years-old
      and enjoying a summer day in a pond with his older brother when
      he slipped on a rock, hit his head, and went under. "I could see
      a real bright light," said Shutter. "Felt as if I was walking down
      a path of love." Shutter's journey was interrupted when his brother
      finally pulled him up. "I heard a voice and it said to me, 'It's
      not your time, you gotta go back, it's not your time,' and my
      brother pulled me out of the water," said Shutter. It was a heavenly
      experience he will never forget and according to recent polls,
      most of us believe in, but will it really be like it is in the movies
      and why the fascination? "Heaven is a place everyone wants to go,"
      said Anthony Destefano. Destefano has a degree in theology and
      is the author of "The Travel Guide to Heaven," that is a best-seller
      in 19 countries.
      *** Related items of interest:

      --- Website: "Touched by the Extraordinary" site:

      --- Book: "The Travel Guide to Heaven" by Anthony Destefano:

      Scientists Suspect Paranormal Caused By Entangled Minds
      (January 26, 2006) (Quantum Biocommunication)
      One of the most surprising discoveries of modern physics
      is that objects aren't as separate as they may seem. When
      you drill down into the core of even the most solid-looking
      material, separateness dissolves. All that remains, like the
      smile of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, are
      relationships extending curiously throughout space and time.
      These connections were predicted by quantum theory and
      were called "spooky action at a distance" by Albert Einstein.
      One of the founders of quantum theory, Erwin Schrödinger,
      dubbed this peculiarity entanglement, saying "I would not call
      that one but rather the characteristic trait of quantum mechanics."
      *** Related items of interest:

      --- Website: The Official Site of Dean Radin:

      --- Book: "Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a
      Quantum Reality" by Dean Radin (Release Date: April 2006):
      Pre-Order: http://tinyurl.com/owegq

      Study of Paranormal Beliefs Garners National Interest
      ( February 09, 2006) (The Vista Online)
      Dr. Gary Steward Jr., associate dean of the College of Liberal
      Arts, is receiving national attention for his recent study of
      trends in paranormal beliefs among college students. The study
      was conducted with colleague Dr. Bryan Farha at Oklahoma City
      University. Farha has appeared on "Larry King Live" and
      "National Geographic" to present his findings. "He actually had
      the idea," Steward said. Steward said Farha found a 2001 Gallup
      poll that listed 13 paranormal beliefs such as extrasensory
      perception, psychic or spiritual healing, telepathy, haunted houses,
      demon possession and aliens ... Areas that relate to Christianity,
      however, such as demonic possession, remained almost the
      same both locally and nationally. Steward said he expected more
      skepticism as people attained more education, but he found that
      a greater percentage of believers in all paranormal categories.
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      --- Article: "Do You Believe in Ghosts? If You Do, a Study Found
      You May Be Smarter.:

      Exploring Non-Local Consciousness with Remote Viewing
      (February 22, 2006) (Quantum Biocommunication)
      From this beginning, the authors weave together compelling
      scientific evidence, ancient spiritual teachings, and dramatic
      personal stories - from witnessing mysterious folk healers in
      the Philippines to performing psychic experiments between
      Moscow and San Francisco - while exploring the potential of
      our "Nonlocal nonlocal" mind. In the book's first half, Targ
      presents the conclusions of his 20 years of remote-viewing
      experiments for the Stanford Research Institute, and reveals
      for the first time the results of recently declassified, CIA
      experiments in psychic spying during the Cold War. He details
      extraordinary demonstrations of the mind's psychic abilities,
      where people were able to describe distant places and activities
      in precise detail.
      *** Related items of interest:

      --- Website: The Official Site of Russell Targ:

      --- Book: "Limitless Mind: A Guide to Remote Viewing and
      Transformation of Consciousness" by Russell Targ

      Evidence for Stronger Telepathy Found with Twins
      (February 28, 2006) (Quantum Biocommunication)
      On January 10th 2003, 8-year-old Richard Powles sat in
      a soundproof room in a London television studio in front
      of a table on which there was a cardboard box and a plastic
      bucket filled with ice-cold water. On command, he rolled up
      his sleeve and plunged his arm into the near-freezing water,
      giving a gasp as he did so. In another studio well out of sight
      or earshot, his identical twin brother Damien was wired up
      to a four-channel polygraph (lie-detector) which, under the
      expert supervision of polygrapher Jeremy Barrett, was
      monitoring his respiration, abdominal muscles, pulse and
      galvanic skin response (sweat on the hands) ...
      *** Related items of interest:

      --- Book: "Twin Telepathy: The Psychic Connection"
      by Guy Lyon Playfair:

      Psychic Dream Nabs Murderer?
      (February 17, 2006) (Free Market News)
      Two opponents in a Birmingham, Alabama city council race
      clashed five years ago when one accused the other of murdering
      his wife, backed only by the fact that the former had seen it in
      his dreams. Rod Spraggins, who says he's psychic, accused
      Barry Waites of the murder, a charge that seemed politically
      motivated at the time. However, now a CNN report says Waites
      has been arrested for the of the 1998 slaying of his wife, who
      was found dead in their home.
      *** Related items of interest:

      --- Article: Political Whodunit Takes an Eerie Twist:

      Ghost Provides Clue in Murder Trial
      (February 17, 2006) (Toronto Sun)
      Lisa Posluns' ghost appeared in front of a janitorial superintendent
      and gave him a clue about the identity of her alleged killer, court
      heard yesterday. The first-degree murder trial of Nelson DeJesus
      took a supernatural turn at the University Ave. courthouse when
      Rui Marques testified that Posluns appeared before him about
      four months after she was killed Nov. 2, 2002. "Lisa came to you?"
      defence lawyer Mitchell Chernovsky asked Marques during
      cross-examination yesterday. "She was like a shadow person,"
      Marques said. "An aspiration ... apparition." He said the vision
      pointed to a black table in an office he was cleaning at 94
      Cumberland St. "I was trying to figure out what was the meaning
      of all that," he said. "She pointed to the desk and she faded away
      very quickly.

      Ernesto Bozzano on the Phenomena of Bilocation
      (March 2006) (SurvivalAfterDeath.org)
      This article by Carlos Alvarado Ph.D. was originally published
      in the Journal of Near-Death Studies, 23(4), Summer 2005 ...
      Italian psychical researcher Ernesto Bozzano (1862-1943)
      was a well-known student of parapsychological phenomena
      and a strong defender of the concept of survival of bodily death.
      This paper includes an excerpt of what Bozzano referred to as
      the phenomena of bilocation, a term he used for the phantom
      limb sensations experienced by amputees, autoscopy, out-of-body
      and near-death experiences (OBEs and NDEs), and a variety
      of luminous or cloud-like emanations that clairvoyants claimed
      left the body at the moment of death
      *** Related items of interest:

      --- Article: "Study Aims to Find Why Missing Leg Still Hurts":

      --- Website: Who is Carlos Alvarado?:

      --- Book: "Getting Started in Parapsychology" by Carlos Alvarado:

      Mysterious Orbs Of Light At North Texas Church
      (February 27, 2006) (CBS News)
      In the world of the paranormal, experts say there are many
      phenomena that can occur involving light. But one North
      Texas church has reported not only the appearance of
      orbs, but other religious manifestations ... He said, "We'd
      started taking pictures at church and almost everyone
      would just take a picture and these orbs of light would
      show up." We decided to pay a visit to the church and take
      our own picture. It revealed a very large blue orb hovering
      over a woman's head as she was being prayed over.
      *** Related items of interest:

      --- Article: The NDE and Orbs:

      --- Website: Ghosts of the Prairie site:

      --- Website: The Paranormal Network:

      --- Book: "Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places"
      by Brad Steiger: http://tinyurl.com/8avdj

      Low-Tech Garment Holds Promise In Preventing Maternal Death
      Related To Childbirth
      (March 2, 2006) (Medical News Today)
      A simple, low-tech garment has the potential to prevent a
      major cause of death among women who give birth in many
      Third World countries, according to a new study by maternal
      health researchers. Study findings show the use of a neoprene suit
      can save the lives of women suffering from obstetrical hemorrhaging
      due to childbirth. Hemorrhaging accounts for about 30 percent of
      the more than 500,000 maternal deaths worldwide each year
      due to childbirth, nearly all in poor countries, according to the
      researchers ... "In our research, women who appeared clinically dead,
      with no blood pressure and no palpable pulse, were resuscitated
      and kept alive for up to two days while waiting for blood
      transfusions," said Miller.
      *** Related items of interest:

      --- Study: "BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and
      Gynaecology" :

      Grief Support Training Guide Now Available
      (February 08, 2006) (BusinessWire)
      To provide a better understanding of grief as a normal and healthy
      response to a loss, Journeys Project Films, a Vision4Media
      company, has published a training guide to accompany its
      award-winning DVD, "Journey of Loss...Discovery of Hope." The
      new "Training, Counselors and Leaders Guide" that accompanies
      the grief-support DVD was written by a leading authority on hospice
      nursing practices to enhance the healthcare community's
      understanding of bereavement issues ... The international Gold
      Telly-winning DVD features survivors describing how they dealt
      with the death of a spouse, a child, a parent, a sibling or a close
      friend. It also has commentary from bereavement therapists, and
      prominent Catholic, Jewish and Protestant clergy sharing their
      perspectives on related spiritual issues, such as the belief in an
      afterlife and the survivors' relationship to God.
      *** Related items of interest:

      --- Website: Journey Project:

      --- Article: Journey Project's links page:

      --- Product: "Journey of Loss...Discovery of Hope" (DVD):

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      "Home with God" is the final book in Neale Donald Walsch's
      "Conversations with God" series and perhaps the most important.
      It addresses two topics that pervade our lives: death and afterlife.
      Walsch draws on his intense personal dialogue with the Supreme
      Deity to describe our place in God's Kingdom. A truly unique
      spiritual series.
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      "Spirit Communication: An Examination of the Extraordinary
      World of Mediums, Psychics and Afterlife"
      by Roy Stemman (Available: Now)
      Communication with those who have passed over has developed
      hugely over the last 50 years. In this thought-provoking book, Roy
      Stemman explores the main developments, from channelling spirit
      guides to the amazing popularity of today's television mediums
      such as John Edward, Gordon Smith and Derek Acorah. As well
      as many intriguing facts about the history of spirit communication,
      this book includes fascinating information about different types of
      mediumship, spiritual healers, psychic surgeons and their amazing
      claims, how crimes have been solved with help from the spirit world,
      the Spiritualist view of reincarnation and the afterlife, and how
      mediums have influenced generations of royalty and world leaders.

      "Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife?"
      by Jon Klimo, Pamela Rae Heath (Available: Now)
      This provocative study explores what happens to those who commit
      suicide. Drawing on communications from the spirits of more than
      100 "successful" suicides, it offers an intriguing look at what
      the dead themselves say about suicide, its repercussions, and
      their experiences in the afterlife. Bringing together the channeled
      messages of three types of suicide -- traditional suicide, assisted
      suicide, and the suicide mass murder adopted by terrorists -- the
      book covers a wide range of topics, including why people commit
      suicide, what it is like to cross over, adjustment problems, what
      suicides would say to those left behind, and what they would tell
      others thinking of taking their own lives. Additionally, the book
      conveys powerful messages from suicide bombers, warning
      potential terrorists of the serious karmic consequences that await
      them. For anyone contemplating suicide or euthanasia, the book
      offers profound, sometimes unsettling, insight into the ramifications
      of these acts.
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      "Life Is No Coincidence: The Life And Afterlife Connection"
      by Sheryl Glick (Available: Now)
      Share Sheryl Glick's journey from no belief in eternity; through a
      visit from her deceased grandfather; to understanding that afterlife
      is real ... and "coincidences" are life's signposts. Sheryl
      writes, "I am very ill. I sense my deceased grandfather's presence.
      He is trying to tell me something. Am I about to die? Has he
      come for me? I shout into the dark, "I cannot hear you!" He tells
      me I must write something for my father. Thirty-six hours later,
      I learn my father just passed away. I am to write his eulogy."
      That visitation opened wide swaths of understanding for author,
      Sheryl Glick. She ultimately learned we all have the ability to
      communicate with our guides … spirits of loved ones, guardian angels,
      saints, or just "coincidences" that show us the way.

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