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Near-Death Newsletter ---------- November 2005

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  • Kevin Williams
    Death most resembles a prophet who is without honor in his own land or a poet who is a stranger among his people. - Kahlil Gibran
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      "Death most resembles a prophet who is without honor in his own land
      or a poet who is a stranger among his people." - Kahlil Gibran

      Near-Death Newsletter..........................November 1, 2005
      www.near-death.com .....................Vol. 04, No. 11, Ed. 01

      This is a free semi-monthly newsletter from www.near-death.com
      which is emailed to subscribers every 1st of the month and
      on every 15th of the month. The mission of this newsletter is
      to provide the latest news on the subject of near-death
      experiences and related phenomena and to promote IANDS
      (International Association for Near-Death Studies), near-death
      researchers, experiencers, events, and multimedia resources.
      Disclaimer: This newsletter is not affiliated with IANDS; but the
      author of this newsletter, Kevin Williams, is a member of IANDS
      and is dedicated to the IANDS mission. IANDS is the premier
      organization for near-death research. Membership gives you
      access to their prestigious Journal of Near-Death Studies and
      Vital Signs newsletter. You can join IANDS at their website. Get
      connected with IANDS because they will probably be the organization
      who will someday provide the scientific evidence proving that human
      consciousness survives death.

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      Table of Contents

      (1) NDEs in the News
      (2) Q & A with Dr. PMH Atwater
      (3) Books on the NDE
      (4) IANDS in the Spotlight
      (5) Odds and Ends

      (1) NDEs in the News
      News From P.M.H. Atwater
      CHARLOTTSVILLE, VA ................. (P.M.H. Atwater's Website)

      ANNOUNCEMENT: "Beyond the Indigo Children: The New Children
      and the Coming of the Fifth World" hit bookstores September 28th.
      Get a copy. I know you will be surprised by what is in the book! It
      is now time for all of us to move beyond labels such as indigo,
      crystal, star, sky, cosmic, and psychic, and take a real look at
      the REAL children now entering our world - and the Great Shifting
      occurring everywhere!

      (1) The Effect of Human Thought and Emotions on Weather Patterns\
      (2) The Planetary Peace Gathering
      (3) Books For People in Prison - Please Help
      (4) Free Mandalas for Creative Spirits

      (1) Free Indigo "Extras" (web): http://tinyurl.com/8x4yp
      (2) Free Indigo "Extras" (PDF): http://tinyurl.com/9rwzg
      (3) The Challenge of Sept 11 (web): http://tinyurl.com/8mmpp
      (4) The Challenge of Sept 11 (PDFk): http://tinyurl.com/agsnp

      (1) Article: "Earth Changes Have Begun": http://tinyurl.com/78ctp
      (2) Book Review: "Talking with Angel: About Illness, Death and
      Survival," by Evelyn Elsaesser-Valarino: http://tinyurl.com/dt7gg
      (3) Book Review: "Hear His Voice: The True Story of a Modern Day
      Mystical Encounter with God!" by Nancy Clark: http://tinyurl.com/b34dz
      (4) Upcoming Radio/Online Interviews: http://tinyurl.com/7b45m

      Halloween Special: A Spirit Photo
      (Caution: This photo may shock you.)
      (October 30, 2005) -------------------- (Near-Death Newsletter)
      In the spirit of Halloween (pun intended), I found a photograph
      on the Internet which is the best "ghost" photo I have ever seen.
      A teen was murdered in his home and his mother was so despondent
      that she put her home on the market for sale and moved into an
      apartment. In the process of selling her home, she took a number
      of photographs of the interior of her home. When she received the
      developed photographs, she looked through them all to see how they
      turned out. When she came across one particular photograph, however,
      what she saw shocked her so much that she ...
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      --- Article: "The Best Ghost Photos Ever Taken" from About.com:

      --- Website: Credibility and Ghost Photos: http://tinyurl.com/d9lt9

      --- Book: "Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places":

      Near-Death Experiencers Wanted
      (October 30, 2005) -------------------- (Near-Death Newsletter)
      The following organizations are looking for NDErs to share their

      (1) A top UK publisher is looking for personal NDE accounts
      preferably from experiencers living in the UK. Contact Tammy Cohen
      at tammymichael@....

      (2) A national magazine called First For Women is seeking to
      interview women who have had a NDE. Send a photo and full contact
      info to: Christine Coppa, ccoppa@..., Bauer
      Publishing, Special Projects, 270 Sylvan Avenue, Englewood Cliffs,
      NJ, 07632, phone: (201) 569-6699 x394, fax: (201) 569-6264.

      (3) NDErs needed for interview for a History Channel documentary
      called "The History of Heaven" to be televised later this year.
      Please email Associate Producer Ann LeSchander at annbbp@...
      with your name, your testimony and your contact information.
      *** Related items of interest:

      --- Video: "Hell: The Devil's Domain" (VHS) from the History Channel:

      Out-of-Body or All in the Mind? (Dr. Sam Parnia's NDE research)
      (September 22, 2005) --------------------------------- (BBC News)
      Reports of OBEs and NDEs are often simply anecdotal, but the
      hospital environment allows Sam Parnia to monitor and compare
      oxygen, carbon dioxide and salt levels in the patients who did
      and did not have either experience. His study also involves a novel
      method of testing if the "self" actually does leave the body during
      an OBE. Sam has suspended boards below the ceiling and these have
      images on the upper side. The idea is that if people do look down
      from above, they may recall the extra information. As yet, no
      patients have reported seeing these images. Whether these phenomena
      are visions of a dying brain or paranormal activity, Dr Parnia says
      science needs to offer an explanation of what happens when we die.
      "I think that NDEs hold the key to finally solving this mystery. In
      studying them further we will be able to discover the true nature
      of the relationship between the mind and the brain and answer
      the wider questions regarding the existence of an afterlife."
      *** Related items of interest:

      --- Article: Is Out-of-Body All in the Mind?:

      --- Website: Horizon Research Foundation:

      --- Book: "What Happens After Death" by Sam Parnia:

      A Tunnel Back to Life (Patrick Tierney's NDE)
      (October 30, 2005) ---------------------------------- (UOL News)
      I felt a pinch in my chest and I found myself in a tunnel, what
      seemed to be a tunnel. I walked or floated down the tunnel until
      I came to ... two more tunnels. One was very bright and the other
      one was black. So I took the one on the right, which was light,
      and suddenly appeared before a picket fence, similar to the
      fences you'd find around the old railway stations ... I was looking
      out on an area which was multi-coloured. The colours were
      beautiful. I can't describe them. The only way I could describe
      them - it was a very, very beautiful garden. What seemed a few
      seconds, my parents appeared from the side, were standing in
      front of me, smiling. My mother-in-law, she joined them. They're
      all smiling and I had the urge to go through the fence, through a
      gate into the garden. And my father gave me a look which fathers
      give to naughty children. In other words: "Don't do that, or else."
      So I didn't go through the gate. Next thing I found I was back in
      the tunnel going the way I'd come.
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      --- Article: The NDE and the Tunnel on near-death.com:

      Seeing The Light (Rev. Elkan Kemp's NDE)
      (October 26, 2005) ----------------------------- (Herald Tribune)
      Watching himself die and be resuscitated -- twice -- has brought
      the Rev. Elkan Kemp to his own interpretation of a relationship
      with God ... "I remember I was in the hospital and they were trying
      to resuscitate me," Kemp said. "And I was off in one side of the
      room watching what was going on while they were trying to bring
      me back to life. At the time, it was not an emotional experience,
      but just a matter-of-fact experience of witnessing it." Then there
      was the pneumonia incident, when Kemp spent too long a period
      on his back. It caused his breathing to become impaired and he
      suffocated. "I saw the doctors working on my body, lifting me up.
      And I heard the death rattle. The doctor pulled the sheet over my
      body and said, 'We're done.' Then the nurse pulled it off and tried
      again, and I came back," Kemp said. "It was kind of like a dream
      or a nightmare."
      *** Related items of interest:

      --- Book: "How to Love Like Jesus Lived" by Rev. Elkan Kemp:

      --- Book: "Breaking Down the Walls of New Jericho" by Rev. Elkan
      Kemp: http://tinyurl.com/9md9s

      How Many Dance on the Pin? (Mark Patterson's NDE)
      Note: You may have to register to read this article. It's free.
      (September 28, 2005) ------------------------ (The Daily Iowan)
      He floated into an "almost blinding white light," he said. "I heard
      dolphins clicking, and there was this really white light with a
      blue hue," said Patterson, now 35. "Then I saw seven angels,
      and they took me into a building. They were your traditional
      angels with wings and everything. They were 14 feet tall, and
      they were all females." During his time with the angels, Patterson
      said he learned that God and angels love people's souls
      unconditionally, understanding that the mind is a separate entity
      that can force people to make bad decisions. "You feel so
      peaceful and loved," he said, describing the angels' presence.
      He added the angels explained to him people are reincarnated
      until they learn to respond with love in bad situations instead of
      anger. When he awoke in his bed the next morning after being
      slammed back into his body, he didn't tell anyone about his
      experience, but he did change his life. "I try to spend time
      meditating, and it made me study religions to find the common truth
      among all of them," said Patterson, who earned an undergraduate
      degree in psychiatry. "It made me 100 percent responsible for myself."
      *** Related items of interest:

      --- Website: The Official Site of Mark Patterson:

      --- Book: "A Mystic's Way" by Mark Patterson:

      The Write Time (Graham Taylor's NDE)
      (October 7, 2005) ------------------------------------ (icWales)
      "I've always been interested in the paranormal. I had a near-death
      experience when I was six years old. I drowned in a river and
      was resuscitated by my sister. While I was drowned I saw
      another boy in the water. I was being dragged away from him
      and I realised that this other boy was me. So I knew at the age
      of six that there is some form of other existence and from then
      on I've been searching, through every job and life situation I've
      had, for this paranormal life ... When I published Shadowmancer
      I had a series of dreams that told me what was going to happen
      in the future and they've all come true," he explains.
      *** Related items of interest:

      --- Website: The Official Website of Graham Taylor:

      --- Book: "Shadowmancer" by Graham Taylor:

      Back from the Dead (Sgt. David Gratton's NDE)
      (October 3, 2005) --------------------------- (Sheffield Today)
      A soldier "died" for 40 minutes after a horrorible car crash -
      then amazed his Sheffield family by regaining consciousness.
      Sgt. David Gratton was about to be deployed to Iraq when his
      Army Land Rover was involved in a serious motorway collision.
      The 22-year-old squaddie was brought back to life at a top
      intensive care unit ... "My son was clinically dead for 40 minutes
      but somehow a surgeon managed to save his life." David, who
      was based at Aldershot Army barracks in Surrey, was travelling
      in an Army Land Rover when it collided with another vehicle.
      Rescue teams who attended the accident on the M3 in Basingstoke
      in February failed to detect breathing and thought David had died.
      Doctors later conducted a medical test which showed he had
      the same level of consciousness as a dead body.

      Near Death Experience (Joanie Thurston's NDE)
      (October 30, 2005) --------------------------- (BellaOnline)
      Take Joanie Thurston for instance. She was a 52 year old woman
      when she crashed her late model compact car into a light pole.
      The force of the impact crushed her chest and caused major
      internal damage. Moments later Thurston watched the paramedics
      pull her from her car from above. Joanie wrote a book about her
      near death experience called Possible Fatal with fellow writer,
      Wally Johnston. She candidly reveals that one of the true miracles
      of her near death experience is that she was changed for the better.
      From everyday personality shifts to eradicating deep emotional
      wounds, Thurston's NDE and its aftermath is a powerful biographical
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      --- Website: The Official Site of Joanie Thurston:

      --- Book: "Possible Fatal" by Joanie Thurston:

      Tapes of Mellen-Thomas Benedict's NDE Presentations Are Available
      (October 30, 2005) ---------------------- (Virginia Beach IANDS)
      On October 1, 2005, Mellen-Thomas Benedict spoke at the
      Virginia Beach IANDS and an audiocassette tape and a VHS
      videotape of his presentations were made. Copies are available
      of his first presentation (a 2-hour audio tape) and his second
      presentation (a 3-hour video) through the Virginia Beach IANDS.
      For a donation to the Virginia Beach IANDS of $10 (also add $2
      for shipping & handling), you can get either the audio tape or the
      video tape. For a donation of $20 (also add $2 shipping & handling),
      you can get both which is the recommended package from the
      Virginia Beach IANDS. Place your order by sending an email to
      Dick Dinges at RichardADinges@.... Specify whether you
      want the 2-hour audio tape, the 3-hour video, or both (the
      recommended package). Make your check out to "VBIANDS" and mail
      it to this address: Dick Dinges, VBIANDS, 1285 Paramore Drive,
      Virginia Beach, VA 23454.
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      --- Article: Mellen-Thomas Benedict's NDE Testimony on near-death.com:

      --- Website: The Official Site of Mellen-Thomas Benedict:

      Research to (Nearly) Die For
      (September 10, 2005) --------------------------- (Wired News)
      Scientists probing the paranormal said on Wednesday they
      hoped to set up a major experiment in Britain trying to find out
      once and for all whether the mind can step outside the body
      at the brink of death. The proposed study would involve interviewing
      people who had survived cardiac arrest to see if they had had an
      out of body experience while on the operating table. "Over the
      course of a year we hope this would give us 100 people who
      leave their bodies," neuropsychiatrist Peter Fenwick told reporters
      at the annual meeting of the British Association for the Advancement
      of Science. The researchers plan to ask 25 hospitals to place
      special objects and pictures around their cardiac units. Each
      survivor who then claimed to have an out of body experience --
      where they typically hover near the ceiling watching the resuscitation
      process -- would be asked if they had noticed any of the objects.
      "If they do notice them when the brain is not functioning then it
      makes the case for the mind being separate from the brain," he said.
      *** Related items of interest:

      --- Article: Science and Spirituality: A Challenge for the 21st
      Century: http://tinyurl.com/8upsm

      --- Article: Peter Fenwick on What Is Enlightenment:

      --- Book: All Titles by Peter Fenwick on Amazon.com:

      Near-Death Experiences With Meningococcal Disease
      (July 2005) ------------ (Journal/Child & Adolescent Psychiatry)
      Near-death experience is a term used to describe a unique
      psychological experience in individuals who survive a life-threatening
      medical condition such as cardiac arrest and includes one or several
      of the following elements: the sensation of seeing one's body from a
      vantage point outside the physical body (out-of-body experience);
      entering a tunnel; meeting living or dead relatives; a strong
      positive affect; encountering "religious" aspects such as a "being of
      light," lights and colors, a celestial landscape or a deity; a
      panoramic life review; and a ...
      *** Related items of interest:

      --- Website: Journal of of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry:

      Maybe Death Isn't So Bad After All
      (September 15, 2005) -------------------------- (Nashville Scene)
      The group, Friends of the International Association for Near-Death
      Studies, have been meeting every fourth Saturday for about two
      years. In the case of the mediator, Rev. Juliet Nightingale, her
      life has slipped precariously from her hands not once, but three
      times, from bouts of colon cancer, pneumonia and meningitis.
      But these folks aren't concerned with the particulars of how they'd
      died, but rather, how to live seeing what they've seen, knowing
      what they know ... Nightingale mentions that she jetted around the
      universe in death, and while she "saw scenes that were difficult to
      look at," she never felt afraid. There is no ego in death, she
      explains -- no attachment to people or things. What keeps spirits
      around, according to these folks, is the energy of the living, who
      refuse to let them pass. So the notion that people live on forever
      in our memory, while comforting to us, may not be that great a shake
      for those trying to get to more exciting destinations.
      *** Related items of interest:

      --- Website: The Official Site of Juliet Nightingale:

      --- Website: Nashville Friends of IANDS:

      --- Book: Titles by Nashville NDErs:

      Out-Of-Body Experiences: Life Changing Benefits
      (September 2005) --------------------------------- (Lightworks)
      The following are some of the many benefits that out-of-body
      experiencers have reported worldwide in the last three decades ...
      Development of a greater awareness of reality ... Personal
      verification of our immortality ... Accelerated personal development
      ... A decreased fear of death ... Increased psychic abilities ...
      An increased desire for answers ... Realizations concerning death ...
      Accelerated human evolution ... Spontaneous healing ... More
      expansive self-concept ... Increased spirituality ... Recognizing
      and experiencing past-life influences ... Accelerated psychological
      change ... Obtaining personal answers ... Encountering a being
      of light, an angel, or nonphysical resident of some kind ... An
      increased respect for life ... Increased self-respect,
      self-responsibility and inner dependence ... A reduction in hostility,
      violence and crime ... Increased knowledge and wisdom ... A profound
      sense of knowing instead of believing ... An inner calmness ... An
      increased zest for living ... Increased intelligence, memory recall
      and enhanced imagination ... A sense of adventure.
      *** Related items of interest:

      --- Website: The Official Site of William L. Buhlman:

      --- Book: All Titles by William L. Buhlman:

      Academia Embraces Spooky Studies
      (October 11, 2005) --------------------------- (Wired News)
      At two of America's best universities, professors and doctors
      are studying the existence of the soul, near-death experiences
      and reincarnation ... The University of Virginia's Division of
      Personality Studies is another hotbed of afterlife inquiry. It's
      home to both near-death studies (why do people have visions
      on the operating table?) and a researcher who compiles
      reports of children who talk about their past lives. Have these
      researchers actually found anything to suggest the existence
      of a soul or afterlife? Schwartz said his research with about
      20 mediums proves that some do indeed have a connection
      to the dead, or at least a way to glean details about them.
      *** Related items of interest:

      --- Website: University of Virginia Division of Personality Studies:

      --- Website: The VERITAS Research Program:

      --- Book: "A World In A Grain Of Sand: The Clairvoyance Of
      Stefan Ossowiecki" by M. Barrington, Ian Stevenson, Z. Weaver:

      Two People Discuss How Dying, Living Changed Them
      (August 11, 2005) --------------------------- (ThisWeek News)
      Nancy Clark is not afraid of dying. Neither is Dennis Hale.
      Been there. Done that. Came back. Their deaths, they say,
      changed their lives, and for the better. Clark, a resident of
      Dublin, and Hale, who lives in the small town of Rock Creek
      outside of Ashtabula, have both had what they classify as
      near-death experiences. Clark is convinced she died during
      the birth of her son in 1962. Hale firmly believes he passed
      away in 1966 while floating on a life raft in Lake Huron following
      the sinking of an ore freighter on which he was a member of
      the crew. In addition, Clark had what she terms a "transcendent
      experience" while delivering a eulogy in 1979 for a close family
      friend who had been killed in a plane crash in Alaska. Clark
      had attempted to completely ignore that first experience in 1962,
      but not so in 1979 when, she says, once again she lifted out
      of her body and saw that bright light. No longer concerned with
      what people might think of her mental state, Clark began telling
      family and friends what had happened to her in that funeral home.
      *** Related items of interest:

      --- Website: The Official Site of Nancy Clark:

      --- Website: Columbus, Ohio Friends of IANDS facilitated by
      Nancy Clark: http://tinyurl.com/aau8n

      --- Book: "Hear His Voice: The True Story of a Modern Day
      Mystical Encounter With God" by Nancy Clark:

      --- Book: "Sole Survivor: Dennis Hale's Own Story" by Dennis Hale,
      Pat Stayer, Jim Stayer":

      Racing Veteran Back From the Dead
      (The NDE of Rinaldo Maestrelli)
      (October 15, 2005) --------------------------- (The Scotsman)
      "For 35 minutes he was dead, the doctors said, but somehow
      his heart came back and it started beating again." Roberto
      Zanini, a cardiac specialist at the hospital, said: "You do
      sometimes get these sort of unusual cases in medicine. "For
      25 minutes we had fought to save him with electrocardiogram
      and massage but there was no response. "When there was
      no sign of heart or brain activity he was declared dead, but
      under Italian law he still had to be kept attached to the monitor
      for two hours. Then a full 35 minutes later the machine beeped
      again and his heart started beating. "Further chest massage
      was given and he responded well this time - so much so that
      he was able to speak and eat a light meal. "As a matter of
      routine we checked the monitor and it was in perfect working order.
      "The patient is still in hospital but is responding well to
      treatment." Mr Maestrelli is now understood to be recovering.
      Yesterday his wife, Anna Maria, said: "We just can't believe it.
      This is truly a miracle."

      A Skeptic's Search For Proof of Afterlife:
      "Spook" Applies Science to the Realm of Belief
      (October 9, 2005) ------------------ (San Francisco Chronicle)
      And in the last chapter, "Six Feet Over," Roach reports on the
      study that most excites her. At the University of Virginia Hospital,
      Professor Bruce Greyson has set up a computer screen facing
      the ceiling of a defibrillator-insertion surgery room where patients
      routinely have "near-death experiences." During such out-of-body
      wanderings, people often claim that they float somewhere near
      the ceiling, watching their own surgery in progress. If so, they will
      be able to see -- and later describe -- the image on Greyson's
      computer screen, which would not be viewable from elsewhere
      in the room. (Too bad the study is in too early a stage to have
      produced any reportable data.) ... Indeed, this personal journey is
      what the book most successfully captures: How a skeptic learned to be
      a believer (or a possible believer, anyway), and still keep her wit
      intact. http://tinyurl.com/8fy4l
      *** Related items of interest:

      --- Article: Death Becomes Her: Morbid Curiosity Led Author to
      "Spook": http://tinyurl.com/9kauc

      --- Article: Near-Death Experiences as Evidence for Survival of
      Bodily Death: http://tinyurl.com/cndje

      --- Website: University of Virginia Division of Personality Studies:

      --- Book: "Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife" by Mary Roach:

      Robbery Victim Survives With 6 Bullets in Head
      (October 6, 2005) -------------------------- (The Decatur Daily)
      The six bullets lodged in Jim Holladay's skull sometime make
      his ears ring when he passes through a metal detector. But
      he said they also gave him an opportunity to hear a joyful sound
      never heard on Earth. For seven minutes that "seemed like
      an eternity" Holladay, the victim of a 1992 robbery, said he
      was dead. Before doctors at Huntsville Hospital revived him,
      he said, he saw heaven approach, only to learn it wasn't his
      time to be there. "But I was there long enough to hear the
      heavenly choir," he said. "It was the most beautiful thing I ever
      heard. It was way better than any rock band." Doctors told
      Holladay, 39, at the time, that he seemed upset when his heart
      started beating again. Holladay said he was mad because he
      couldn't stay in heaven.

      Dog from the Afterlife Warns Woman of Need for a Mammogram
      (October 19, 2005) --------------------------- (eMediaWire)
      In the Andersons' new release "Rainbows & Bridges: An Animal
      Companion Memorial Kit", they deal with all aspects of pet loss,
      including after-death reunions. McCluskey says in "Rainbows &
      Bridges" that her deceased Great Dane Keira communicated
      in a dream that her sister, of whom the dog had been fond, needed
      a breast exam immediately. McCluskey related the warning to
      her sister via an e-mail letter. About a week after the dream,
      McCluskey's sister phoned and said that indeed, she had been
      putting off having an exam of a lump in her right breast. She hadn't
      wanted to alarm McCluskey by telling her about it. After reading
      the letter about McCluskey's dream with Keira, the sister got a
      mammogram and thankfully, found that the lump was benign.
      *** Related items of interest:

      --- Article: Near-Death Experiences with Animals:

      --- Website: The Angel Animals Network:

      --- Book: All Titles by Allen & Linda Anderson:

      Comatose Man Could Hear Everything
      (October 6, 2005) ------------------------------ (Cape Times)
      An Italian man who spent two years supposedly unconscious
      in a deep coma and written off by doctors as nearly dead,
      awoke saying he had heard and understood everything
      happening around him during his ordeal. Salvatore Crisafulli,
      a father of four, is describing his case as a "miracle". His
      brother said Crisafulli was "an Italian Terri Schiavo case",
      a reference to the brain-damaged Florida woman who died
      in March after her feeding tube was removed. Crisafulli, 38,
      who had been injured in a road accident in 2003, emerged
      from the coma three months ago, but began speaking only
      recently. His first word was "Mama".

      Greetings From Beyond: Loved Ones Have a Way of Reaching Us,
      Even in the Afterlife
      (October 9, 2005) ---------------------- (Lansing State Journal)
      She said that after some of the patients died, she continued
      to work with their family members. "They were grieving, but
      they were rational," Apollon said. "They were experiencing the
      presence of their loved ones. They would sometimes hear them
      calling out their names or they would be sitting on the couch and
      suddenly the seat next to them would start to go down" ... She's
      fascinated by what patients have told her about psychic dreams.
      Most dreams are psychological, with issues from daily life and
      symbols that may help provide meaning to them. Psychic dreams
      are different. "A psychic dream may be one where you said to
      your loved one before you go to bed, 'I hope we have a visit,'"
      she said. "They're so real, and when you wake up it's a very
      different experience than a psychological dream. You know that
      you have had a connection with your loved one."
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      --- Article: Messages From Beyond: 5 Ways Lost Loved Ones
      Communicate with Family and Friends:

      --- Website: The Official Site of Susan Barbara Apollon:

      --- Book: "Touched by the Extraordinary: An Intuitive Psychologist
      Shares Insights, Lessons, and True Stories of Spirit and Love to
      Transform and Heal the Soul" by Susan Apollon:

      Talk On After-Death Communications to Benefit Katrina Relief
      (October 11, 2005) --------------------------- (Tribune-Review)
      Bill Guggenheim, co-author of "Hello from Heaven!," was invited
      by Nick Roy, of Greensburg, who for nearly three years has led
      meetings at WCCC to discuss purported contact from dead
      people ... Guggenheim will talk about reported after-death
      communication incidents that people claim helped them through
      the loss of loved ones ... Roy's interest in after-death
      communication began years ago, when he believes that his dead
      brother contacted him by phone. He started a discussion group at
      WCCC after he researched after-death communication and found others
      with similar experiences. More than 400 people have attended and
      enrollment has increased this semester ... His interest began in
      1978 at a seminar by Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, an expert on
      death and dying who said a deceased patient "came back" to her.
      Two years later, Guggenheim said, he had an experience that
      saved the life of his youngest son, Jonathan, when he was a toddler.
      The family had a pool with a locked safety gate, but the boy somehow
      got through. Inside the house, Guggenheim claimed, he heard "in
      his head" the voice of his dead father. "He told me to go outside
      and check the swimming pool," he said. He found Jonathan floating
      face down in the water. The boy survived. "That really grabbed my
      attention," Guggenheim said.
      *** Related items of interest:

      --- Website: Hello From Heaven! Site:

      --- Book: "Hello from Heaven: A New Field of Research-After-Death
      Communication Confirms That Life and Love Are Eternal" by Bill
      & Judy Guggenheim:

      Family Says Deceased Psychic Writes From Beyond the Grave
      (October 20, 2005) ------------------------------ (Yahoo News)
      Rob Macomber and his family say they have been receiving
      communications via "automatic writing transmissions" from
      the spirit of the deceased psychic, Ruth Montgomery. The
      Macombers are writing a book based upon the automatic writing
      communications they say they began receiving after Mrs.
      Montgomery's June 10, 2001 death. According to the Macombers,
      these transmissions occur when the energy of a departed spirit
      enters the body and moves the pen in the hand across the paper
      on its own ... The book includes: A 3-part action plan that provides
      solutions to the planet's greatest troubles. Why 50% of the book's
      profits will be donated to help address the world's single most
      pressing problem: the plight of the Third World. Ruth's description
      of Heaven and the hope that she and the Spirit Guides have for
      humanity. In one of her communications, she told the Macombers,
      "It is fun doing this work from 'The Other Side.' There is so much
      freedom 'up here' . . . I can't wait for the day when humans on Earth
      will experience this kind of bliss." In another message, the Spirit
      Guides explained: "To give away our many secrets is such a relief."
      *** Related items of interest:

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      --- Book: "A World Beyond" by Ruth Montgomery:

      A Walk to the Otherside
      (October 27, 2005) ------------------------------- (BBS Radio)
      Dr. Carla Wills-Brandon debuted her new radio show, "A Walk
      to the Otherside" on October 27th. Carla is the author of
      "One Last Hug Before I Go: The Mystery and Meaning of
      Deathbed Visions." Her radio show airs every other week
      Thursdays 9 pm to 10 pm CST and her topics include healthy
      spirituality, life after death research, healing grief and more.
      Call-ins are welcome. Carla's up-beat program takes the fear
      out of death by focusing in on research and investigation into
      the incredible, mystical experiences that often occur around
      the time of physical death, such as after death communications,
      the paranormal departing visions of the dying and those who
      love them, near death experiences and premonitions. For more
      information on how to tune in every other Thursday night, visit
      her website.
      *** Related items of interest:

      --- Website: The Official Site of Carla Wills-Brandon, Ph.D.:

      --- Books: All Titles by Dr. Carla Wills-Brandon on Amazon.com:

      Dreams May Ease Passing: Authors Reveal Theory on Dreams and Dying
      (October 19, 2005) -------------------- (Idaho Mountain Express)
      To paraphrase Jane Austen, there are two truths universally
      known. Everybody dies and everybody dreams, whether they
      can remember them or not. An emerging notion is that the
      dreams we have before we die may be particularly significant
      and can be used to ease a terminal person and their families'
      pain and grief. The Rev. Patricia Bulkley worked as a spiritual
      counselor at a hospice in Marin County, Calif., for more than
      10 years. What she found when speaking to patients was many
      of her patients had stories to tell and dreams to share ... The
      authors focus on three types of dreams and the symbols inherent
      in them. These are dreaming that one is going on a journey and
      all the excitement that entails, seeing dead who act as a guide,
      and dreams where the dreamer resolves a conflict or faces a
      recurrent sense of anxiety.
      *** Related items of interest:

      --- Audio: Listen to Newsweek's audio clip of Rev. Patricia Bulkley:

      --- Website: International Association for the Study of Dreams:

      --- Book: "Dreaming Beyond Death: A Guide to Pre-Death
      Dreams and Visions" by Kelly Bulkeley, Rev. Patricia Bulkley:

      --- Book: Read the first chapter of "Dreaming Beyond Death" (PDF):

      Inside with Real-Life Ghost Whisperers
      (October 13, 2005) ----------------------- (Yahoo! Entertainment)
      "Our research strongly suggests that [Van Praagh] is actually
      receiving communication with the consciousness and energy
      of the person who died," says Dr. Gary Schwartz of the University
      of Arizona. "The simplest explanation that accounts for the largest
      amount of information is the survival of consciousness after death."
      Van Praagh is on a mission to help people understand that, so
      they can evolve to the next life without fear. "The dead have a lot
      to teach us," he says. "The dead always leave gifts behind. We
      have to be open to receiving them. We are all connected in some
      cosmic way. We are all one." "Mediums: We See Dead People"
      also follows John Holland to a restaurant in Little Italy where he
      "reads" the death of mobster Joey Gallo more than 30 years ago;
      we visit the home of psychiatrist Raymond Moody, who is the
      leading investigator of what he calls "life after life" and watch
      Pam Coronado as she works with police to help solve crimes.
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      --- Article: Is This Woman A Real-Life Ghost Whisperer?:

      --- Article: On The Set of "Ghost Whisperer":

      --- Website: The Official Site of James Van Praagh:

      Death as a Trip
      (October 28, 2005) -------------------- (Mail & Guardian Online)
      The Tibetan Book of the Dead is a kind of Baedeker (i.e. travel
      guide) for the afterlife and, like the best guidebooks, its
      reassuring refrain is "Don't panic!" After death, it says, you will
      be assailed by thunderous sounds and bewildering apparitions as
      first the peaceful deities rise before you, then the wrathful ones,
      who drink blood and eat the entrails of bloated corpses. If you are
      very unlucky, Yama (representing the forces of impermanence
      and the laws of cause and effect) will chop off your head, lick out
      your brains and drink your blood, then eat you. The trick is not
      to be afraid and to remember that you don't have a body any more,
      so he can't hurt you ... This idea fascinated Jung, who revered
      The Tibetan Book of the Dead as a great psychological work.
      According to Highest Yoga Tantra (from which The Tibetan Book
      of the Dead derives), only during the process of dying can we
      achieve liberation from the cycle of existence. Advanced yogis
      can make trial runs by inducing a deathlike state, but after death
      the rest of us must try to remember what we've read in The Tibetan
      Book of the Dead and put it into practice.
      *** Related items of interest:

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      --- Article: "The Tibetan Book of the Dead" on About.com:

      --- Book: "The Tibetan Book of the Dead" translated by Graham
      Coleman, Gyurme Dorje, Thupten Jinpa:

      Homicide Police Captain Discusses Past Life as Artist
      Carroll Beckwith
      (October 6, 2005) ------------------------- (NewsReleaseWire)
      Captain Snow did not believe in reincarnation when he went
      for a past life regression on a dare made by a fellow police
      officer. To his surprise, in the regression Snow had a vivid
      past life memory, which he states was "more real" than waking
      consciousness. In the memory, he saw himself as an artist
      painting a portrait of a hunchback woman. Snow remembered
      20 specific details of this lifetime ... When Snow wandered into
      a small art gallery in the French Quarter, he was shocked to find
      the portrait of the hunchback woman, exactly as he had seen it
      during the past life regression. The portrait was done by the
      artist Carroll Beckwith. Snow found that Beckwith had a diary
      preserved at the New York Academy of Design and upon reading it,
      Captain Snow was able to validate all 20 memories from his
      past life regression, which led to his writing, "Looking for Carroll
      Beckwith." In this book, Captain Snow states he has proven
      reincarnation to be true and remarks that if his reincarnation
      case was presented in court, he would win "without plea bargaining."
      Captain Snow has the same facial features as Carroll Beckwith.
      *** Related items of interest:

      --- Website: Robert Snow's Reincarnation Case in Detail:

      --- Website: The Official Site of Robert Snow:

      --- Book: "Looking for Carroll Beckwith: The True Story of a
      Detective's Search for His Past Life" by Robert Snow:

      Rebirth: Girl Tracks Old Parents
      (October 4, 2005) ----------------------------- (Times of India)
      It was almost like living a miracle for a Gujjar family based in
      south Delhi -- a four-year-old angel called Manisha walked
      into their arms on the shraddh of their daughter who died about
      five years ago. Manisha, the little girl, claimed that she was
      their deceased daughter Suman, who had died of typhoid at
      the age of 15 on December 14, 2000. The infant, who apparently
      has vivid memories of her last birth, took to her "past-life
      parents" as her own. "She ran into our arms when she saw us. She
      pointed to me and said voh nahi yeh mere papa hai ," says
      Chaudhary Kamal Singh, her father of the last birth.
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      --- Book: "Life Before Life: A Scientific Investigation of
      Children's Memories of Previous Lives" by Jim Tucker:

      Ketamine Fact File
      (An anaesthetic that triggers OBEs and NDEs)
      (October 7, 2005) -------------------------------- (BBC News)
      The anaesthetic ketamine is growing in prevalence on the UK
      dance scene, recent surveys have found. Best known by the
      street names K, Special K and Vitamin K, ketamine is a
      synthetic "dissociative" anaesthetic used for medical and
      veterinary purposes ... Ketamine is dose-specific so the amount
      taken determines the level of effect. At low doses the user
      may feel euphoric, experience waves of energy, and possibly
      synaesthesia - sensations such as seeing sounds or hearing
      colours. At higher doses the user might become paralysed,
      experience hallucinations and alternate realities, and a feeling
      of disassociation giving an "out of body" experience known
      as the "K-hole". Dr Susan Blackmore took ketamine in an
      experiment - hear her experiences by clicking the audio button
      above. "It is an extraordinary thing to be lying on your back,
      not to be able to move anything at all except your eyes ..."
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      Web Site Takes Hauntings and Ghosts Seriously
      (October 23, 2005) ------------------------ (South Bend Tribune)
      Spend some time on the Shadowlands Web site, and you'll
      hear plenty of ghost stories ... Carlson counts herself as one
      of those people. Now 43, she says she's dealt with ghosts
      ever since age 2, when she almost died while stricken with
      spinal meningitis. She recalls a "typical" near-death experience
      with a twist: moving through a dark tunnel toward a bright light,
      then seeing a woman who looked like her grandmother, and
      hearing the woman say "you have a lot of people to help and to
      make understand." Years later, she says, she was thumbing
      through a family photo album and spotted the mysterious woman.
      It was her great-aunt, she says, who had died years before her
      experience. That was the first of many encounters with ghosts,
      she says. Now, she spends much of her time looking for them
      as director of the Las Vegas Society for Supernatural Investigation.
      She also spends much time helping with the Shadowlands site,
      and takes seriously the ghost stories visitors submit.
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      --- Website: South Jersey Ghost Research video archive:

      Experiences of Life, Death Shape Views in Oregon
      (The doctor-assisted suicide debate)
      (October 2, 2005) -------------------------- (Stateman Journal)
      Bill Fox, 75, said he supports the law [doctor-assisted suicide]
      but that the safeguards -- such as requiring two doctors to ensure
      a patient is mentally competent and terminally ill -- are necessary.
      "A person in my stage now -- I have a few aches and pains -- no,
      I wouldn't want to do it now, and I shouldn't have the right to do it
      now," he said. "But if it got to the point of having a tremendous
      amount of pain, I'd like the choice. I won't say that I would run to
      my doctor and grab pills, but I would like the choice." Fox's
      decision to support the law is partly because he survived an auto
      accident that killed his wife and left him in a coma for three weeks
      when he was 35. "I had an out-of-body experience -- a near-death
      experience," he said. "I could look down at the operating table and
      see the doctors. There was a sense of peace and calmness and joy
      almost." His experience left him with no fear of death, so if
      someday he is in terrible pain and dying of a terminal illness, he
      said he wants the option of going to that peaceful place again."
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      Deep Sleep Can Make You Practically Unconscious
      (September 29, 2005) ---------------------------------- (KSDK)
      New research shows some levels of sleep are so deep you're
      practically unconscious. Researchers studied the brain activity
      of study participants when they were asleep and awake. They
      found that when participants were in the deepest levels of sleep,
      the brain was not sending messages to other areas of the brain
      like it did during wakefulness. Sleep basically cut off communication
      between areas of the brain ... In the study, researchers activated
      specific areas of the brain with magnetic stimulation, then using
      an EEG measured the response to the stimulation. (The "message"
      is sent along nerve pathways to many areas of the brain.) During
      the day, the stimulation was spread across the brain. During sleep,
      the stimulation was contained only to that region and was not
      passed along to other areas. According to the lead author, "the
      brain breaks down into little islands that can't talk to one another."

      --- Article: Dreams and the NDE on near-death.com:

      --- Article: One Woman's Veridical OBE During Sleep:

      --- Article: Dream Lucidity and the NDE:

      12 Things that Science Can't Explain ... But That Happen Anyway
      (Near-Death Experiences is one of them)
      (September 30, 2005) ---------------------- (The Remote Viewer)
      In the past three decades scientific evidence has accumulated
      showing that the present scientific paradigm is broken. In the
      hard sciences: (1) DARK MATTER of an unknown form makes
      up most of the matter of the universe. (2) THE LAW OF GRAVITY
      appears to be seriously broken. (3) COLD FUSION. (4) CHARGE
      CLUSTERS. Under certain conditions, billions of electrons can
      "stick together" in close proximity, despite the law of
      electromagnetism that like charges repel ... (5) COSMOLOGY. (6) SPEED
      OF LIGHT, once thought unbreakable, has been exceeded in several
      recent experiments. (7) ESP. Large-scale experiments by the Princeton
      PEAR Lab as well as other laboratories have proven that ESP is
      a real, statistically verifiable scientific phenomenon. (8)
      PSYCHOKINESIS, or Mind Over Matter. (9) REMOTE VIEWING. (10) TIME AND
      PROPHECY. One unusual aspect of ESP, remote viewing and
      psychokinesis is that "time" doesn't seem to matter. (11) OUT-OF-BODY
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      --- Book: "The Synchronized Universe: New Science of the Paranormal"
      by Dr. Claude Swanson:

      Name That Metaverse
      (Virtual Reality as Another Dimension)
      (October 6, 2005) -------------------------------- (CNET News)
      When tens of thousands of people can gather in a fully 3D
      environment to buy and sell fanciful clothing, defy gravity
      by flying, make friends from all over the world, build residential
      communities, speculate on land prices, and create and license
      software, what do you call it? For three years, Linden Lab, the
      publisher of "Second Life," has grappled with that question.
      "Second Life" is one of a very small number of so-called
      virtual worlds that eschew the traditional medieval fantasy-based
      role-playing game play common to such online blockbusters as
      "World of Warcraft," "EverQuest" and "Ultima Online." As such,
      Linden Lab is loathe to call "Second Life" a game, despite the
      accessibility of such a term.
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      its Implications" by Barrie Sherman, Phil Judkins:

      --- Book: "Maya: The World as Virtual Reality" by Richard Thompson:

      Blind Woman Recognises Colour by Touch
      (NDErs also experience synesthesia)
      (October 2005) -------------------------------------- (Ananova)
      A blind woman has baffled scientists after proving on TV that
      she can distinguish between colours by touch. Gabriele Simon,
      48, from Wallenhorst in Germany, revealed her ability in her
      country's most popular TV show Wetten dass. She used her
      fingertips to recognise the different colours of various t-shirts
      and blouses while blindfolded. She said: "I took me 20 years
      to master this skill. It is a combination of pure learning and
      concentration." Ms Simon added: "This ability really gives me
      more independence, as I don't need to ask my mother about
      what to wear anymore."
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      by Lynn C. Robertson, Noam Sagiv:

      Quantum Immortality - A Thought Experiment
      (Immortality may be possible in the quantum realm)
      (October 10, 2005) --------------- (QuantumBiocommunication)
      Imagine that a physicist detonates a nuclear bomb located beside
      her. In almost all parallel universes, the nuclear explosion will
      vaporize the physicist. However, there should be a small set of
      alternative universes in which the physicist somehow survives
      (ie. the set of universes which support a "miraculous" survival
      scenario). The idea behind quantum immortality is that the
      physicist will remain alive in, and thus able to experience, at least
      one of the universes in this set, even though these universes
      form a tiny subset of all possible universes. Over time the physicist
      would therefore consider herself to be living forever ... Proponents
      point out that while it is highly speculative, quantum immortality
      violates no known laws of physics.
      *** Related items of interest:

      --- Article: The Man Who Would Murder Death:

      --- Book: "Physics of the Soul: The Quantum Book of Living, Dying,
      Reincarnation and Immortality" by Amit Goswami

      Scientists Able to Move an Object Without Touching
      (September 7, 2005) ------------------------------ (Scotsman)
      Scientists at Edinburgh University have developed a way of
      moving an object without touching it, in breakthrough research
      which could be as revolutionary as the discovery of electricity.
      The team of researchers has been able to move objects across
      flat surfaces and even up a slope with nothing more than a
      light beam. In the future, the technology could be developed
      to make molecular machines, and with research could eventually
      lead to the development of artificial muscles which can perform
      specific physical tasks. Scientists believe such machines could
      one day be used to control the movement of drugs around the human
      body, making sure they go exactly where they are needed. And they
      could also find their way into "smart" materials, which can change
      their properties in response to a stimulus such as light.
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      --- Book: "The Pk Man: A True Story of Mind over Matter"
      by Jeffrey Mishlove, John E. Mack

      Get Prepared: Preparedness An Everyday Task for Everyday Life
      (How to survive the coming Earth changes)
      (October 30, 2005) ------------------------ (American Red Cross)
      Being prepared for emergencies is crucial at home, school,
      work and in your community. Disaster can strike quickly and
      without warning. It can force you to evacuate your neighborhood,
      workplace or school or can confine you to your home. What
      would you do if basic services -- water, gas, electricity or
      telephones -- were cut off? Local officials and relief workers
      will be on the scene after a disaster, but they cannot reach
      everyone right away. Therefore, the best way to make you and
      your family safer is to be prepared before disaster strikes ...
      Possible disasters include blackouts, chemical emergencies,
      drought, earthquakes, fires, floods, heat waves, hurricanes,
      mudslides, terrorism, thunderstorms, tornadoes, tsunami, volcanoes,
      wild fires, and winter storms.
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      --- Product: "The Guide" Survival Kit by Basic Outdoor Life
      Sustainment: http://tinyurl.com/9putk

      --- Product: Adventure Medical Backcountry First Aid Kit:

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      QUESTION: "A woman whose sister had an abortion years ago,
      then in recent years became very religious and was feeling guilty
      and troubled about the abortion she once had, contacted me to
      see if there were any insights in near-death research that might
      help her sister. "I have never really done much research about
      abortions except that I know the Bible is actually pro-choice
      because of all the abortions "God" caused in the Old Testament,
      and the abortions which the prophet Moses prayed would happen
      to Israel's enemies which 'God' answered. And I know about the
      story of Josiane Antonette who had an abortion which resulted in a
      near-death experience - a wonderful one. I am pro-choice myself
      and believe NDErs in general support pro-choice. But to find out,
      I spent most of the day searching case histories concerning abortions
      and miscarriages. I stumbled across one particular near-death
      experience involving a miscarriage that, truly, was one of the best
      cases I had ever heard of. It was so full of insights, so very
      touching, it just "blew" me away. Then I discovered to my complete
      amazement that I had been reading about your near-death experience.
      You! One of the many aspects to your testimony that amazed me was
      that you chose not to have an abortion, yet you stated that you would
      defend any woman's right to choose to have one. This was all the
      confirmation I needed to answer the woman concerned about her
      sister. But, I'd like to ask you, is there a NDE-position on
      abortion? What have you found in your research?" -- Kevin Williams

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      "Conversations on Consciousness: What the Best Minds Think
      about the Brain, Free Will, and What It Means to Be Human"
      by Susan Blackmore: http://tinyurl.com/78vnc

      "Animals and the Afterlife: True Stories of Our Best Friends'
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      "Divine Nudges: Tales of Angelic Intervention by Catherine Lanigan:

      Is There Life After Death? (2 Compact Discs)
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      In 1969, Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross changed the way we think
      about the final stage of our lives with her revolutionary book,
      "On Death and Dying." Now, in this landmark recording, this
      revered researcher speaks about her largely private revelations,
      observations, and conclusions on life after death. Dr. Kübler-Ross,
      the first scientist to embark upon a genuine inquiry on the
      similarities between near-death experiences of people all over the
      world, gathered empirical data and personal impressions from
      countless studies that informed her opinions on what awaits us all
      when we leave this life. From her family archives comes a rare
      published audio of this trailblazing author speaking in her own
      words, as she engages the oldest question of all: Is There Life
      After Death?
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