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Near-Death Newsletter -- June 1, 2005

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  • Kevin Williams
    The unconscious psyche believes in life after death - Carl Jung, M.D. ============================================ Near-Death
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2005
      "The unconscious psyche believes in life after death" - Carl Jung, M.D.

      =======================================================================================Near-Death Newsletter.................................... June 1, 2005
      www.near-death.com ..................... Vol. 04, No. 06, Ed. 01
      The Near-Death Newsletter is a free semi-monthly newsletter
      which is emailed to subscribers every 1st of the month and on
      every 15th of the month. The mission of this newsletter is to
      provide the latest news on the subject of near-death experiences
      and related phenomena and to promote IANDS (International
      Association for Near-Death Studies), near-death researchers,
      experiencers, events, and multimedia resources.

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      =======================================================================================Table of Contents
      (1) NDEs in the News:
      (2) Q & A with Dr. PMH Atwater
      (3) Books on the NDE
      (4) IANDS in the Spotlight
      (5) Odds and Ends

      =======================================================================================(1) NDEs in the News
      News From P.M.H. Atwater
      CHARLOTTSVILLE, VIRGINIA ..... (P.M.H. Atwater's Website)
      PMH Atwater's next book "Beyond the Indigo Children: The New
      Children and the Coming of the Fifth World" will be available in
      August/September this year from Inner Traditions, Rochester, VT.
      Advance orders for the book can be placed in two months.

      --- A New 2-Hour Talk by P.M.H. Entitled "Beyond the Indigo Children":
      Any individual or group may sponsor a talk by P.M.H. This new talk
      centers around the New Children, Root Races (the genetic stock
      of humankind), and the march of generations. Through the traditions
      of prophesy and mystical revelation, social sciences, and the in-depth
      research of children's near-death experiences and children in general,
      we are able to recognize that what is now emerging throughout the
      human family and across our planet, challenges the glitsy promotions
      of Doomsday Raptures and the exclusivity of specialness promoted
      by labels such as indigo, crystal, sky, or star children. What comes
      into focus if we look deeper than the glitzy is a picture of ascension
      energy, what it means and how it affects humankind, along with a better
      understanding of root races and generational markers. By using the
      neutral term, "new," Dr. Atwater examines the full range of characteristics
      exhibited by our young people. The new children are powerful and they
      are powerfully motivated to change things - if - we can help them defuse
      and redirect their anger, a peculiar impatience with anything false, overly
      exaggerated, or inauthentic. The new children are not like any other
      generation of record. How they differ is nothing short of amazing!

      --- Read about P.M.H. at the 1st Annual Parapsychology Conference in Istanbul: http://www.cinemind.com/atwater/istanbul.html

      --- Announcement from P.M.H.: Our Sacred Journey Cruise to the
      Caribbean this September has been cancelled by VanGuard Tours.
      Apparently, a certain number of people had to sign up for this Cruise
      by June 5th. We did not know this originally, and proceeded promoting
      it with the idea that signups could continue until early September.
      Although we would love to have done this, and had big plans for the
      Cruise, maybe the energy switched and we are needed elsewhere. Both
      Terry and I affirm Divine Order in this regard, and are grateful to VanGuard
      Tours for giving us this opportunity and to all of you for helping us
      promote it!
      Thank you.

      --- Listen to online streaming audio interviews of P.M.H. Atwater:

      University of Virginia Seeking NDE and Other Paranormal Testimonies
      (June 1, 2005) ------------------ (Univ. of VA Personality Studies)
      If you have had a near-death experience or other unexplained
      experience, you are invited to be in communication with Dr.
      Bruce Greyson and his team of researchers. Dr. Greyson would
      like to correspond with as many NDErs as possible. The other
      researchers and their specialties are listed below. When you
      respond, please send your name and postal address and/or
      e-mail address. Accounts can be sent as well. If not, they will
      ask for them later. You can read about the research Dr. Greyson's
      team is doing on their website (click on the link provided below).
      This research includes not only NDEs, but deathbed visions, and
      other phenomena that suggest we may survive bodily death.
      Visit the website and click on "Types of Experiences We Study"
      for an interesting read. Then you can respond by contacting
      Dr. Greyson at (cbg4d@...) to report near-death
      experiences, or Dr. Jim Tucker (jbt8n@...) to report
      children with memories of previous lives, or Dr. Emily Kelly
      (ewc2r@...) to report any other experiences, such as
      apparitions, deathbed visions, and communications from deceased
      loves ones.

      --- More About the Types of Experiences Researched:

      --- Contact Page for the Dept. of Personality Studies:

      --- Books and Articles by Division of Personality Studies Staff:

      --- More about the Division of Personality Studies Staff:

      Upcoming NDE Events Around the World
      For the full list see: http://www.near-death.com/conferences.html
      --- June 24 - 27, 2005: Association for the Scientific Study of
      Consciousness (ASSC) 9th Annual Meeting, "Problems of
      Space and Time in Perception and Action". California Institute
      of Technology, Pasadena, California, U.S.A.: http://assc.caltech.edu/assc9/

      --- July 1 - 3, 2005: "What The Bleep Do We Know" Prophets
      Conference Series, The Benson Hotel, Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.

      --- July 6 - 11, 2005: Institute of Noetic Sciences International
      Conference, Hyatt Regency Crystal City, 2799 Jefferson Davis
      Highway, Arlington, Virginia, U.S.A.

      --- July 7 - 10, 2005: The Scientific & Medical Network Annual
      Gathering, "Science, Consciousness, and Healing in the 21st
      Century, Haus Altenberg, Odenthal-Altenberg, Germany

      --- July 23 - 24, 2005: A Transdisciplinary Conference, "Altered
      States: Transformations of Perceptions, Place and Performance",
      Portland Square, University of Plymouth, U.K.

      --- Aug. 11 - 15, 2005: Parapsychological Association 48th Annual
      Convention, IONS Retreat Center, 101 San Antonio Rd, Petaluma,
      California, U.S.A.:

      --- Aug. 12 - 14, 2005 : "What The Bleep Do We Know" Prophets
      Conference Series, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC, Canada

      --- Aug. 17 - 20, 2005: Toward a Science of Consciousness
      Annual Conference, "Methodological and Conceptual Issues"
      Panum Institute, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark

      --- Aug. 26 - 28, 2005: "Beyond the Brain VI: Memory Beyond
      the Brain", sponsored by The Scientific and Medical Network,
      University of Lincoln, Lincoln, UK.
      http://www.datadiwan.de/SciMedNet/events/pdf/BB_05.pdf (PDF)

      --- Sept. 4, 2005: Society for Psychical Research 29th International
      Annual Conference, University of Bath, Bath, UK

      --- Sept. 8 - 10, 2005: International Association for Near-Death
      Studies (IANDS) North American Conference, "Message and
      Meaning: Using the Near-Death Experience as a Tool for Living",
      Virginia Beach, Virginia, U.S.A.

      Houstonian Believes He Saw Heaven During Near-Death Experience
      (May 23, 2005) .......................................... (Click2Houston)
      Ten years ago, Andreason died as a result of an interaction between
      prescription pain pills and dental surgery. "I felt myself being lifted up
      and surrounded by this light," he said. In real time, he was only gone
      for two minutes, but what he saw felt like it lasted a lifetime. "I was
      walking through this garden, looking at all these colorful flowers that
      are alive, and there's all this beautiful beyond blue water that is sparkling
      and tingling and it sings," Andreason said. He believes the garden
      was heaven. While there, he said he was shown his life's review.
      "All of a sudden, I found myself in a long hallway of doors," he said.
      "One was this beautiful gothic-looking wood door and as I would peer
      thru the door, I would literally see an existence I was participating in."

      --- View the video of Christian Andreason describing his NDE:

      --- Christian Andreason's NDE page on near-death.com:

      --- Christian Andreason;s music CD: "The Rhythm of Life" :
      (Listen to online MP3 samples of Christian's music)

      Actress Jane Seymour Describes Her NDE on Larry King Live
      (May 23, 2005) ...................................................... (CNN)
      "I was looking down at my body. I was looking down. I saw this
      man screaming, yelling, "emergency, emergency!" I was now
      rolled over, I was half-naked. I had two huge syringes in my backside,
      and I was watching from the corner of the room. And I saw this
      white light. I had no pain, I had no tension, I just kind of looked,
      and then went, "that's very strange. That's me. But that can't be
      me if I'm here. And then I realized that I was out of my body and
      that I was, you know, going to die ... all of a sudden I just looked,
      and I went, no, no, I'm not ready to go away. I want to get back
      in that body. I have children I want to raise. And there's so much
      I want to do, I want to give back, I want to do so much in the world,
      and I'm just -- I'm not ready to go."

      --- Read more about Jane Seymour's NDE here:

      --- Seymour's Sleep Problems After Near-Death Experience:

      --- The Official Website of Jane Seymour: http://www.friendsofjane.com/

      The Most Startling Development in World History
      (May 24, 2005) ............................................ (WorldNetDaily)
      Arjun died at age 5. The gist of his story: At six o'clock on an
      April evening in 2001, Arjun was accidentally electrocuted by
      220-volt wires touching his head. His parents took him to a
      medical clinic where they worked on his body for two hours
      without success. They tried CPR, electroshock paddles, adrenaline
      shots ­ all the usual. But they couldn't get him off flatline. So the
      doctor charged them 5,000 rupees (about $110) and told them
      to call an undertaker. But they didn't. Instead they called Rod
      at the nearby Deliverance Church. He then called upon Savitri,
      one of his staff members. Savitri brought two other Christians to
      Arjun's home, and the five of them began praying over the dead body
      about 10:00 p.m. They prayed their hearts out for six hours with
      pleading and tears. Then, at 4:00 a.m. the next morning, Arjun
      snapped back to life with no brain damage, no physical problems.

      --- Read all 5 NDE testimonials associated with this article:

      Physics Meets Paranormal ­ Finding Nearest Openings to
      Seven Parallel Universes ­ Near-Death Experiences
      (May 28, 2005) ............................................. (India Daily)
      When our spirit is allowed freedom through death or through
      transcendental meditation, the unleashed electromagnetic flux
      crates the miracle ­ it finds an immediate opening to the
      parallel Universe in the close vicinity ... This has now been
      verified by Transcendentalist Kurt Kawohl from the USA. When
      he had a near-death experience in 1956 at age fifteen his soul
      traveled into a higher-level parallel universe. What happens to
      us after death has now been made clear. Kurt twice repeated
      this experiment in 2001 when he placed his body in stasis and
      used his psychic power via transcendental meditation to again
      access this parallel universe where spiritual life thrives. Some
      researchers believe that parallel universes exist in our immediate vicinity.

      -- Read about Kurt Kawohl's NDE: http://transcendentalists.org

      Getting Intimations of (Im)mortality
      (May 24, 2005) ............................................ (India Times)
      On the night of June 10, 1978, Desmond Graveney either died
      or didn’t; it’s not very clear. Rushed to hospital after a horrific
      car accident in the US, his heart stopped beating on the operating
      table. “Suddenly all the pain just went away,” says Graveney, “and
      I found myself looking down at my body from a point near the
      ceiling. After a while I heard the doctors pronounce me dead
      and an uncomfortable buzzing noise started behind my head.
      Then I found myself moving swiftly along a long dark tunnel at
      the end of which was a brilliant white light that was a loving
      spirit of some kind. This being seemed to indicate to me that I
      should go back and the next instant I felt a tug and I was back
      on the table with all the pain.”

      Death a "Thing of the Past"
      (May 23, 2005) ........................................ (News.com.au)
      Death could become a thing of the past by the mid-21st century
      as computer technology becomes sophisticated enough for
      the contents of a brain to be "downloaded" on to a supercomputer,
      according to a leading British futurologist ,,, Among other
      eyebrow-raising predictions by Ian Pearson, head of the futurology
      unit at British telecommunications giant BT, is the prospect of
      computer systems being able to feel emotions ... While the
      predictions might sound outlandish, they were merely the product
      of extrapolations drawn from the existing rate at which computers
      are evolving, Mr Pearson said in an interview.

      Why I Believe in Higher Dimensions
      (June 1, 2005) ............................................. (Telegraph)
      Lisa Randall, one of the world's most influential physicists,
      explains why we need more than three dimensions to understand
      the cosmos ... Perhaps the best way to understand what these
      extra dimensions would be is the way Edwin Abbott described
      them in his book Flatland, written in the late 19th century. Suppose
      there was a society that, unlike ours, could detect and experience
      a world with only two dimensions: the Flatland of the title. Its
      inhabitants wouldn't perceive a third dimension, even though the
      dimension really did exist. If an object like a sphere were to pass
      through their universe, Flatlanders would never perceive it in its
      entirety; instead, they would see a succession of disks that grew
      in size and then became smaller. Because they register only two
      dimensions, Flatlanders could only mathematically piece together
      the fact that the object they had seen was the analogue of their disk,
      but in one higher dimension. Similarly, the fact that we see only
      three dimensions doesn't mean there might not be more.

      --- Harvard Physics Professor Lisa Randall's Faculty page

      --- Scientists Propose New Way to Probe Dark Energy:

      Jury Hears Intense Tale of Survival From Fiery Crash
      (Note: You may have to register for free to read this article.)
      (June 2, 2005) ..................................... (Kansas Ctiy Star)
      Michael Nolte sometimes made jurors cry when he testified for
      three hours Wednesday about despair, loss and pain he suffered
      from a fiery interstate crash involving a trooper's car. He recounted
      a near-death experience floating above his body and told of guilt
      felt because he lived two years ago, while Missouri Highway Patrol
      Trooper Michael Newton died ... During the helicopter ride to a
      Columbia hospital, he said he ascended into what he described
      as a kind of warm tunnel and watched from above as medics worked
      on him. “It was a soft, pleasant and really good place you want to go —
      I could hear laughter around the corners.” But then he was back in
      his body. Someone on the helicopter asked him the level of his pain,
      on a scale of 1 to 10. “It was higher than a 10, but a 10 was all they gave

      A Culture of Death
      (June 2005) ......................................... (Scientific American)
      In the underworld of assisted suicide and euthanasia, Russel Ogden
      examines the means and methods -- even as he is shunned by
      academia and chased by the law ... In 1994 Ogden published his
      master's thesis, which documented the inner workings of this illicit network ...
      He wants to know who asks for assisted death, who provides it and
      how it is done. Such grisly details were revealed in Ogden's first study,
      in which 17 individuals, including doctors, nurses, counselors, social
      workers and two priests, told him precisely how they had helped AIDS
      patients kill themselves ... These people were first- or second-timers,
      "not serial death providers," Ogden remarks. "They weren't sure what
      they were doing." He concluded that the lack of medical knowledge, as
      well as the unavailability of suitable drugs and ignorance of lethal doses,
      contributed to the additional suffering. "This study showed that without
      medical supervision and formal regulations, euthanasia is happening in
      horrific circumstances, similar to back-alley abortions," he declares.

      Brain Freeze as Medical Strategy
      (May 23, 2005) ..................................... (Pasadena Star-News)
      Procedure appears to limit damage. For 24 hours, Hamilton Loeb lay
      unconscious inside a cold blue suit that put his brain on ice. Four
      times, his heart had stopped beating and he was shocked back to
      life. Then doctors essentially refrigerated him, in a bid to avert the
      brain damage that too often cripples survivors of cardiac arrest.
      Today, the 53-year-old Washington lawyer is back to normal, and
      he credits the cold with protecting his brain. Chilling the sick may
      sound counterintuitive, but research shows mild hypothermia cooling
      the body just a few degrees can significantly improve the odds of
      a full recovery after cardiac arrest. Now scientists are trying to prove
      whether a cool-down can protect against some of the damage from
      other disorders, too:

      --- "Cool Cap" Could Freeze Brain Damage In Newborns:

      What's It Like Waking Up After 10 Years "Asleep?"
      (May 5, 2005) .............................................. (BBC News)
      After a New York fireman who barely said a word for a decade
      began talking profusely, what are the experiences of people
      who wake up from comas and vegetative states after long periods?
      "I want to talk to my wife," was Donald Herbert's first sentence
      in a decade. The 43-year-old then began speaking at length to
      loved ones, who feared he would never recover after a roof
      collapsed on him in 1995. He was initially in a coma, then he
      regained consciousness, but his speech was slurred and his
      vision unclear, with no memory of relatives. Another American,
      Terry Wallis, who came round in 2003 after a 19-year coma,
      still thinks it is 1984 and has severe memory problems.
      There is a fascination with this deep state of unconscious, a
      "twilight zone" between life and death and a place few of us
      ever explore. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/4515711.stm

      --- Miracle Coma Cure Raises Others' Hopes:

      Scientist Spooked By Ghost Study
      (May 19, 2005) .............................................. (BBC News)
      A scientist investigating one of the UK's "most haunted" locations
      has said "something quite odd" was going on. Professor Richard
      Wiseman used 200 volunteers to carry out a study of Mary King's
      Close in Edinburgh. It yielded reports of apparitions, phantom
      footsteps, unexplained cold spots and unseen hands ... Prof.
      Wisemen sent groups of volunteers to four locations, without
      telling them that only two sites had a strong reputation for being
      haunted. The aim was to compare reports from the different sites.
      About 70% of those visiting the "haunted" locations reported unusual
      phenomena. In contrast, only 48% of people exploring the locations
      not reputed to be haunted had spooky experiences.

      --- Ghost Reports Are Put to the Test:

      Lightning Kills Father Visiting His Son's Grave
      (May 30, 2005) ................................... (Arizona Daily Star)
      While visiting the grave site of his son, a 70-year-old Tucson man
      was struck by lightning Saturday night. His body was found early
      Sunday at East Lawn Palms Cemetery. Joseph Cooper's body
      was found under a tree at the cemetery, 5801 E. Grant Road. His
      son, Oscar, died on Sept. 15, 1996, at the age of 30. A family
      representative said relatives were in shock Sunday and declined
      comment until later. Maintenance employees at East Lawn found
      Cooper's body and called Tucson police at 6:28 a.m., said Sgt.
      Kerry Fuller, a police spokeswoman. Homicide detectives and a
      doctor from the Medical Examiner's Office confirmed significant
      evidence that lightning was the cause of death, Fuller said. Entry
      and exit wounds, bruises and other injuries were found on the body,
      Fuller said, but an autopsy will be performed to confirm the cause.
      Fuller said deaths caused by lightning strikes are unusual in Tucson,
      even during severe storms. Local statistics weren't available Sunday,
      but the National Lightning Safety Institute reported 17 deaths in Arizona
      from 1990 to 2003, according to its Web site.

      --- Read about Dannion Brinkley's NDE and learn how wonderful
      it is to die from lightning strike:

      --- Dannion Brinkley Central at News For The Soul:

      --- Listen to Dannion Brinkley on online streaming audio:

      Newly Developed Treatment for Severe Grief Shown More Effective
      (May 26, 2005) .......................................... (Newswise)
      A recently developed method for treating complicated grief, which
      includes discussing certain aspects of the death of a loved one,
      was found more effective than a standard therapy for depression,
      according to a study in the June 1 issue of JAMA ... Bereavement-related
      major depressive disorder (MDD) is a well-recognized consequence
      of loss. Complicated grief also occurs in the aftermath of loss but is
      different from depression. Key features of complicated grief, persisting
      more than 6 months after the death of a loved one, include (1) a sense
      of disbelief regarding the death; (2) anger and bitterness over the death;
      (3) recurrent pangs of painful emotions, with intense yearning and
      longing for the deceased; and (4) preoccupation with thoughts of the
      loved one, often including distressing intrusive thoughts related to the death.

      --- JAMA's news release on the grief study:

      --- Watch the online video on JAMA's grief study:

      Study of Compassionate Care
      (May 24, 2005) .................... (Indiana Univ. School of Med.)
      Patients approaching the end of life can significantly reduce their
      depression symptoms and improve their sense of spiritual well-being
      according to a study published in the current issue of the Journal of
      Palliative Medicine ... Some were randomly assigned to support
      groups, which met monthly progressively discussing more difficult
      and challenging issues. They addressed topics such as recognizing
      and asserting needs, feelings and emotions, symptom control, living
      well while sick, intimate relationships, spiritual needs, end-of-life
      planning and decision making, hope and gratitude, and legacy.
      Other patients received what is called “usual care,” and received
      mailings of standard support materials related to their disease, many
      of which could be found in their doctors’ offices. “We were able to
      improve depression symptoms and lessen death anxiety, which led
      to better spiritual well-being,” says Dr. Miller. “We consider this pilot
      work as a promising approach, but a lot of work needs to be done to
      fully meet patients’ needs at this most difficult time in their lives.”

      --- The Journal of Palliative Medicine:

      --- Pain Relief for Cancer Patients in Nursing Homes is Inadequate (PDF)

      --- Sedation for Terminally Ill Patients with Cancer with Uncontrollable
      Physical Distress: http://www.liebertonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1089/jpm.2005.8.20

      It's Official: Love is Kinda Crazy!
      (May 31, 2005) .................................. (The Gainsville Sun)
      Researchers analyze love-crazed brains. New love can look for
      all the world like mental illness, a blend of mania, dementia and
      obsession that cuts people off from friends and family and prompts
      out-of-character behavior - compulsive phone calling, serenades,
      yelling from rooftops - that could almost be mistaken for psychosis.
      Now for the first time, neuroscientists have produced brain scan
      images of this fevered activity, before it settles into the wine and
      roses phase of romance or the joint holiday card routines of long-term
      commitment. In an analysis of the images appearing in The Journal
      of Neurophysiology, researchers in New York and New Jersey argue
      that romantic love is a biological urge distinct from sexual arousal .../
      "When you're in the throes of this romantic love it's overwhelming,
      you're out of control, you're irrational, you're going to the gym at 6 a.m.
      every day - why? Because she's there," said Dr. Helen Fisher, an
      anthropologist at Rutgers University and the co-author of the analysis.
      "And when rejected, some people contemplate stalking, homicide,
      suicide. This drive for romantic love can be stronger than the will to live."

      --- Love More Powerful Than Sex, Study Claims:

      --- Those Old Crooners Were Right, Love Really Can Make You Crazy

      An Autistic Savant Explains How He Can Instantly Multiply Large Numbers
      (Feb. 12, 2005) .................................... (Guardian Unlimited)
      Daniel Tammet is an autistic savant. He can perform mind-boggling
      mathematical calculations at breakneck speeds. But unlike other
      savants, who can perform similar feats, Tammet can describe how
      he does it ... Ever since the age of three, when he suffered an epileptic
      fit, Tammet has been obsessed with counting. Now he is 26, and a
      mathematical genius who can figure out cube roots quicker than a
      calculator and recall pi to 22,514 decimal places. He also happens
      to be autistic, which is why he can't drive a car, wire a plug, or tell
      right from left. He lives with extraordinary ability and disability. Tammet
      is calculating 377 multiplied by 795. Actually, he isn't "calculating": there
      is nothing conscious about what he is doing. He arrives at the answer
      instantly. Since his epileptic fit, he has been able to see numbers as
      shapes, colours and textures. The number two, for instance, is a motion,
      and five is a clap of thunder. "When I multiply numbers together, I see two
      shapes. The image starts to change and evolve, and a third shape emerges.
      That's the answer. It's mental imagery. It's like maths without having to
      think.": http://www.guardian.co.uk/weekend/story/0,,1409903,00.html

      --- Music Does Talking:

      --- Welcome to the Mind-Body Revolution:

      Astronaut Says Some Events Are Unexplainable
      (May 20, 2005) ................................. (The Gainesville Sun)
      The sixth man to walk on the moon spoke about his experience
      with unexplainable phenomena Thursday to a skeptical audience
      of about 100 scientists. Edgar Mitchell, an astronaut on Apollo 14,
      talked of the experiences that led him to research the unexplainable
      at the 24th annual meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration
      at the Best Western Gateway Grand Hotel in Gainesville. "It isn't
      science, but personal experience, that stimulates you to do good
      science," he said. Mitchell, who holds a doctorate in aeronautics
      and astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
      worked on the first extended research trip to the moon in 1971. He
      founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences to sponsor the study of
      unconventional scientific models, such as intuition and feeling, and
      he was inducted into the Space Hall of Fame in 1979 and the Astronaut
      Hall of Fame in 1998. His interest in the unexplainable began on his
      way back to Earth aboard Apollo 14. He gazed out the window and
      realized he was connected to the stars, his colleagues and the planet
      through his own molecules, he said. "You could see the Earth, the moon
      and the stars with each rotation of the spacecraft," Mitchell said. "The
      stars were literally brighter for me. It was an awesome, awe-inspiring
      view of the heavens."

      --- Institute of Noetic Sciences: http://www.noetic.org/

      --- Society for Scientific
      Exploration: http://www.scientificexploration.org/jse/abstracts.php

      Physics Principles Too Shortsighted, Nobel Winner Says
      (June 2, 2005) ......................... (Science & Theology News)
      Physicists have problems with their belief systems and the field of
      physics is in crisis because of it, said Nobel Prize-winner Robert
      Laughlin at a recent Boston University lecture ... Laughlin,
      co-recipient of the Nobel Prize in physics in 1998, compared
      physicists to monotheists who hold one belief and defend it even
      when presented with contradictory evidence. Instead of questioning
      their original belief, he said, they would question the validity of the
      evidence challenging it ... “Physics is now in the midst of a crisis,
      an ideological battle,” he said. “The most fundamental things you
      know may not be fundamental" ... Laughlin also argued that, for
      mysteries like why atoms are so uniform throughout the galaxy,
      physicists form creation myths to explain away these quandaries.
      Inflationary cosmology, he said, is the “myth” created to solve this
      problem by saying that during the expansion after the big bang,
      matter became uniform ... The best chance at solving some of these
      mysteries of the universe, Laughlin suggests in "A Different Universe,"
      is to avoid the reductionist approach of studying particles too minute
      to measure, and to look at the basic realities of the natural world.
      The exact characteristics of substances like ice or salt is not fully
      understood, he said, but may reveal more about the universe than
      the far reaches of space or the first nanofraction of a second after the
      big bang.

      --- Robert Laughlin's book "A Different Universe: Reinventing Physics from
      the Bottom Down":

      Biggest Ever Cosmos Simulation
      (June 1, 2005) ........................................... (BBC News)
      Astronomers have used supercomputers to re-create how the
      Universe evolved into the shape it is today. The simulation by
      an international team is the biggest ever attempted and shows
      how structures in the Universe changed and grew over billions
      of years. The Millennium Run, as it is dubbed, could help explain
      observations made by astronomers and shed more light on the
      Universe's elusive dark energy field. Details of the study appear
      in the latest issue of Nature magazine. "We have learned more
      about the Universe in the last 10 or 20 years than in the whole
      of human civilisation," said Professor Carlos Frenk, Ogden
      professor of fundamental physics at the University of Durham
      and co-author on the Nature report. "We are now able, using the
      biggest, fastest supercomputers in the world, to recreate the whole
      of cosmic history," he told the BBC. The researchers looked at
      how the Universe evolved under the influence of the mysterious
      material called dark matter.

      --- World's Largest Supercomputer Simulation Explains Growth of Galaxies:

      Astronaut Asks Congress to Investigate Threatening Asteroid
      (May 19, 2005) ........................................ (Science.com)
      The asteroid, named 2004 MN4, was found last year. It orbits the
      Sun but crosses the path of Earth. In December, preliminary
      observations showed it might strike in 2029, according to NASA
      scientists. It briefly had the highest odds ever assigned to a possible
      collision. Further investigation ruled out the 2029 impact scenario,
      but scientists cannot yet rule out an impact in 2036. The odds of
      a collision in 2036 are about 1-in-10,000, Schweickart says.
      In fact, there are several scenarios between 2034 and 2065 in
      which 2004 MN4 has even smaller odds of striking. Schweickart
      and other scientists stress, however, that future observations are
      likely to reduce all these odds to zero.

      --- View the Animation of Asteroid's Close Brush with Earth:

      Delirium in ICU Patients a Predictor of Mortality
      (June 2, 2005) .................................... (News-Medical.net)
      There are an estimated 6,000 intensive care units in the United States
      caring for approximately 55,000 patients daily. Between 60 percent to
      80 percent of these patients develop a brain dysfunction known as
      delirium, which according to a group of physicians at Vanderbilt Medical
      Center is an independent predictor of mortality ... "The dilemma in
      critical care is that people often develop brain dysfunction or delirium
      in the ICU setting which is thought to be of no real importance to survival
      or long-term quality of life," Ely said. "Frankly, it's been overlooked by
      medical teams for years and is simply called 'ICU psychosis ... Five years
      ago, we began studying delirium in the ICU at Vanderbilt, after realizing
      that older people are more frequently going to ICUs and the added risk
      of developing brain dysfunction was present" ... Ely said the first problem
      with delirium is the mortality rate. The second is cost. The estimated cost
      of treating delirium in the ICU ranges from $4 billion to more than $20 billion
      nationwide. Third, Ely and his team assert, is the impact the duration and
      severity of delirium will likely have on the neuropsychological deficits of
      these patients. http://www.news-medical.net/?id=X0

      --- Read about the ICU Delirium and Cognitive Impairment Study Group:

      --- Download the PDF ebook "ICU Delirium Training Manual":

      --- View the online training video on ICU Delirium:

      California Assisted-Suicide Bill Heads to Assembly Vote
      (May 26, 2005) ........................ (San Francisco Chronicle)
      A bill to make California the second state in the nation to allow
      physician-assisted suicide cleared a key committee Wednesday,
      setting up a first-ever state Assembly vote on the issue ... If signed
      into law, certain terminally ill Californians would be able to obtain
      a lethal dose of medication from physicians after a waiting period
      and multiple medical evaluations ... Despite physician-assisted
      suicide consistently polling well, California voters turned down a
      ballot measure on the issue in 1992. Also Wednesday, the
      committee passed legislation that would legalize same-sex
      marriage in California on a 13-5 party line vote, ensuring that
      measure, too, will face a full Assembly floor vote.

      --- Follow the Status of the California Assisted-Suicide Bill:

      Curtailing Our Right to Know About the Right to Die With Dignity
      (May 19, 2005) ............................................... (National Forum)
      OPINION: If the new Spanish film "The Sea Inside" teaches us
      anything, it is that no amount of law and legislation can prevent
      a person who wants to die from devising the ways and means
      to take their own life ... The life and death of lead character and
      real-life person, Ramon Sampedro, has long been a cause celebre
      in Spain. Paralysed from the neck down from a diving accident at
      26, Sampedro spent his next 28 years as, in his words, a head
      attached to a corpse. Deeply resentful of being forced to live a life
      that he defined as having little quality, Sampedro repeatedly petitioned
      the Spanish and European courts. Repeatedly, Sampedro was
      denied permission to ask for assistance to die, a request he believed
      he had the right to make. The law disagreed. Most people believe
      in death with dignity. In this, Sampedro was not exceptional. At the
      end of the day it is of little importance that he was not terminally ill.
      Rather, what mattered to him was that his life had so little dignity,
      that death was a preferable option.

      --- Elderly Denied Dignified Death:

      --- Old People "Left to Die in Pain":

      --- The movie "The Sea Inside" (DVD) at Amazon.com:

      Dr. Clifford Pickover on Cloning, Abortion, and Stem Cell Research
      (June 1, 2005) ....................................... (Spiked-Science)
      OPINION: The notion that an embryo, or a fertilised egg, should be
      considered human is certainly open for debate. As reported in
      Science magazine, "zygotic personhood" - the idea that a fertilised
      egg is a person - is a recent concept. Before 1869, for example,
      the Catholic church believed that the embryo was not a person until
      it was 40 days old, at which time the soul entered. Aristotle also
      presumed this 40-day threshold. If the early embryo was soulless,
      then perhaps early abortion was not murder. Pope Innocent III
      determined, in 1211, that the time of ensoulment was anywhere
      from three to four months. In Jewish law, the fetus becomes a full-fledged
      human being when its head exits the womb. According to the Talmud,
      before the embryo is 40 days old, it is 'maya b'alma' or 'mere water'.

      --- Edgar Cayce on How the Soul Incarnates Around the Time of Birth:

      ---Viable Stem Cells Identified in Failing Hearts:

      May is the Month For Suicides
      (May 9, 2005) ................................................. (BBC News)
      Summer sunlight helps to trigger a seasonal rise in suicides,
      claim UK researchers. The Priory Group says more people
      take their lives in May than in any other month, which could
      be down to the climate. The extra sunshine, which helps combat
      depression, may also provide the people the energy they need
      to act on their suicidal feelings, they believe. There is one suicide
      every 84 minutes in UK and Ireland. Around 6,300 people take
      their lives each year, the Priory Group said. Professor Chris
      Thompson, the group's director of healthcare services, said
      research showed there was a direct link between the amount of
      sunshine and the national suicide rate. In Scandinavia and Canada,
      studies have shown that those who commit suicide have low levels
      of a "happy" brain chemical called serotonin. Others have shown
      that serotonin levels often rise with the amount of sunlight a person
      is exposed to. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/4528883.stm

      --- "Suicidal Genes" Identified: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/1263322.stm

      --- Suicide "Determined at Birth":

      --- Intellect Linked to Suicide
      Risk: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/4187881.stm

      --- On Our Own Terms: Bill Moyers on Dying:

      Five Quick Ways to Make a Difference in Stopping Global Warming
      (June 1, 2005) ................................ (Environmental Defense)
      Global warming is the # 1 environmental issue facing the Earth.
      NDE visions of the future suggests that there is a high probability
      that major natural disasters are coming unless we take better
      care of this planet and everyone living on it. So here are five things
      you can do to help stop global warming and prevent these horrible
      NDE visions of the future from actually happening:

      (1) Send a message to car makers:

      (2) Buy only Earth-friendly seafood. Download this wallet-sized list
      (PDF) to print out:

      (3) Utilize these 20 practices in your daily routine to help undo
      global warming: http://www.undoit.org/undoit_20steps.cfm

      (4) Sign the online petition to tell Congress to sign the Climate
      Stewardship Act: http://actionnetwork.org/campaign/globalwarming_petition

      (5) Love and respect everything and everybody. NDE insights
      suggest that our lovely planet Earth and everything in it is actually
      a single living organism. When we do unto others, we do unto Earth.

      Archive of NDEs in the News
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      An in-depth look at the near-death phenomenon
      In this section of the newsletter, PMH Atwater will answer questions
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      question that you would like her to answer for this column, just email
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      *** In this issue, P.M.H. answers the following two questions:

      QUESTION # 1: "I tried to find "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Near-Death
      Experiences" and found that it is out of print. Is that true? I want to
      find out whether the traditional bad NDE trip with fire and demons,
      etc., whether such experiencers ever saw other people being rescued
      from the fire by angels, spirits?" -- Glenn

      QUESTION # 2: "After my NDE five years ago, you were very
      generous to answer two questions for me. Your responses have
      been very helpful. I would like to ask your opinion about something
      which I find very unnerving. I don't know whether it is happening
      or is just a product of my imagination. "My nephew married a few
      weeks ago. He was born on the day we buried my father, his
      grandfather. I felt like my father was sitting in the first pew in front
      of me at the wedding. He was just there for the wedding, and I
      never felt him around again. Then yesterday, we were at the funeral
      of a good friend's 26-year-old son who died, probably from an
      accidental overdose of prescription drugs. He had been married
      only two months. I believe that I saw him sitting on a step directly
      in front of his family through the whole funeral service. I have no
      one to ask about these things, so if you have a minute, could you
      please give me your opinion on this?" -- Beth

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      A Trip to the Stars
      by Melvin Forrester ................................... (Availability: Now)
      EXCERPT: "My message is simple; there is life after death.
      Upon death we return to the source from whence we came.
      The nature of the source can best described with the words
      eternal energy of Love ... All answers lie within each of us, we
      only have to open up to the inner spirit and remember. We
      don't have to wait for cosmic alignment and magnetic fields
      to charge us with energy and release us to a new higher level
      of development. All that you need, you have already within you..
      I cannot say it enough; you originated from the source, collectively
      you are the source and you will return to the source."

      Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook: A Manual for the Art of Retrieval and
      Afterlife Exploration
      by Bruce Moen ..................................... (Availability: Now)
      Bruce Moen a former engineer who received his original
      training in out-of-body experiences from the famed Monroe
      Institute and has become one of the foremost authorities on
      the subject. Each of his books describe his numerous voyages
      of discovery into the afterlife via astral travel. His newest book
      is a simple system of concepts, techniques and exercises
      people around the world have successfully used to explore the
      afterlife safely and reliably for themselves. One no longer
      needs to take anyone else's word for the truth about our afterlife:
      you can find it out for yourself through your own direct experience.
      Moen leads ten to fifteen afterlife workshops annually, teaching
      others the proven techniques shared in this book. Moen states,
      "Exploring the afterlife is so simple, that the hardest thing to do
      is believe you're doing it!" Using his simple system, hundreds
      have proven to themselves that we continue to exist beyond
      physical death.

      --- Bruce Moen's Afterlife Knowledge
      website: http://www.afterlife-knowledge.com/

      --- More information about the "Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook":

      --- Other books and videos by Bruce
      Moen: http://www.afterlife-knowledge.com/bmbooks.html

      Visitations from the Afterlife: True Stories of Love and Healing
      by Lee Lawson ..................................... (Availability: Now)
      Despite the skepticism many people profess about ghosts
      and spirits, a USA Today-CNN-Gallup poll shows that almost
      70 million Americans believe it is possible to communicate
      with the dead. Many have actually experienced visitation. Lee
      Lawson brings to light these surprisingly common - yet often
      secret - reunions with parents, lovers, relatives, and friends from
      the afterlife. Told with respect and dignity, these deeply personal,
      life-altering "love letters from the infinite" will resonate with anyone
      grieving a loss and grappling with accompanying fear, depression,
      or guilt. Hopeful and comforting, this treasury of real-life encounters
      highlights a love that never dies and celebrates a faith in the
      continuum of life:

      --- The Home Page of Lee Lawson: http://www.leelawson.com/

      Little Book of Life after Death
      by Gustav Theodor Fechner .................... (Availability: Now)
      Fechner was a 19th-century physicist, psychologist, and
      metaphysicist who examined the question of life after death
      and produced a classic, groundbreaking guidebook about it.
      Fechner explains that death is a "birth" into another form of
      existence where the quality of life is determined by one’s
      actions here on Earth. Right actions are the way to better
      spiritual living. False actions provide nothing and can debilitating
      to spiritual living. This book was first published with an introduction
      by William James, arguably the most insightful philosopher
      of the late 19th century, as well as a forefather of modern psychology.

      --- Gustav Theodor Fechner mega-links website:

      What to Do when a Loved One Dies: A Practical and Compassionate
      Guide to Dealing with Death on Life's Terms
      by Eva Shaw ....................................... (Availability: Now)
      Every one of us will someday have to deal with the death of a
      loved one, yet we are rarely prepared. From organ donation
      and planning the funeral to living with suicide and practical
      matters of trusts and wills, this indispensable reference guides
      the reader through a wide range of concerns. If you have recently
      experienced death, you know it’s impossible to prepare. Yet
      with the information within these pages, you should be able to
      handle the situation. In a difficult time, this book can help

      --- Read an excerpt from this book in PDF
      format: http://www.writeriffic.com/w2dsample.pdf

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