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Near-Death Newsletter ------------ May 1, 2005

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  • Kevin Williams
    Death is only an experience through which you are meant to learn a great lesson: you cannot die. - Paramahansa Yogananda
    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2005
      "Death is only an experience through which you are
      meant to learn a great lesson: you cannot die."
      - Paramahansa Yogananda

      =======================================================================================Near-Death Newsletter....................... May 1, 2005
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      =======================================================================================The Online Version of the Near-Death Newsletter

      =======================================================================================Table of Contents
      (1) NDEs in the News
      (2) Q & A with Dr. PMH Atwater
      (3) Books on the NDE
      (4) IANDS in the Spotlight
      (5) Odds and Ends

      =======================================================================================(1) NDEs in the News
      News From P.M.H. Atwater
      CHARLOTTSVILLE, VIRGINIA ..... (P.M.H. Atwater's Website)
      Check out the latest news from P.M.H. Atwater on this web page:

      --- Announcement: PMH Atwater's next book "Beyond the Indigo
      Children: The New Children and the Coming of the Fifth World"
      will be available in August/September this year from Inner Traditions,
      Rochester, VT. Advance orders for the book can be placed in two

      --- Sign-up for "The Sacred Journey Carribean Cruise" for Sept. 18-26,
      2005 at this web page:

      --- Listen to Online Streaming Audio Interviews of P.M.H. Atwater:

      Reverend G. Gorden Allen Has Another NDE
      SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA .... (Near-Death Newsletter)
      For over thirty years, G. Gordon Allen was a successful businessman
      and private investment banker whose firm began in Seattle, Washington
      and expanded to the UK and continental Europe. Then in 1993, Allen
      died and had a major near-death experience that totally changed his life
      forever. Allen never returned to his former profession; instead he took up
      the spiritual mantle and empowerments given to him at the time of his
      death. For the next twelve years, Allen mission was to work with the
      poor and disadvantaged in obtaining subsidized housing and to share
      his spiritual encounter which proved to him that there is indeed life after
      death and a God who loves us all. In 2003, Allen was the subject of a
      BBC documentary called "The Day I Died" which aired worldwide on
      The Learning Channel. In 1994, Allen founded the non-profit corporation
      Completion Ministries with a group of other Christians whose mission is
      to pass on the true message of Christ and his teachings of eternal life.
      In addition to Completion Ministries, Allen was led by the Holy Spirit to
      establish the Christian Family Online portal which is dedicated to cross
      denomination unity and the spiritual growth of all humanity. In the fall of
      1999, Completion Ministries was registered as a religious organization
      with the UK charities commission qualifying it to operate everywhere
      within the E.U. under the European commissions.

      Then on March 17, 2005, Allen suddenly became very ill for no apparent
      reason and died once again. Paramedics revived him and took him to
      the hospital where he died again. For four days, Allen was out of his
      body while doctors placed him on life support and tried in vain to
      discover a diagnosis. Allen later described being attacked by demonic
      forces during his NDE. While in the heavenly dimensions, Allen
      experienced a battle raging over his fate between the forces of light and
      the forces of darkness. Allen described not only being subjected to
      attacks by evil beings; but also he experienced the depth of heavenly
      love. When he re-entered his body on the morning of the fifth day, his
      doctor told him, "You have been gone a long time." Doctors still do not
      know why he became ill and all of his tests turned out to be normal.

      Allen was given teachings and directions during his NDE for which he
      learned that now is the time for a worldwide spiritual Christian
      ecumenical movement to occur. Currently, He and members of his
      ministry are directing their energies toward organizing groups of
      interested Christians worldwide for the purpose of furthering the
      education of spiritual matters and its application in real life. Completion
      Ministries is looking for associates worldwide who can offer their time
      and energy in the service of others.

      --- Download an article on the BBC documentary "The Day I Died"
      (in PDF format): http://www.near-death.com/ebooks/nde/bbc_the_day_i_died_article.pdf

      --- Download the free PDF reader to read the article if you don't already
      have the reader: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

      --- The website of Reverend G. Gordon Allen Ministries:

      --- Rev. G. Gordon Allen's Christian Family online portal:

      --- The website of Rev. Allen's Completion Ministries:

      --- To volunteer your services, email Completion Ministries at
      completion@... or phone 1-206-523-4321.

      --- To receive Rev. Allen's NDE testimony, contact him directly at
      1-206-527-1500 or email him with your name and telephone number
      at completion@....

      --- Tell the BBC that you want "The Day I Died" available for sale at the
      BBC feedback page at http://www.bbc.co.uk/feedback/ or the
      BBC contact page at http://www.bbc.co.uk/info/contactus/prog_info.shtml.

      David Stacy Describes His Near-Death Experiences
      (April 1, 2005) .............. (HometownSource.com)
      Stacy claims today, that he had slipped out of consciousness from the
      food poisoning and began an out-of-body experience that lasted until the
      third day, Easter Sunday and then came to. "It was like I was in the
      most beautiful place I had every been in my life," he recalled. "I had no
      desire to come back..." But what was most significant, Stacy indicated,
      was that the experience had changed his life. "I had a deep desire
      [after that] to seek after God's ways," he explained.

      Why Louise Russo Chose Life
      (May 2, 2005) .................................. (The Star)
      "I felt very light. I felt I was traveling at high speed." Once she slowed,
      she saw tall figures — no faces visible — illuminated by a bright white
      light. And then the voice. Calm and beautiful, neither male nor female,
      but one betraying a sense of ... humour? "I asked if I could just visit my
      grandparents," Russo recalls, chuckling at her request. "But I needed to
      go back to my children." The tug of motherhood. The voice laughed.
      (Note: You may have to register for free to read this article.)

      Near-Death Experiences Submitted by Ava Belle Chucta
      (April 2005) .......................... (Fate Magazine)
      "I was lying in bed, so sick, when all of a sudden I found myself up in
      the clouds. I knew I was on my way to Heaven, and I began to cry,
      thinking that my mother would be sad because I was gone ... Suddenly,
      I found myself going through a tunnel of light. When I got to the end of
      the tunnel I stepped into the golden light that surrounded me with such
      love. I felt so good, and I wanted to stay. I could see people in the
      distance waving to me ... When I stepped into the golden light, I
      thought, Oh boy! I'm here at last! But there was a gentleman standing
      just inside the light. He smiled, shook his head, and wham! I was back
      here again. I'm sure it was Jesus."

      Scientific And Spiritual Significance of Near-Death Experiences Studied
      (May 1, 2005) .......................... (Union-Tribune)
      Dr. Ellis of Scripps said the fact that most resuscitated patients do not
      report NDEs may be likened to the fact that some people vividly
      remember dreams while others have no memory of them at all. Surviving
      patients in van Lommel's study who reported NDEs were interviewed
      again at two-and eight-year intervals, and compared with a control group
      of patients who did not have the experience. Researchers were struck,
      van Lommel said, by how the NDE patients had been transformed.
      Nearly all had no fear of death, believed in an afterlife, and strongly
      believed that what was truly important in life was "love and compassion
      for oneself, for others and for nature."

      --- Titus Rivas' article on Pim van Lommel's groundbreaking NDE study:

      Brain Scans May Help Validate Near-Death Experiences' Claims Doctor
      (April 2005) ...................... (The Psychic Times)
      One of the world's leading researchers into near-death experiences
      (NDEs) has called for the use of brain scans to help discover if changes
      have taken place in the brain after an NDE. Dr. PMH Atwater, based in
      Virginia, USA, told The Psychic Times: "There is a pattern of
      psychological and physiological changes after an NDE. These can be
      incredible. For example, the average near-death experiencer is without
      vital signs for between five to twenty minutes, but it's not unusual to find
      this extending for an hour or more. It is not exceptional for people to
      revive in the morgue. Yet, no matter how long they are deprived of
      oxygen and the heart is not beating, these people literally come back
      smarter than they were before. "Whether they have extreme or partial
      intellect enhancement, they invariably come back as creative intuitives
      and creative problem solvers. I call the near-death experience a brain
      shift. This is why I want before and after brain scans. If we can
      establish clinically that the NDE changes the structure of the brain it will
      be a tremendous discovery. "As far as I'm concerned the after effects of
      an NDE are what validate the experience. You cannot talk about the
      experience without talking about the after effects."

      --- Soul Travel Magazine's article "Is the Brain a Modem for God?":

      Former Senator Bob Dole Discloses Near-Death Mishap
      (April 10, 2005) .................... (Contra Costa Times)
      Dole, 81, the former Senate majority leader and the Republican
      presidential nominee in 1996, said the accident occurred Jan. 11 at his
      Watergate apartment in Washington as he was picking up a suitcase
      and lost his balance and fell. He said he had undergone hip replacement
      surgery in New York the month before. His doctors told him that the
      blood thinner he was taking after the hip surgery had caused internal
      bleeding and apparently led to his fall ... Dole said he was so ill that
      apart from everything else his doctors did to save his life, they told him
      that "a higher power intervened to halt the bleeding and avert fatal
      complications." (Note: You may have to register to read this article.)

      --- Read about former president Bill Clinton's NDE:

      --- Read about former president Ronald Reagan's NDE:

      --- Read about former president Abe Lincoln's reincarnation:

      Ohio Boy Brought Back To Life Is Reunited With Rescuers
      (April 30, 2005) ...................... (News Channel 5)
      He was 3 when he died on the Middle Fork of the Flathead River last
      May. That's not overdramatizing his story, which was the centerpiece of
      this year's annual fundraising banquet for the ALERT air ambulance
      service. Jacob's story requires no embellishment. He was clinically
      dead after his family's canoe tipped on the river and he was tossed
      downstream. He was found lifeless, with no heart beat and no breath.
      His condition didn't change through two long hours of CPR by Glacier
      Park rangers, the ALERT flight crew, and emergency-room staff at
      Kalispell Regional Medical Center. Some professionals say 20 minutes
      is the standard for CPR. After that, the chance of brain damage is too
      great and the chance of survival is too small to continue. Jacob's
      rescuers ignored the textbooks and their watches; after two hours of
      intense efforts, they were rewarded with Jacob's beating heart.

      --- Parents Trying to Let Boys Be Boys Despite Their Big Scare:

      "Profound" Experience Overwhelms Skier
      (April 29, 2005) ................................ (Vail Daily)
      While Charles Horton's body heals, his spiritual being is restless.
      Horton, the 55-year-old Steamboat Springs man rescued Monday
      after nine days stranded in the wilderness with a broken leg, now
      rests comfortably in a bed at Yampa Valley Medical Center. The
      magnitude of his ordeal and the effect it's had on others overwhelms
      him. The questions he asks of himself also are profound and moving,
      perhaps understandable only to others who have faced their own
      mortality. "It's made me question why I'm here," Horton said through
      chapped lips Friday. "What have I done since I've been here? Do I
      have a right to walk away from this alive?"

      Scientific Investigation Supports Idea That "Dead" Researcher
      Has Communicated With His Wife
      (April 2005) .......................... (The Psychic Times)
      On January 15, 2004, at the age of 79, Montague "Monty" Keen,
      one of Britain's most prominent psychical researchers, collapsed
      and died while participating in a public debate on telepathy at the
      Royal Society of Arts in London. A few weeks later, Veronica Keen,
      Monty's wife, contacted Dr. Gary Schwartz at his University of
      Arizona research laboratory and informed him that she had received
      messages from her husband through several mediums requesting
      that Schwartz conduct some research with him ... Schwartz and
      Dr. Julie Beischel, his research associate, then designed a two
      phase, multi-medium experiment with four research mediums
      participating, one of which was Allison DuBois on whose career as
      a psychic legal investigator the new NBC series 'Medium' is based.

      --- Dr. Gary Schwartz Continues Survival Research:

      --- Visit Dr. Schwartz's VERITAS Research Program website:

      --- Visit Dr. Schwartz's Open Mind Sciences website:

      --- Biography of Montague Keen:

      Was Discovery of Body a Coincidence or Psychic Phenomena?
      (April 5, 2005) ...................... (First Coast News)
      Residents of Turner County wonder whether it was a mere coincidence
      or an eerie phenomena that a missing man's body bobbed up in a lake
      just as a psychic drew near. A self-described "psychic detective"
      contacted by the man's family found the body in the lake after she says
      a feeling pulled her there. On March 19th, Lynn Ann Maker made her
      discovery as she waded into the lake ... Anxious to learn the fate of
      their loved one, Wallace's family searched the Internet for a psychic
      they believed could help them. They chanced upon the 33-year-old
      Maker, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She agreed to come to Ashburn, a
      farming town of four-thousand located about 150 miles south of Atlanta.

      People Who Don't Know They're Dead
      (April 17, 2005) ............................... (PRWeb)
      Imagine: You're cruising down the highway, blasting the stereo and
      doing your best Bette Midler imitation while enjoying the view when
      suddenly you are standing outside your car, which is no longer your car,
      but a twisted mass of metal. You try to open what was once the driver's
      door and your hand passes through the handle. What was tangible no
      longer is and you struggle to find the meaning. You hear voices, you
      see people all around you, but you have no idea who they are; you are
      not afraid, but you are terribly confused. What happened? Why is your
      car in a tangle? Why can the EMTs administering to someone on the
      ground not hear or see you? You don't know it yet, but you're dead.

      --- Spirit Possession Observed During an NDE:

      --- Psychiatric Treatment of Ghost Possession:

      --- Exorcism in Russia:

      --- Book: People Who Don't Know They're Dead:

      --- Book: The Unquiet Dead: A Psychologist Treats Spirit Possession:

      Reincarnation - Fact or Fiction?
      (April 27, 2005) ............................... (Cybernoon)
      In 1937, four-year-old Shanti told her parents that she missed her
      husband (of a previous life) Kedar Nath, who lived in Mathura and was a
      cloth merchant. She supplied his address and so much information
      about her previous home that the parents finally wrote to Kedar Nath,
      who had since remarried. He came to Shanti's house in Delhi and
      she "immediately" recognized the "stranger" as her husband ... This
      case was studied by Dr. Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia,
      who believed that we have to return many times before achieving the
      perfection, which permits re-union with our creator.

      --- US Diplomat, Fulbright Director, Discusses His Past Lives:

      --- Return of the Revolutionaries website:

      --- European Cases of the Reincarnation Type:

      --- The NDE and Reincarnation section of near-death.com:

      Organ Transplants and Cellular Memories
      (April 2005) ............................. (Nexus Magazine)
      According to this study of patients who have received transplanted
      organs, particularly hearts, it is not uncommon for memories,
      behaviours, preferences and habits associated with the donor to be
      transferred to the recipient ... In 1997, a book titled "A Change of Heart"
      was published that described the apparent personality changes
      experienced by Claire Sylvia. Sylvia received a heart and lung transplant
      at Yale–New Haven Hospital in 1988. She reported noticing that various
      attitudes, habits and tastes changed following her surgery. She had
      inexplicable cravings for foods she had previously disliked. For example,
      though she was a health-conscious dancer and choreographer, upon
      leaving the hospital she had an uncontrollable urge to go to a Kentucky
      Fried Chicken outlet and order chicken nuggets, a food she never ate.
      Sylvia found herself drawn toward cool colours and no longer dressed in
      the bright reds and oranges she used to prefer. She began behaving in
      an aggressive and impetuous manner that was uncharacteristic of her
      but turned out to be similar to the personality of her donor. Interestingly,
      uneaten Kentucky Fried Chicken nuggets were found in the jacket of the
      young man (her donor) when he was killed.

      --- Claire Sylvia's Afterlife Connection Proof:

      --- Book: "A Change of Heart : A Memoir" by Claire Sylvia, William Novak:

      Synchronicity: The Key of Destiny
      (April 2005) ......................... (New Dawn Magazine)
      Going through a half-forgotten collection of old photographs, you're
      surprised to find the snap-shot of a friend you lost contact with years
      ago. Just then the telephone rings and the voice on the other end of the
      line belongs to the same person in the photo ... These are typical
      incidents of synchronicity. And while most people brush them aside as
      insignificant happenstance, some of the greatest minds in history have
      grappled with this universal enigma. "Synchronicity" was coined by last
      century's leading psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung. Fascinated as he was
      by it, even Albert Einstein could not understand how it worked.

      --- Connected By The Human Jigsaw Puzzle:

      --- Scientific Proof of Non-random Compatibility between People:

      -- Book: SynchroFile: Amazing Personal Encounters With Synchronicity by Raymond Fowler:

      Long-Married Couple Die on Same Day
      (April 24, 2005) ............................ (ABC News)
      Alexander J. Vance and his wife, Leola, made a life together for nearly
      64 years. This week, they died 14 hours apart at Schnepp's Health Care
      Center ... The couple stayed in their home for as long as they could,
      until Parkinson's disease forced Alexander Vance to move into a
      nursing home in February. Earlier this month, Leola Vance, who had
      been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, began complaining that her head hurt.
      It later was determined that she had bleeding in her brain. By April 15,
      her husband also had taken a turn for the worse and both were in a
      coma in a nursing home. "It was almost like a race," Phil Vance
      said. "They always said they wanted to go together and I sometimes
      think they were telepathically communicating about who would go first.
      But we were told she might live for several more days."

      --- Two Men Hunting Together Die of Apparent Heart Attacks:

      --- Two Air Force Men Die in Bike Crashes:

      --- Marina Couple Die 35 Minutes Apart in Hospital:

      --- 114-Year-Old Twins Die on Same Day:

      --- Amazing Coincidental Deaths:

      Scientists Say Everyone Can Read Minds
      (April 27, 2005) ......................... (Live Science)
      Empathy allows us to feel the emotions of others, to identify and
      understand their feelings and motives and see things from their
      perspective. How we generate empathy remains a subject of intense
      debate in cognitive science. Some scientists now believe they may have
      finally discovered its root. We're all essentially mind readers, they say.
      The idea has been slow to gain acceptance, but evidence is mounting.

      Transcendental Meditation Extends Lifespan
      (May 2, 2005) ................ (Medical News Today)
      The American Journal of Cardiology reports in its May 2, 2005, issue
      that the Transcendental Meditation technique, a non-drug stress-
      reduction method, reduces death rates by 23% and extends lifespan.
      The first-of-its-kind, long-term, randomized trial evaluated 202 men and
      women, average age 71, who had mildly elevated blood pressure.
      Subjects in the study participated in the Transcendental Meditation
      program; behavioral techniques, such as mindfulness or progressive
      muscle relaxation; or health education. The study tracked subjects for
      up to 18 years. Vital statistics were obtained from the National Death Index.

      Prayer Saved Courageous Woman's Life
      (May 1, 2005) ............... (The Mississauga News)
      The Palestinian terrorists, who called themselves the Egypt Revolution,
      demanded to go to Libya. When they were refused, the plane was
      diverted and landed in Valetta, Malta. There, the terrorists lined up
      passengers, shot them point-blank every 15 minutes, threw them down
      a 25-foot staircase and left them to die. When it was her turn, Pflug did
      one thing: Pray. "I didn't know what else to do," she said. "I just asked
      for life and I knew if I lived I'd be okay, and I knew if I died I'd also be
      okay." When it was her turn to be shot, Pflug said a feeling of
      reassurance and safety washed over her. The terrorists opened the door
      of the plane, pressed a .38 calibre gun hard into her head and she felt
      something hard.

      Far-Off Healing
      (May 2, 2005) ................. (Los Angeles Times)
      Many Americans pray for the health of loved ones; others turn to
      shamans or Reiki. Now science is putting these practices to the test ...
      For each of the next eight days, the healer will pray 20 minutes for the
      cancer patient's recovery, without the woman's knowledge. A surgeon
      has inserted two small fabric tubes into the woman's groin to enable
      researchers to measure how fast she heals. The woman is a patient in
      an extraordinary government-funded study that is seeking to determine
      whether prayer has the power to heal patients from afar — a field known
      as "distant healing."

      "Mind And Brain Seem To Be Separate" Says Professor
      (April 2005) .................... (The Psychic Times)
      Professor Peter Fenwick, one of the world's leading researchers into
      near-death experiences, has told an audience of his belief that NDEs
      seem to provide evidence which strongly suggests that the mind and
      brain are not the same ... "We need now some theories about the
      causation of NDEs. Now, you can't say these are transcendent
      experiences because the people are unconsciousness. You can't say
      they are psychological because the brain isn't working. You can look at
      physiological models as to what state the brain is in, and if the brain
      function won't support the experience you have to argue that mind and
      brain are separate."

      --- Study Into Near-Death Experiences Supports Theory of a "Sixth Sense":

      --- Visions of a Dying Brain or Visions of a New Science of Consciousness:

      --- Out of Body Experiences and Temporal Lobe Function:

      Mind-Reading Machine Knows What You See
      (April 25, 2005) ...................... (New Scientist)
      It is possible to read someone's mind by remotely measuring their brain
      activity, researchers have shown. The technique can even extract
      information from subjects that they are not aware of themselves. So far,
      it has only been used to identify visual patterns a subject can see or
      has chosen to focus on. But the researchers speculate the approach
      might be extended to probe a person's awareness, focus of attention,
      memory and movement intention. In the meantime, it could help doctors
      work out if patients apparently in a coma are actually conscious.

      Are We Just Really Smart Robots?
      (April 2005) .............................. (Reason Online)
      Two books on the mind put the human back into human beings ...
      These books cast light on how it is possible to have a rich mental life
      while living in a physical universe. In so doing, they throw up roadblocks
      against any push for political authoritarianism or social engineering that
      might arise from increased knowledge of how brains work. Far from
      advancing tyranny, neurobiology may be starting to provide a deeper
      understanding of what human freedom is all about.

      --- David Chalmer's mega-resource website on consciousness:

      --- Book: "On Intelligence" by Jeff Hawkins and Sandra Blakeslee:

      --- Book: "Mind: A Brief Introduction" by John R. Searle:

      Twin Researchers Find Genetic Roots of Religiousness
      (April 29, 2005) .......... (Science & Theology News)
      A recent study of twin brothers had researchers doing a double take
      when they found a strong link between genetics and religiousness.
      The finding may help researchers pinpoint how "God genes" influence
      us as we mature. Although the families in which people grow up
      influence how religious they become, genetic predispositions to
      religiousness or spirituality become more apparent when children leave
      those environmental influences behind to start their own lives. Laura
      Koenig, the lead author of the study published in the April issue of the
      Journal of Personality, said, like all behavioral geneticists, she was
      trying to uncover the origins of behavior and how to explain the
      differences among people with varying degrees of religiousness.

      --- Could the "God Gene" Be Named After Its Creator?:

      --- God's Genes (Part 1):

      --- In Search of God's Genes (Part 2):

      --- God's Genes: Coding For Something (Part 3):

      Michio Kaku Talks Parallel Universes
      (May 2, 2005) ................. (BBC Science News)
      Tom Brown: "In theory, is it possible to use the space between the
      Universes, leaving and re-entering, in order to travel many light years
      within our Universe, but without time having passed?" Dr Michio
      Kaku: "Einstein's equations give us a possibility to leap into hyper-
      space through a worm-hole to reach another universe. However, we don't
      have enough energy to open up such a hole and we don't know how
      stable such a hole might be.

      --- The NDE and the Tunnel Research Conclusions:

      Human Hibernation May Buy Time for Lifesaving Treatments
      (April 27, 2005) ................. (Daily News Central)
      Researchers have succeeded for the first time in inducing a state of
      reversible metabolic hibernation in mice, and they think they can do it
      in humans too. The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center scientists
      who conducted the experiments say the accomplishment may open the
      door to new ways to treat cancer and prevent injury and death from
      insufficient blood supply to organs and tissues ... While the notion of
      putting a human or a human organ into an oxygen-free state of
      biological limbo and then reversing the process at will with no ill effects
      may sound like science fiction, dozens of documented cases exist of
      humans surviving prolonged hibernation-like states with no lingering
      physical or neurological damage. In May 1999, for example, a female
      Norwegian skier was rescued after submersion in icy water for more
      than an hour. When rescued she was clinically dead with no heartbeat,
      no respiration, and her body temperature had fallen to 57 degrees
      Fahrenheit (normal is 98.6 F). She was resuscitated and since has
      made a good physical and mental recovery.

      --- Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center website:

      --- Reversible Metabolic Hibernation Induced Successfully:

      --- Forced Hibernation Could Save Human Lives - Study:

      --- NOVA Science Now article: Frozen Frogs:

      --- Creatures Frozen for 32,000 Years Still Alive:

      Defibrillators Trickling Into Public Places
      (April 22, 2005) ...................... (Vail Daily News)
      A lot of technology is packed into an automated external defibrillator.
      But using one correctly takes training. That's why a supply of nearly
      three dozen defibrillators is being doled out slowly. As people who work
      in schools, libraries and other public buildings are trained to use the life-
      saving devices, their buildings get one or more of the machines ...
      Hooking up the defibrillator's electrodes to someone who has collapsed
      will tell whoever is running the machine what's going on inside that
      person's chest. Most of the time, the machine will tell the operator that
      CPR is needed to revive the patient. And, as the operator works away,
      the defibrillator can determine how long to keep going with CPR.

      --- Defibrillators Placed In All Schools In Town:

      --- Schools Seeing Wisdom in Having Defibrillators:

      --- Teen's Death Prompts Gift From Foundation:

      --- Buy your own personal Automated External Defibrillator (AEDS) at Amazon for $1,495:

      Organ Donation: Don't Let Myths Stand In Your Way
      (May 1, 2005) .............................. (Mayo Clinic)
      Approximately 88,000 people are on the national organ transplant
      waiting list, waiting for kidneys, livers, pancreases, intestines, hearts
      and lungs. Nearly 7,000 people died waiting for an organ transplant in
      2004 — that's almost 19 a day. They died because not enough organs
      were donated for transplantation. Perhaps no other surgery has
      generated the amount of myth, mystery and perhaps a sense of the
      macabre as has organ donation. If you've delayed your decision to be a
      donor because of a belief you've never fully explored, here are answers
      to some common organ transplant myths and concerns.

      --- How To Be An Organ Donor:

      --- United Network For Organ Sharing:

      California Governor Reportedly Would Consider Assisted Suicide Bill
      (April 19, 2005) ............. (San Francisco Chronicle)
      Supporters of legalizing physician-assisted suicide say a senior aide to
      Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has told them the governor is "very open-
      minded" on the issue and is allowing his administration to scrutinize a
      bill that would bring the practice to California ... The measure seeks to
      allow terminally ill individuals with less than six months to live to receive
      a lethal prescription. A series of consultations would follow a request,
      and only patients able to administer a dosage themselves would be
      covered under the law.

      --- Poll Shows Most Americans Want Oregon-Style Law:

      Scientists Find Climate Change "Smoking Gun"
      (April 29, 2005) ................. (Los Angeles Times)
      The Earth is now absorbing so much heat from the sun that the soot
      and greenhouse gases that humans are putting in the air appear to be
      the only reasonable explanation for the warming trend, according to
      research released Thursday by a team of prominent climate scientists.
      The scientists from NASA, Columbia University and the U.S.
      Department of Energy determined that precise, deep-ocean
      measurements showed a rise in temperature that matched their
      computer model predictions of what would happen in an increasingly
      polluted world.

      --- Read about NDE visions of the future foretelling possible catastrophic natural disasters:

      --- Edgar Cayce's visions of Earth's catastrophic future:

      --- Edgar Cayce's interpretation of the Book of Revelation:

      20 Simple Steps to Undo Global Warming
      (March 23, 2005) ....... (Environmental Defense)
      Here are 20 simple steps that can help cut your annual heat-trapping
      emissions by thousands of pounds ... Dishwasher tips ... Washing
      machine settings ... Water heater cap ... Thermostat adjustments ...
      Air conditioner check ... Best lightbulb choices ... Water heater
      tweak ... Shower head switch ... Weatherstripping ... Energy
      efficiency ... Driving less ... MPG criteria ... Waste reduction ... Clothes
      washing tip for spring and summer ... Home insulation ... Good
      windows ... Neighborhood greening ... New appliances ... Reducing
      waste ... Staying on top of the issues.

      Archive of NDEs in the News
      Read all the major news articles concerning the NDE and related
      phenomenon from 1995 to current. This is a permanent archive to
      ensure that these news articles will always be available on the internet.

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      =======================================================================================(2) Q and A with Dr. P.M.H. Atwater
      An in-depth look at the near-death phenomenon
      In this section of the newsletter, PMH Atwater will answer a question
      submitted to her from subscribers to this newsletter. If you have a
      question that you would like her to answer for this column, just email
      your question to me at: webmaster@... for consideration.

      P.M.H. Atwater's latest books are entitled:

      --- "The New Children and Near-Death Experiences":

      --- "We Live Forever: The Real Truth About Death":

      SEPTEMBER 18 - 26, 2005:
      Take the Sacred Journey Cruise to the Caribbean with P.M.H.and
      Terry Atwater for a Seminar at Sea. Learn more here:

      QUESTION: "I just got through reading your book, We Live Forever,
      which is fantastic! Can you explain reincarnation? Do we keep coming
      back to earth to grow our spirits or can we go to other realms in the
      universe? Also, 'karma' means 'action/reaction.' But, didn't Jesus say
      through forgiveness we burn our karma?" -- Beth

      ANSWER by PMH ATWATER: "No one can explain reincarnation,
      Beth. Many try, but none have been successful. The truth is we simply
      do not know how reincarnation works, even though there is ample
      evidence to indicate that "life after life" does occur. Something from us
      continues after death, and continues to take on different forms. I believe
      that "something" is the soul, and that it is the soul that animates us and
      gives us the creativity, the expressiveness, the spark of life that we
      have. The soul does indeed grow and learn and enlarge and expand, and
      it seems to do this through embodied experiences of various kinds. The
      soul is not limited ..."
      [ Read more at http://www.near-death.com/atwater/column/index.html ]

      P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D.

      --- Atwater's website: http://www.cinemind.com/atwater/
      --- Atwater's research on near-death.com: http://www.near-death.com/atwater.html
      --- Atwater's Marketplace (a public service): http://www.cinemind.com/atwater/rosen.html

      =======================================================================================(3) Books on the NDE
      *** The NDE Online Store includes NDE books, videos, movies,
      documentaries, magazines, and other media.

      The Gift: ESP, the Extraordinary Experiences of Ordinary People
      by Sally Rhine-Feather, Michael Schmicker .... (Availability: Now)
      Can some people really see the future, or read other peoples' minds,
      or psychically observe events unfold, as they happen, even when they
      take place hundreds or even thousands of miles away from them? Yes,
      they can, declares clinical psychologist Dr. Sally Rhine Feather,
      daughter of the late, renowned ESP researcher Dr. J.B. Rhine, whose
      pioneering laboratory experiments at Duke University brought scientific
      credibility to paranormal research. Using real case histories from the
      Rhine Research Center's ever-growing database of more than 14,000
      ESP reports - the world's largest collection of ESP experiences - Dr.
      Feather explains what ESP is and how it operates through dreams,
      intuition, and visual and auditory hallucinations. She explains the
      compelling scientific evidence for the reality of ESP, covers the research
      on precognition, clairvoyance and telepathy from more than 50 years of
      laboratory experiments, including the latest research on the fascinating
      role played by our personality, our psychological, physical and
      emotional states in terms of helping or hindering ESP. These stories of
      the extraordinary experiences of ordinary people will intrigue and inspire
      you as well as convince you that a "sixth sense" is within the power of
      our minds.

      --- The Rhine Research Center: http://www.rhine.org/

      --- Michael Schmicker's website: http://www.thegiftesp.com/

      --- Dr. Sally Rhine-Feather's biography page: http://www.booksbymichael.com/SallybioRevised.html

      Spirit Orb Phenomena: Fact or Fiction?
      by Anthony Kevan Sercombe ........ (Availability: Now)
      Ghostly apparitions have always fascinated humans as they offer the
      possibility of learning more about life on the Other Side. A lesser known
      phenomenon is that of "spirit orbs" which are the souls of deceased
      human beings which can be captured with a camera. Anthony
      Sercombe's book, Spirit Orb Phenomena: Fact or Fiction?, is a
      pioneering work in this field. The author shares how spirit orbs can
      easily be confused with reflected light on the camera lens and other
      natural anomalies; and how true images of spirit orbs are definitely not
      camera tricks. The book contains many illustrations (98 color
      photographs) which provide compelling evidence of the spirit orb
      phenomena for which the reader can judge for themselves whether they
      are real or not. One of the appealing facts about this phenomena is that
      it only requires anyone with a digital camera to capture such intriguing
      images. Spirit Orb Phenomena: Fact or Fiction? offers a fascinating
      introduction and explanation about this lesser known and lesser
      understood topic. It also offers a doorway into the mysterious world of
      the afterlife.

      --- The NDE and Orbs Research Conclusions:

      --- Google image search results for "orbs":

      --- Orb Study Lightworks Plasma Imaging website:

      Forever Ours: Real Stories of Immortality and Living from a
      Forensic Pathologist
      by Janis Amatuzio ............... (Availability: Now)
      (On 4 Compact Discs - 4 hours) Forensic pathologist Janis Amatuzio
      first began recording the stories told to her by patients, police officers,
      and other doctors because she felt that no one spoke for the dead. She
      believed the real experience of death - namely, the spiritual and
      otherworldly experiences of those near death and their loved ones - was
      ignored by the medical professionals, who thought of death as simply
      the cessation of breath. She knew there was more. From the first
      experience of a patient in her care dying to the iraculous "appearances"
      of loved ones after death, she began recording these experiences. Dr.
      Amatuzio found that by telling the story of their death to a loved one,
      she could help bring some sense of completion to the grieving family
      and friends. Written by a scientist in approachable, nonjudgmental
      language for anyone who has lost someone they love, this book offers
      stories that can't be explained in purely physical terms.

      --- An excerpt of "Forever Ours" by Dr. Janis Amatuzio:

      --- New Connexion's interview with Dr. Janis Amatuzio:

      A Different Universe: Reinventing Physics from the Bottom Down
      by Robert Laughlin ................ (Availability: Now)
      Robert Laughlin is a Nobel Prize-winning Professor of Physics at
      Stanford University and in his book he proposes nothing less than a
      new way of understanding fundamental laws of science. In this age of
      superstring theories and Big-Bang cosmology, we're used to thinking of
      the unknown as being impossibly distant from our everyday lives. The
      edges of science, we're told, lie in the first nanofraction of a second of
      the universe's existence, or else in realms so small that they can't be
      glimpsed even by the most sophisticated experimental techniques. But
      we haven't reached the end of science, Laughlin argues - only the end
      of reductionist thinking. If we consider the world of emergent properties
      instead, suddenly the deepest mysteries are as close as the nearest
      ice cube or grain of salt. A Different Universe takes us into a universe
      where the vacuum of space has to be considered a kind of solid matter,
      where sound has quantized particles just like those of light, where there
      are many phases of matter, not just three, and where metal resembles
      a liquid while superfluid helium is more like a solid. It is a universe
      teeming with natural phenomena still to be discovered. This is a truly
      mind-altering book that shows readers a surprising, exquisitely
      beautiful and mysterious new world.

      --- Dr. Robert Laughlin's website at Stanford University:

      --- Reinventing Physics: the Search for the Real Frontier:

      --- Dr. Robert Laughlin on the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect:

      Your Dream Interpreter: Over 1,200 Symbols and Themes Revealed
      to Bring Clarity and Insight to Your Life
      by Tony Crisp ................... (Availability: Now)
      Tony Crisp has been a dream counselor for over 30 years and is a
      best-selling author. In his book, Tony decodes dreams and gives
      straightforward interpretations to the most frequently dreamed dream
      symbols and images that reveal the meaning of your own dream
      message. The first section includes exercises, over 40 true dream
      stories, and questionnaires which show you how to make the most of
      your dreams, including how to recall your dreams and how to
      understand key symbols. This book is a comprehensive dictionary of
      dream symbols where over 1200 dream images and symbols are
      revealed in detail, with meanings and interpretations given for each. It
      includes the most significant people and places of the dream world,
      including dream archetypes, the all-powerful messengers of the
      subconscious, as well as landscape and environment, spiritual
      symbols, animals and birds, and significant objects. More than just a
      dream dictionary, this fact-packed reference book will provide you with a
      wealth of fascinating information to help you unlock the power of your

      --- Tony Crisp's website at Random House:

      The Way Things Are: Conversations with Huston Smith on the
      Spiritual Life
      by Huston Smith, Phil Cousineau .... (Availability: Now)
      The Way Things Are is a collection of interviews and essays by best-
      selling author and religious studies authority Huston Smith. In his most
      accessible and personal book to date, Smith discusses "the spiritual
      life" with well known writers and luminaries. Readers will find Smith in
      conversation with some of the world's most influential personalities and
      religious leaders such as religion scholar Philip Novak, Joseph
      Campbell, Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary, Daisetz Suzuki, Ram Dass,
      and the Dalai Lama. Throughout these engaging exchanges Smith
      speaks with passion and humor of his upbringing as the son of
      missionary parents in China, of the inspiring and colorful individuals
      he has known, and of his impressions of the different religious and
      philosophical traditions he has encountered. A fascinating view of the
      state of world religion and religious leadership over the past fifty years,
      the book also looks to the future with a final interview on the vital
      importance of the transcendent message of religion for the post-9/11

      --- Houston Smith's website: http://www.hustonsmith.net/

      --- Huston Smith on The Psychology of Religious Experience:

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      Ultimate NDE Guide." Ken Ring, Ph.D. had this to say about this
      book: "This book by PMH Atwater is to me the definitive work on near-
      death experiences, and stands somewhere between being a Bible for
      the field and an encyclopedia of it. It is a tremendous achievement -
      and its warm, compulsively readable, engaging, provocative and fun as
      well." This offer is good while supplies last. Visit IANDS join page for
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