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Near-Death Newsletter -- September 15, 2004

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    Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal. - Thomas Moore ==================================================================== Near-Death Newsletter
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      "Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal." - Thomas Moore

      Near-Death Newsletter September 1, 2004
      www.near-death.com Vol. 03, No. 10, Ed. 01

      The Near-Death Newsletter is a free semi-monthly newsletter which
      is emailed to subscribers every 1st of the month and every 15th of
      the month. The mission of this newsletter is to inform, enlighten,
      entertain, and aid the public in understanding the latest in all
      things concerning the NDE and related phenomena by promoting the
      International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS), NDE
      researchers, experiencers, multimedia resources, and events.
      [Disclaimer: This newsletter is not affiliated with IANDS; but is
      dedicated to the IANDS mission.]

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      Table of Contents

      (1) NDEs in the news
      (2) Notes from the webmaster
      (3) What's new on near-death.com
      (4) NDE Forum
      (5) Coming attractions
      (6) Odds and ends

      (1) NDEs in the news

      *** Man Revives 22 Days After Being Killed and Buried
      MOSCOW, RUSSIA -- (Pravda)
      "Lumber-men incidentally uncovered the frozen body and took it to
      the morgue. A local pathologist refused to do the autopsy - the body
      was too hard. The next day the pathologist said that the man's eye
      pupils did not look like dead. Furthermore, the man's nails turned
      pink after the doctor pressed them in his fingers. The man spent
      22 days lying under a thick layer of snow, but it appeared that he
      was still alive. The pathologist diagnosed a deep lethargic sleep,
      which had been caused with a blow on the head."

      *** Dr. Near-Death: Greyson's Heart-Stopping Study
      CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA -- (The Hook)
      "This director of UVA's Division of Personality Studies began a
      new project earlier this year designed to verify reports of out-of-
      body NDEs. Greyson, in collaboration with UVA cardiologists, is
      conducting an investigation that focuses on patients receiving
      automatic heart defibrillators who must endure a brief cardiac
      arrest to ensure that the units are functioning. Wearing a
      conservative yellow tie as he leans back in his chair, Greyson says
      there's nothing to report yet, but he smiles and mentions he's
      considering extending the two-year study."

      *** Roy Horn Recalls Tiger Attack in Interview
      LOS ANGELES, CA -- (The Mercury News)
      "A procedure was performed in which doctors removed part of Horn's
      skull to allow the brain to swell. The section of skull was sewn
      into his abdomen until it was replaced weeks later. On the operating
      table, Horn told Shriver he had a near-death experience. "I saw a
      bank of white light, and then I saw all my beloved animals," Horn
      said. "For a moment I stepped out of my body."
      (Note: You may have to subscribe to view this article. It is free.)

      *** Chilling Accounts
      NAIROBI, AFRICA -- (The Nation)
      "A very near-sighted woman was lying on an operating table with the
      anesthesia medicine behind her head. When she experienced the OBE,
      she felt detached from her body and could read the equipment
      identification numbers which were out of her vision. She then
      floated up to the top of the room and noted that the top of the
      light fixtures were dirty. After she recovered from her illness, she
      returned to the hospital and ascertained that the numbers she had
      seen were correct and that the light fixtures were actually dirty."

      *** Stories of Moving From Darkness Toward Light
      BOULDER, CO -- (The Daily Camera)
      "In his allegory, "The Divine Comedy," Dante described the soul's
      ascent from hell's darkness to heaven's light. For the poet it was a
      personal pilgrimage. "Midway this way of life we're bound upon," he
      wrote, "I awoke to find myself in a dark wood, where the right road
      was wholly lost and gone."

      *** Yale Star Savors Second Chance at Life, Football
      NEW HAVEN, CT -- (USAToday.com)
      "I took in some water, choked and just panicked," Carr recalls.
      "I never experienced anything like it. I just kept taking in more
      water, and then I remember trying to grab onto one of Don's
      friends. He tried to hold me up, but I was fighting him because
      I was panicking and scared. He started going down with me,
      but he had to let me go or he would have been down there with me.
      After he let me go, I was limp and feeling like this was the end.
      This was it. It was a calming feeling that I really can't even
      explain. I just quit fighting, and all I remember is sinking to the

      *** Denzel's Guardian Angel
      DUBLIN, IRELAND -- (Ireland On-Line)
      "The Oscar-winning star had an encounter with the celestial being
      when he was a little boy. "When I was a young child I saw an
      angel," he said. "It looked like my sister but then I saw
      wings. It was as real as you are in front of me now."

      *** Archive of NDEs in the News
      Read all the major news articles concerning the NDE and related
      phenomenon from 1995 to current. This is a permanent archive to
      ensure that these news articles will always be available on the

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      (2) Notes from the webmaster

      Kevin Williams writes: "How to Share Your NDE with the World"

      Two new sections have been added to this web page and they are
      (1) How to create a website and (2) How to advertise it. I am
      continuing to share my secrets on how my website ranks # 1 on the
      internet on the subject of near-death experiences and # 9 on the
      subject of death. I have added links to tutorials, articles,
      software, and online services to help you design, build, maintain,
      and promote your website. I have also added my choices for the best
      webmaster resources, tools, and guides on the internet. Nowadays,
      you don't need any money to have a website or a business on your
      website. You just have to know how to do it.
      [Read more at this link: http://www.near-death.com/experiences/editorial05.html ]

      (3) What's new on near-death.com

      The following are the latest additions to near-death.com website:

      *** The Reincarnation of Paul Gauguin?
      Peter Teekamp had an NDE and has experienced numerous synchronistic
      coincidences connecting him to the famous 19th century artist
      Paul Gauguin. His latest bit of synchronicity was stumbling across
      a sketch that may actually be an authentic Paul Gauguin sketch
      worth millions of dollars. Peter's NDE and past life connections
      to Paul Gauguin are profiled here.

      *** Medieval Otherworld Journeys
      An excerpt from Carol Zaleski's excellent book entitled "Otherworld
      Journeys: Accounts of Near-Death Experiences in Medieval and
      Modern Times" is profiled.

      *** Requests for NDE Participants
      Several new requests have been added for NDErs to participate in
      studies, interviews, television shows, and surveys.

      *** What's New page
      All the recent additions to this website are also listed on the
      What's New page on my website.

      (4) NDE Forum

      These are the latest NDE testimonies submitted by email to me
      at webmaster@.... You can also post your NDE on
      the NDE Forum web page at http://forums.near-death.com

      *** Neil Primrose's NDE
      "I saw a kind of slide show and there were hundreds of faces
      flashing past me of people I knew at school who I hadn't thought
      about for years. I saw images of family and friends and I realized
      I was coming face-to-face with my death."

      *** Barbara Marie's NDE
      "At that point I just started heading toward that light with my
      being -- I don't know how -- and I was surrounded by what I would
      describe as a tunnel. There were like rings of wind, like the funnel
      of a tornado, and it was moving forward. Besides the light, which
      was very bright, there was a prism within it and music unlike any
      that there is on earth. I don't know how to explain it. The music
      was so welcoming and it becomes a part of you."

      *** Heather Sloan's NDE
      "I found myself lifted out of my body standing beside the bed,
      looking down on what I eventually realized was myself. My spirit was
      attached to my body by a thin wisp of cord which looked like it
      could break apart at any time. I was encouraged not to keep looking
      back but to move on towards the light."

      *** Carrie Sandberg's NDE
      "The very instant I came to the conclusion I wanted to be home with
      them, I was there in the room with them. I saw everything they did
      and heard everything they said. Then I tried to make myself known
      to them so as to assure them that I was not really "dead" but they
      didn't know I was even there. They were talking about me coming
      home for lunch, etc. They had no knowledge about me being drowned
      at all."

      *** Search the NDE Forum archives at:
      http://www.near-death.com/forum.html and

      (5) Coming attractions

      The following articles are coming soon in the next newsletter
      and/or following editions:

      *** Q and A with Dr. PMH Atwater
      PMH Atwater will answer questions submitted to her from
      subscribers to this newsletter.

      *** NDE Book Reviews
      Coming soon to my website is a section devoted solely to book reviews
      of NDE and NDE-related books. My goal is to have reviews of every
      book on these topics that was ever published.

      *** More NDE Research Conclusions
      The following research conclusions topics are coming soon:
      Soul & Spirit, Told not ready, Spirit guides, Telepathy, Homecoming,
      Animals, Art, and Angels.

      (6) Odds and ends

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