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Near-Death Newsletter, Vol. 1, No.6

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  • Kevin Williams
    ========================================================== Near-Death Newsletter Vol. 1, No. 6 June 01, 2002
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      Near-Death Newsletter Vol. 1, No. 6 June 01, 2002

      The Near-Death Newsletter is a free opt-in newsletter from
      the near-death.com website concerning near-death experiences.
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      If you have something of interest to contribute to this newsletter
      pertaining to NDEs, just send it to: webmaster@...

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      An online version of this newsletter can be found at this webpage:
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      In this issue

      * NDEs in the news
      * The Forum
      * What's new
      * NDE spotlight
      * From the webmaster
      * Upcoming events
      * New NDE tv listings
      * New NDE books
      * New NDE web links
      * Odds and ends
      * Subscribe instructions

      NDEs in the News

      *** Scientists describe how time is changed during an NDE

      *** Seeing the light - a nurse discusses NDEs

      *** Encyclopedia of psychology discusses NDEs

      *** Supporting your patient after an NDE

      *** How many of your patients have returned from the dead?

      *** In search of the soul

      *** The CSICOP philosopher discusses NDEs

      *** The language of life and death - Studs Terkel

      *** Into the Mystic - scientists discuss consciousness
      (cost involved for this article)

      *** Study proves the soul exists

      The Forum

      *** Patty - a deaf woman's NDE

      *** Jerry Abston's NDE - suicide and back

      *** Karen Brannon - her NDE and article

      *** Post your NDE on the bulletin board

      What's new

      *** Major changes or additions to the near-death.com website:

      (Due to a death in the family and serious health problems, I have been
      unable to
      make any additions to the website last month).

      NDE spotlight

      *** An analogy of NDEs using the country of France

      QUESTION: What have you to gain by producing this website
      of yours?

      KEVIN'S REPLY: Many people have never been to France. By having
      personal experiences by people who have been to France, one can
      give people who have never been to France and idea of how
      wonderful France is. It is the same with the near-death
      experience. Most people have never had one, including myself.
      I absolutely love reading about these experiences, much as
      one would about France, and I want to share these experiences
      with other people. I gain a tremendous amount of satisfaction
      from the flood of email from visitors who tell me how much
      my website has helped them or has interested them. This
      information has helped me tremendously myself.

      QUESTION: What knowledge will other NDErs acquire by visiting?

      KEVIN'S REPLY: Everyone has a different experience, much like
      no two people have the same experience of France. Most people
      who have had an NDE desire to return to the light. By reading
      other people's experiences, they can experience the light again
      from a unique perspective. They may also better understand
      their own experience by reading the experiences of others.

      QUESTION: If they've already done it, why read others'
      experiences? Wouldn't that only cheapen their own experience?
      Make it less novel and unique?

      People who have been to France and who have fallen in love
      with the country often enjoy reading as much as they can about
      France, including other people's experience there. It is no
      different with the near-death experience. The problem is
      that people can generally travel to France at will. It is
      not the same with a near-death experience. By reading other
      people's experiences, one can gain a better understanding of
      their own experience. Reading other people's experience of
      France does not cheapen or make less novel their own experience
      of France, in general.

      QUESTION: Isn't the whole point of having a NDE to be
      different? To be unique? If others share your experience,
      well........as stated above.

      KEVIN'S REPLY: Every NDE is unique and different, just like
      everyone has a unique perspective and everyone who has been
      to France has a different and unique experience. People who
      have been to France and have fallen in love with the country
      often want to tell everyone about their experience. Because
      every perspective is unique, every experience is unique.
      Police detectives know that when interviewing witnesses to a
      crime or an accident, they will often get different accounts
      of the same event. By examining all the accounts, one
      can get a better understanding of what actually happened.
      In the same way, by examining as many near-death experiences
      as one can, a better understanding of what happens immediately
      after death emerges. Granted, each experience is unique and
      each perspective is unique, but this is what makes examining
      many experiences worth while.

      From the webmaster

      *** COMMENT: I just read the testimony of Howard Storm who says
      that all religions are OK. But Dr. Richard Eby says what the B
      ible says (the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ and
      that the other religions are of the devil).

      REPLY: Dr. Eby is also quoted as saying that most people go to
      hell because of rock music. Dr. Eby also said that Jesus will
      return before he dies. Well, Dr. Eby is in his 90's and in
      extremely failing health. As for Howard Storm, he was told by
      Jesus that the Bible is true but has to be read in a spiritual
      way. See this page: http://www.near-death.com/experiences/storm5.html
      If all religions except Christianity is of the devil, then
      this means Judaism is of the devil. Since Jesus is the King of
      Jews, then this would mean Jesus is King of the devils. See
      how idiotic this is? Even common sense will tell you that Jesus
      does not throw Buddhist, Hindu or Jewish children into hell.
      Jesus didn't come to preach a new religion, Jesus preached
      unconditional love. This is the same love found in near-death
      experiences. Jesus said love is the way to eternal life
      (Luke 10:25-28).

      COMMENT: So we know that either Howard or Richard was fooled.

      REPLY: Yes, I am more apt to believe Dr. Eby was fooled by his
      own religious bias. At the time of Howard's NDE, he had no
      religious bias except that he thought all religion was bull.
      Eby was a fundamentalist Christian at the time of his NDE. It
      is very common for fundamentalists to have a strong religious
      interpretation of their NDEs. Reality is in the eye of the

      COMMENT: So the big question is, why do you knowingly publish
      contradictory material that promotes this one world religion
      mindset. Your just adding to the confusion.

      REPLY: Nobody has exactly the same NDE, in the same way
      nobody on earth has exactly the same experience in life.
      Experiences, whether on earth or in the afterlife, are
      dynamic - not static. NDEs may appear contradictory because
      people experiences are different from each other and
      therefore contradictory.
      I am very close to removing Dr. Eby's NDE from my website
      because of the strange claims he has made which are obviously
      not true. However, I do not claim that people who have these
      experiences are perfect. It is just that some people
      interpret their experience in light of their religious bias.
      Some people embellish their NDEs. It is my opinion that Eby
      has done just this in order to further his own religious

      COMMENT: Do you yourself believe what the Bible says about
      Jesus being the only way or do you think the Bible is full
      of lies?

      REPLY: There are serious problems with maintaining a belief
      that the Bible is error-free, without contradictions and/or
      that it is the infallible words of God. I have a list of
      most of the errors, contradictions and absurdities here:
      I believe Jesus said he is the way to heaven, that is,
      he shows people the way to heaven. Jesus is the way-shower.
      The way to heaven is love. God is love. Therefore, love is
      God. Jesus said love is the way to eternal life
      (Luke 10:25-28). Everyone who loves is born again and knows
      God (1 John 4:7-8). If we live in love, God lives in us
      (1 John 4:16).
      It is love, not religious dogma, that creates spiritual
      growth. Religions are cultural institutions only, but love
      is Universal because love is God. God cares only about your
      HEART, not your religious affiliation. If we have love,
      the Kingdom of heaven is within us. If we have no Love, we
      are already living in hell. Knowing love is absolute heaven.
      Having no love is absolute hell. Love is where we came from.
      Love is where we return. Love is why we are all here. Love
      is what life is all! Love conquers all. Love makes the world
      go around. Love powers the universe and every heart in it.
      Love and knowledge are the only things we can really take
      with us at death. Love draws people to God. Love, being God,
      is too immense and profound to be fully understood in this
      physical world. Love is the common denominator of all
      religions. Everything else is just debating how many angels
      can dance on the head of a pin. Love is what the gospel
      is about. Love is what Jesus was all about. Love is the

      Upcoming events

      *** June 5, 2002 - IANDS panel discussion
      "What NDEs teach us about living" from 7-9 p.m. at Methodist
      Church Fellowship Hall, 434 Lewis Street, sponsored by Pagosa
      Health Partners.

      *** June 6, 2002 - IANDS Board Open House
      The IANDS Board will host an open house at Pam Kircher's house in
      Pagosa Springs, Colorado on June 6, 2002 from 7-9 p.m. Coffee
      and dessert will be served. Her house is at 11000 County Road 500
      (AKA Trujillo Road.) If you will be attending, please rsvp to

      *** January 8-10, 2003 - IANDS North American Conference
      "Healing and the NDE" - Sheraton Waikiki Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii
      Our aim is to reach out to health-care professionals of all types:
      doctors; nurses; psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental
      health counselors; hospice workers; energy healers, etc.

      New NDE tv listings

      *** June 2 - Beyond Death - A&E Channel
      Life after death is the topic of this involving 2000 documentary,
      which takes its controversial subject seriously.

      *** June 7 and 8 - Between Life and Death - Discovery Channel
      Near-death experiences are described and analyzed by people who
      claim to have experienced them and by researchers. Included:
      physiological studies of the brain as it dies; spiritual aspects
      of death.

      *** Search cable listings for "death" or "near-death"

      New NDE books

      *** Projectiology: An overview on out-of-body experiences
      by Waldo Vieira, M.D.
      Hardcover - (2002) 1232 pages
      3rd ICPC

      *** God at the Speed of Light
      by T. Lee Baumann, PhD.
      Paperback - (February 2002) 178 pages
      A.R.E. Press; ISBN: 0876044399

      *** The Book is Open
      by Roma Dehr and David Cornberg
      Paperback - (February 2002) 157 pages
      AMC Media; ISBN: 9577446728

      *** What Happens When We Die (74 min. audio cassette)
      The Institute for Afterlife Studies

      New NDE web links

      *** Journal of Near-Death Studies

      *** Division of Personality Studies

      *** Dream Lucidity and the NDE

      *** On Death and Dying and NDEs

      *** Early Mormon visions and NDEs

      *** Experiences of previously unconscious patients

      *** Death and Back: NDEs

      *** NDEs and OBEs in a Melanesian Society

      *** The Afterlife Experiments

      *** What are NDEs and are they some kind of OBEs?

      *** Near-Death Experience

      *** Light Stream Streaming News (streaming audio)

      Odds and ends

      Please feel free to share this newsletter with others you think might
      benefit from this information concerning near-death experiences.
      Thanks for reading!

      If you would like to contribute some information to an upcoming
      Near-Death Newsletter, email it to Kevin Williams at his email
      address below.

      Kevin Williams

      For past issues of the newsletter please visit:

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      2002 Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife

      Kevin Williams
      Webmaster, Near-Death Experiences & the Afterlife
      Author, Nothing Better Than Death
      "Pure logical thinking cannot yield us any knowledge of the
      empirical world. All knowledge of reality starts from experience
      and ends in it." - Albert Einstein
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