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Near-Death Newsletter - May 1, 2004

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    From an endless dream we have come. In an endless dream we are living. To an endless dream we shall return. - Kushi
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      "From an endless dream we have come.
      In an endless dream we are living.
      To an endless dream we shall return." - Kushi

      ===========================================================================================================================Near-Death Newsletter May 1, 2004
      www.near-death.com Vol. 03, No. 05, Ed. 01
      The Near-Death Newsletter is a free semi-monthly newsletter
      which is emailed to subscribers every 1st of the month and every
      15th of the month. The mission of this newsletter is to inform,
      enlighten, entertain, and aid the public in understanding the
      latest in all things concerning the NDE and related phenomena
      by promoting the International Association for Near-Death
      Studies (IANDS), NDE researchers, experiencers, multimedia
      resources, and events.

      [Disclaimer: This newsletter is not affiliated with IANDS; but is
      dedicated to the IANDS mission.]

      Visit IANDS website at http://www.iands.org and join the
      premier organization for NDE research.

      Visit the NDE Online Store to find NDE multimedia products such
      as NDE books, documentaries, movies, music, magazines, & journals.

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      ===========================================================================================================================Table of Contents
      (1) NDEs in the news
      (2) Notes from the webmaster
      (3) What's new on near-death.com
      (4) Discussion on the NDE
      (5) Q & A with Dr. PMH Atwater
      (6) Books on the NDE
      (7) Websites on the NDE
      (8) Support the search for the afterlife
      (8) Odds and ends

      ===========================================================================================================================(1) NDEs in the news
      *** Is There Life After Death?
      PHILADELPHIA, PA - (NBC Channel 10 News)
      After the 7-year-old girl was resuscitated, she started drawing
      pictures. "What she described to me was not a hallucination.
      It was a blow-by-blow accurate description of her own resuscitation,
      but from a bird's eye point of view," said Dr. Morse.

      *** Between life and death
      LUBBOCK, TX - (University Daily)
      "It wasn't your conventional near-death experience," he said,
      "with the light at the end of the tunnel and the family member
      spirit guide." Smith said the only "conventional" aspect he
      can think of in relation to his experience is the feeling he was
      connected to his body by a kite string."

      *** Following a Bright Light to a Calmer Tomorrow
      SPARTANBURG, SC - (Herald Journal)
      Carlene Huesgen is not afraid of death, she says. Not since she
      felt herself slip from her body, float to a hospital ceiling and move
      toward a bright light three decades ago. "I feel assured that there
      is life after death," said Ms. Huesgen, 61, who lives in Tucson.
      "There really isn't such a thing as dying."

      *** Tales from the other side: Woman shares prophecies
      in near-death society
      LEWISVILLE, TX - (Coppell Gazette)
      "I went out to see what she wanted, and I looked up and the angels
      were pulling the clouds apart," Loter said. "Jesus came out and I
      wanted to see his face, but it was just a light. I said to him, 'I'm
      not ready.' I felt love - so much more than romantically, when you
      fall in love," she said. "In that moment I felt integrated, I became
      a different person. After that...I'm not religious, but I wanted to
      go help people."

      *** Final value of all spirituality is what we are and what we do
      TORONTO, CANADA - (Toronto Star)
      "For example, the would-be debunkers of the near-death experiences
      so familiar to everyone and witnessed to by millions of people
      everywhere of all religions and of none, never cease to amaze me with
      the lengths to which they're prepared to go in their debunking

      *** The long road to justice
      LONDON, UK - (footymad.net)
      Peter passed out and found himself placed where several of the dead
      had been laid by the back wall of the terrace. People around him
      thought he was dead. "I had what is called a near-death experience.
      The last thought I had before passing out was that I was lifting
      myself up above the crowd. I think I was just tilting my head to get
      more air, but I was looking down from the clouds on the crowd below
      and there is a perfect circle of people all closing in on me."

      ===========================================================================================================================(2) Notes from the webmaster
      Kevin Williams writes: "The NDE of Mary Magdalene"

      The popularity of the book "The Da Vinci Code" led me to create
      this profile of Mary Magdalene. The Church has given her the title
      of "the apostle to the apostles" because of her status as the first
      disciple to see the risen Christ. The controversy concerns evidence
      which reveals her to be "the disciple whom Jesus loved", the true
      author of the Gospel of John, and the wife of Jesus Christ. I also
      document the NDE attributed to her in a little known document
      associated with the early Christians described in the ancient texts
      discovered in 1945. [Read more at the link below]

      Peace and Light,
      Kevin Williams

      ===========================================================================================================================(3) What's new on near-death.com
      The following are the latest additions to near-death.com:

      *** Archive of Near-Death Experiences in the News
      All the major news articles concerning the NDE from 1995 to current
      are archived here.

      *** The NDE and the Out-of-Body Experience
      Three of the most exceptional out-of-body experiences from three
      NDEs are profiled. Veridical out-of-body examples are provided as
      well as evidence of consciousness expansion outside of the body.

      *** Real events are witnessed far away from their body
      Dr. Raymond Moody's veridical (verified) near-death experiences
      from his book "Life After Life" is profiled. This web page is part of
      the NDE evidence for the existence of a transcendental consciousness
      and survival of consciousness after death.

      *** What's New page
      All the recent additions to this website are also listed on the
      "What's New" page on my website.

      ===========================================================================================================================(4) Articles on the NDE
      *** Grieving from the loss of a loved one
      This is an article I wrote for a national non-profit grief
      organization. I discuss the evidence for life after death; what is it
      like to die; what experiencers say about God, heaven, and religion;
      how a person can contact their loved one on the Other Side through
      dreams, prayer, meditation, after-death communications, and a
      psychic; how a person can best cope with grief and loss.

      *** Search NDE Articles archive

      ===========================================================================================================================(5) Q and A with Dr. P.M.H. Atwater
      An in-depth look at the near-death phenomenon
      In this section of the newsletter, PMH Atwater will answer a
      question submitted to her from subscribers to this newsletter. If
      you have a question that you would like her to answer for this
      column, just email your question to me at:
      webmaster@... for consideration. 

      P.M.H. Atwater's latest books are:

      "The New Children and Near-Death Experiences"

      "We Live Forever: The Real Truth About Death"

      Question: "Please take a look at these atheism pages -
      www.ebonmusings.org/atheism/ghost. Here, Adam describes the
      amazing story of how your personality can dramatically alter after
      a certain brain disease or terrible accident. He even uses this fact
      as evidence that God does not exist. But as I disagree with him,
      I'll not go into detail but I haveanother question.

      "As you explained a few months ago in the near-death newsletter,
      we can talk about our spirit, soul, and mind. Spirit == divine life
      energy, our 'life fuel.' Soul == our personality, or just the pure
      core of ourself? If it is just the pure core of our being, it means
      that we are all the same, and after death, we don't have our
      personality and character anymore. We will be just identical balls,
      clones of the same divine energy.

      "This is the conclusion I draw, reading the amazing and true story
      from the website of ebonmusings. Until today, I can be a loving
      husband and a social, intelligent business man. Tomorrow I can be
      a nervous, disoriented and more violent man who doesn't care about
      his wife anymore. This is absolutely stunning, a scary and
      embarassing idea that this can happen any time!

      "I understand that after brain damage, the interface between soul and
      behavior is disturbed. But you also can say, if I would have a much
      bigger, more perfect brain, I would have been much more clever and
      with more abilities.

      "So, who are you and who am I really? Thanks for answering." - Arjan

      Answer: "You've asked a big question, one that no one can really
      answer in an evidential way except to present data and discoveries
      that suggest that there is more to us than our body and our
      personality. Nonetheless, I will try.

      "Millions of near-death experiencers, testimony from deathbeds,
      children who remember past lives, and from various other sources
      - all of this - and it is an impressive collection of voices - says
      that we are not our bodies nor are we our personalities. We are
      divine beings, a soul, currently resident in human form to learn and
      grow, help others, and make the world a better place for our being
      here. We can check the verdical reports from these people, what they
      saw in the out-of-body component of their experience, what they
      were told from beings on the other side of death's curtain that
      turned out to be accurate (information they could not possibly have
      known before), but we cannot check nor verify their philosophical
      statements, at least not with our mind. Only our heart can do that ...
      [Read more here: http://www.near-death.com/newsletters/atwater/ ]

      P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D.
      Marketplace (a public service):

      ===========================================================================================================================(6) Books on the NDE
      *** The NDE Online Store includes NDE books, videos, movies,
      documentaries, magazines, and other media.

      *** Life Between Lives: Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression
      by Michael Newton - Over many years, Dr. Newton developed his
      own intensive age regression techniques in order to effectively take
      hypnosis subjects beyond their past life memories to a more
      meaningful soul experience between lives. With his blockbuster
      books "Journey of Souls" and "Destiny of Souls," Newton is considered
      to be a pioneer in uncovering the mysteries about life after death
      through the use of spiritual hypnotic regression. In this long awaited
      follow-up book, Newton now trains other advanced hypnotherapists
      in his techniques which gave him the international reputation for
      being the regressionist who has mapped out much of our life in heaven
      between reincarnations.

      *** Experiencing the Next World Now - by Michael Grosso
      From the scientific underground of psychic research comes a stunning
      report on the evidence for life after death. But all the proof in the
      world is nothing when compared to actual experience with the place
      beyond. This book takes the reader to the next level -- and offers a
      more personal kind of journey. If there is a "next world," it must be
      nearby, and the path leads through the gateways of our own minds.
      Philosopher Michael Grosso shows us how to open these passages -- or
      at least peek through a keyhole -- and glimpse what may lie beyond.
      This is the guidebook for an adventure that nobody can refuse.

      *** If Morning Never Comes - by Bill Vandenbush
      This is the powerful story of Bill VandenBush's NDE during combat
      in Vietnam and how it affected his life. A tragedy of war nearly
      destroyed his life, but a spiritual force intervened and guided him
      on an incredible lifelong journey. Learn how the Spirit taught him to
      overcome overwhelming odds and find his purpose in life. Bill shares
      the insights and lessons learned from his excursion into a dimension
      of enlightenment, and his return form the hell of combat.

      *** Beyond Death: Empirical Evidence of the Human Soul
      by Timothy Owe - In the wake of the revolution of quantum physics,
      an increasing number of scientists have acknowledged the very real
      possibility of the existence of spirit or soul. Beyond Death sets out
      to prove the existence of spirit and its survival after death. Mind-
      matter interaction, research into healing and remote viewing,
      consciousness at the cellular level, near-death experiences and
      biological evidence of reincarnation are among the many perspectives
      from which this crucial subject is explored.

      *** A Christian Book of the Dead: Accompanying Their Journey
      After Death - by Margarete Van Den Brink, Hans Stolp, Margarete
      Den Brink - What happens when you die? If there is life beyond
      death, what paths open up? And how do the living stay connected
      with their loved ones? While many people have near-death experiences
      of the world of Light, others recount stories of their profound
      encounters with deceased friends and family. The authors draw on
      personal experiences to describe the seven steps on the way into the
      world of Light.

      ===========================================================================================================================(7) Websites on the NDE
      IANDS is the premier research organization in the field of
      near-death studies. If you haven't yet joined this wonderful
      organization, I encourage you to join online at their membership
      page. There are many benefits for being a member. Their quarterly
      newsletter Vital Signs is alone worth becoming a member.

      Home page: http://www.iands.org
      Join IANDS: https://www.iands.org/joincard.html

      JUNE 24 - 26, 2004 - IANDS Annual Conference
      Evanston, IL (near Chicago) at the Best Western
      Check out the IANDS Conference information page.

      *** Pam Kircher's website
      Pam is a family physician and hospice doctor, an expert on NDEs,
      a near-death experiencer, and the author of the book "Love is the
      Link: A Hospice Doctor Shares her Experience of Near-death and Dying."
      Her website has articles on the NDE, hospice and end-of-life issues.

      *** Spiritual Pre-Existence: The Pre-Birth Experience
      This website provides information regarding pre-birth experiences
      such as pre-birth memories and pre-birth communication. The website
      also contains cases of near-death experiences, after-death
      communication, reincarnation, and other similar phenomenon, but it is
      the main purpose of the website to study specifically the soul's
      existence and spiritual life before physical birth.

      *** Death is an illusion
      This website provides evidence for survival as well as information
      about the philosophy and work of the Danish 20th century intuitive
      and mystic Martinus. Dr. Ken Ring had this to say about the
      man: "Martinus' work as a whole offers readers a complete "world
      picture" that accurately forecast the development of the kind of
      spiritual science that has lately come into being. As such, his so-
      called "Third Testament" may prove to be the definite spiritual
      vision of our age."

      *** Near-Death Dialogues
      The webmaster of this site is a near-death experiencer who has some
      very interesting information on the NDE on his website. This comment
      on his site stood out to me: "I've never been completely satisfied
      with the term Near Death Experience. It's always felt like being a
      "little bit pregnant" and it seems to me one either is or isn't…just
      abouts don't count." I couldn't agree more.

      *** If you know of any new NDE website or web article you would
      like to see profiled, email to me the address of the website at:

      ===========================================================================================================================(8) Support the search for the afterlife
      *** How can your usual online shopping raise funds for near-death
      research without any extra cost to you? By joining the free charity
      website called iGive.com. Then whenever you shop online and
      make a purchase at eBay, Barnes & Noble, Land's End, Florist.com,
      Amazon.com or over 500 other participating websites, iGive.com has
      arranged to automatically direct up to 27% of the purchase price
      near-death research (IANDS) as a contribution. Become a part of
      the family of people who are working to bring proof of life after
      death to this world! Just click on the link for more info.

      ===========================================================================================================================(9) Odds and Ends
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      ===========================================================================================================================Copyright (c) 2004 Near-Death Experiences & the Afterlife
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