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Near-Death Newsletter - March 1, 2004

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  • Kevin Williams
    When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. - ancient saying ======================================= Near-Death Newsletter
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2004
      "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
      - ancient saying
      Near-Death Newsletter March 1, 2004
      www.near-death.com Vol. 03, No. 03, Edition

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      in all things concerning the NDE and related phenomena
      by promoting the International Association for
      Near-Death Studies (IANDS), NDE researchers,
      experiencers, multimedia resources, and events.
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      Table of Contents

      (1) NDEs in the news
      (2) Notes from the webmaster
      (3) What's new on near-death.com
      (4) Discussion on the NDE
      (5) Q & A with Dr. PMH Atwater
      (6) Television on the NDE
      (7) Books on the NDE
      (8) Websites on the NDE
      (9) Odds and ends

      (1) NDEs in the news

      *** Two Former IANDS Board Members Return to the Light.

      *** Barbara Rommer, NDE Research, Dies
      FT LAUDERDALE, FL - (Sun Sentinel)
      PMH Atwater eulogizes Barbara:
      "Barbara had the ability to light up a room just with her
      presence. No, she was not a near-death experiencer
      herself, yet evidenced all the signs of someone who
      had been transformed by the healing power of love..."
      Eulogy to Barbara: http://www.near-death.com/news.html
      Barbara's obituary:

      *** Joanne Marnie, Former IANDS Board Member Dies
      RANCHO CORDOVA, CA - (Near-Death Newsletter)
      PMH Atwater eulogizes Joanne:
      "She was gifted with the ability to facilitate healings after
      her near-death experience. Yet, she knew in her heart
      this was not enough, that she must refine and develop
      the gifts she was given. This she did. As a result, her healing
      abilities skyrocketed and she became well-known.
      Eulogy to Joanne: http://www.near-death.com/news.html

      *** Divine Light? A New Book Seeks God in the Details
      of Quantum Physics
      BIRMINGHAM, AL - (al.com City Magazine)
      Dr. T. Lee Baumann states, "Light has been proven
      to be omnipresent, which means it's everywhere in
      the universe at once. And as an entity for which time
      doesn't exist, light is omniscient because it's aware
      of everything in past, present and future. For the third
      part, light's omnipotence, I have to take physicists
      at their word because it's a very complex concept.
      But basically, when scientists try to measure the
      energy levels of electrons or atoms, they come up
      with infinities, which makes the equation meaningless."

      *** Professor Sees Light at End of Death's Tunnel
      TUCSON, AZ - (Arizona Daily Wildcat) (Feb. 23, 2004)
      Dr. Gary Schwartz states, "When you look at the totality
      of the data, the simplest and most parsimonious
      explanation that accounts for the largest amount of
      data is the survival of consciousness hypothesis."

      (2) Notes from the webmaster

      Kevin Williams writes:

      "Everything I Learned About The World I Learned From
      The Movie "The Planet of the Apes""

      After I saw this movie, it made me imagine what it would
      be like if evolution were true (I didn't know that evolution
      was true at that time) but more than anything it made
      me realize how fragile this world appears to be and how
      the wars over religion and material things could easily
      destroy this planet. And the threat comes not only from
      this planet, but from outer space. Just two months ago,
      there was a "nine-hour crisis" where astronomers were
      very concerned that a devastating asteroid was about
      to hit the planet within 36 hours. And the odds of Earth
      actually being hit by an asteroid of the kind that killed
      off the dinosaurs is ... [read more at the link below]

      (3) What's new on near-death.com

      The following are the latest additions to near-death.com:

      *** NDE News page make-over
      Instead of a simple links page of recent NDE news, I
      re-vamped the entire NDE New page on my website by
      adding the news history of NDE and Consciousness
      studies research as it is leading to proving scientific
      evidence for the survival of consciousness after death.

      *** NDEs of the Rich and Famous added
      I have added the NDE testimony of famous crooner
      Tony Bennett and CSI television show star William
      Petersen of the show CSI. (added 02/26/04)

      *** The NDE and the Future
      I added another vision of the future given to Howard
      Storm which he received during his NDE which I
      wasn't aware of before and am now including. It is a
      very dire vision of America's immediate future which
      will occur before the year 2185 if American doesn't
      change its ways. When I read about the prophecy,
      my heart became very saddened for America because
      it is not a good picture. Just remember that all such
      apocalyptic NDE visions will be following by a new era
      of human enlightenment and the "heaven on earth."
      Howard Storm was told by beings of light that because

      America is the primary merchant of war and culture
      of violence which is exported to the rest of the world.
      This exploitation will come to an end because American
      society has the seeds of its own destruction within
      them. America will either destroy themselves or God
      will bring it to an end if there isn't a change. America
      exploits the rest of the world by greedily consuming
      the world's resources and if this doesn't stop, God's
      blessing upon America will be withdrawn. The American
      economy will collapse and civil chaos will occur.
      People will be killing each other over a cup of gasoline.
      The world will watch in horror as America is obliterated
      by strife. The rest of the world will not intervene because
      they have been victims of American exploitation.

      [Kevin Williams' note: More can be read about this on
      the NDE and Future page. This vision cuts to my heart
      that such a thing is even possible to happen to America.
      I only pray that enough of my fellow Americans will
      seek to change the way America exploits the world for
      profit, and help change our country away from a culture
      of violence, and prevent this prophecy from happening.]

      *** What's New page
      All the recent additions to this website are also listed
      on the "What's New" page on my website.

      (4) Articles on the NDE

      A Critique of Mary Baxter's Hellish NDE and Her Book
      "A Divine Revelation of Hell"
      I received an email concerning a reported NDE by
      Mary Baxter which she describes in her book "A Divine
      Revelation of Hell" where she describes being given a
      tour of hell by Jesus. The person who emailed me this
      information was concerned about my statements that
      there is no "real" Biblical, historical, or NDE evidence
      for the existence of a being known as "Satan." He
      claimed that Mary Baxter's NDE had a reference to Satan
      and that I should check it out. I was being witnessed to
      through email to attempt to get me to accept Satan
      as my personal tormentor. So I researched Mary Baxter's
      NDE and had a very interesting email debate about this topic.
      Read more about it here:

      *** Search NDE Articles Archive

      (5) Q and A with Dr. P.M.H. Atwater
      An in-depth look at the near-death phenomenon

      In this section of the newsletter, PMH Atwater will
      answer a question submitted to her from subscribers
      to this newsletter. If you have a question that you
      would like her to answer for this column, just email
      your question to me at webmaster@...
      for consideration.

      P.M.H. Atwater's latest book is entitled:
      "The New Children and Near-Death Experiences"
      and you can purchase a copy online at Amazon:

      In the Summer of 2004, PMH's book entitled:
      "The Real Truth About Death" is scheduled for release.
      Reserve copies can be ordered at Amazon as well:

      QUESTION: "Whether you have the time to reply to
      this I have no idea, but it's worth a go. I live in Dunedin,
      New Zealand. This year my daughter Krysha Helen
      Hansen was killed whilst water skiing on the Waikato
      River near Auckland. She hit a log and died within seconds.
      My daughter was a born again Christian; devout to an
      extreme in her religion. I am not of that faith, having been
      to India four times and am a disciple of a 'perfect living master.'

      "I am concerned about my daughter's spiritual state -
      Krysha enjoyed an especially happy marriage, three
      children. There was absolutely nothing in her life that
      would make her want to leave it. A very happy person,
      vibrant and bubbly. I have no belief in Jesus but do
      understand, in a sense, that we go to where our mind is
      focused. She would be shocked at leaving her husband
      and young children, and I believe she would be in a
      confused, shocked, and surprised state; looking
      hopelessly for her family, not finding them, and wondering
      what on earth is going on.

      "If you can find the time, Dr. Atwater, to send your
      opinion on such a meaningless death, would be more
      than appreciated. For myself, I blame the driver of the
      boat and see the whole event as an avoidable accident
      and not pre-destined in any way. What is your opinion
      of accidents versus destiny? I send you love." ....Isha

      PMH Atwater's answer: "Goodness, you ask a question
      that has been asked for thousands of years by millions
      of people, who receive just as many answers from just
      as many others. Since you narrowed the field to "my
      opinion," I'll respond.

      "Near-death research is replete with stories and
      observations that address this head-on: Why would a
      nine-day baby have a hellish experience? Why would a
      female toddler suffer a terrible rape at the hands of her
      father, die, then revive, only to endure having to live with
      her murderer until she reached adulthood? Why would
      two brothers drown while swimming in a river - yet only
      one revive? Why would an accident wipe out an entire
      family, except for one small child?

      "We all ask why. Life does not seem fair to us, or even
      rational. God seems not to hear our pleas yet another's
      prayers are answered and miracles occur. Why for them
      and not us? Does God even exist? Are our lives little
      more than happenstance - fated - or do we have a destiny,
      a purpose?

      "I have said many times that with child experiencers of
      near-death states, reasons for the child's death and later
      revival may not always be what we might expect. A
      child's experience, although important for the child once
      mature, seems rather to happen, at least initially, more
      for benefit of the child's parents, caregivers, relatives, or
      friends than for the child. I have observed this with adult
      experiencers, as well. I saw the same thing during all
      those years I was researching fatal accidents - why some
      lived and others died. Let me share a few paragraphs from
      the book that will come out April 2004 (A.R.E. Press)
      about this very thing:

      "During the days when my former husband John and I
      leased 160 acres near Filer, Idaho, there were many
      farm tragedies. We were privy to all of them. This situation
      intensified once he became a crop-duster pilot. He
      specialized in flying night jobs barely inches above the
      soil of tree-lined farm fields. A number of gruesome and
      horrible accidents snuffed out innocent lives. We both
      stared death in the face at moments of personal risk
      because of auto accidents and serious illness, so did
      our loved ones and each of our three children. This kind
      of thing happened so often that for a time I used to set
      a place for 'death' at the kitchen table, replete with dishes
      and chair, so our children wouldn't be frightened of our
      family's familiar consort.

      "Among what caught my attention then was the
      incredible number of people who, far from having a
      brief hunch or scary feeling, actually exhibited
      pre-knowledge of their coming death. Conversations
      my husband and I had with survivors and next of kin
      revealed intriguing stories about how the deceased
      must have known what was coming because of the
      way he or she behaved before the tragedy occurred,
      shifting routines about three to six months before his
      or her death.

      "After a while, I noticed that these changes centered
      around a need to wrap up business and personal
      affairs as if there existed some unspoken reason for
      expediency. Insurance policies took on importance,
      as did the need to visit loved ones and to be more
      intimate or philosophical than usual. One last 'fling'
      was often enjoyed before the individual relaxed and
      was at peace. Just before the death event, the victim
      seemed to 'glow' as if something important were about
      to happen; something the individual had prepared for."

      "You can find an article that goes more in-depth about
      this and gives the full pattern of how people tend to
      behave before they die on my website.

      "A mistake most people make in trying to make sense
      of life and death issues, is - we view the occurrence
      from the point of view of our personality, which is
      wrapped up in the here and now, things eternal to us.
      We miss the soul's point of view, which is internal to
      us, the larger picture.

      "Here is another quote, from the chapter called "The
      Thought Which Stirred," in my book Future Memory.
      This particular quote comes from that section where
      I attempt to convey in words what was revealed to me
      during my third near-death experience:

      "'Fate' is a term used to describe those specific
      and planned events encountered during specific
      and planned cycles of the soul. These seem fixed
      in the cycles because of choices made previously
      by the soul, and they usually remain as planned until
      met (fulfilled) or completed to whatever extent. But
      that which seems fixed still carries within it an open
      range of responsive choices. Variations of response
      can alter events or change entire scenarios. This is
      because choice is inviolate. As the soul has free will,
      so, too, does any embodiment (personality). And with
      that freedom of choice, the embodiment can choose
      to cooperate with or deny its soul, oppose or deviate
      from any plan its soul has made. Life experiences
      tend to run smoother or at least be more effective
      and satisfying if the life-form cooperates with its soul
      and accepts the plan of the cycle. The choice factor,
      however, is layered with possibilities and is not
      restricted to any particular result or concept of
      sequential timing."

      "Really, anyone who wishes to tackle the weightier
      issues of life should read Future Memory. Be advised,
      though, that it is a labyrinth, not a regular book, per se.
      You must read it as you would walk through a site
      labyrinth - follow the path, no skipping around (or the
      book will not make sense to you).

      "You might examine your daughter's life for the six
      months before she died to see if she left any clues that
      imply she might have "known" what was about to
      happen to her. You may be surprised with what you
      find. Life has taught me that we all know when we are
      going to die; some know subconsciously, others with
      full awareness ... but somehow, someway, we know.

      "Can there be real accidents? Can soul plans change
      suddenly? Can there be interference or intervention?
      Yes, I believe so. Yet even that tends to serve a purpose
      sooner or later.

      "I cannot say that your daughter's untimely death was
      fated or destined. But I can say that there is more to
      life and death than what any religion or "perfect master"
      teaches us. Do not judge the impact of your daughter's
      death solely on the basis of how it appeared or what
      you or anyone else might think. Embrace possibility,
      and allow love to heal your grief and kiss your soul.

      Blessings to all, P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D.

      Marketplace (a public service):

      (6) Television on the NDE

      *** John Edward's TV program "Crossing Over" was cancelled.
      It is unfortunate that Crossing Over ultimately lost out in
      the ratings game, especially when there is such a hard-core
      group of viewers who are dedicated fans of his. But I am
      sure we have not heard the last of John Edward. Visit his
      website but you will not find that it has been updated yet.

      *** Check out my remodeled NDE TV web page.
      I hope to expand this web page even further soon.

      *** I did an internet search for NDE documentaries and
      movies and came up with these:

      (1) "Flatliners" (Drama)
      The movie about medical students secretly inducing
      their own NDEs but not being about to handle the
      after-effects. Although this movie is well done, I was
      disappointed that it only focused on hellish NDEs.
      Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts, Kevin Bacon.

      (2) "Dragonfly" (Drama)
      Kevin Costner plays Dr. Joe Darrow, an ER physician who's
      married to a pediatrician named Emily (Susanna Thompson).
      While on a Red Cross mission in Venezuela, Emily is killed
      in a bus crash. Six months later, Joe sees dragonflies - Emily's
      good luck "totem" - everywhere and begins to wonder if his
      wife is trying to contact him from the Other Side. He also
      encounters young cancer patients who have had near-death
      experiences and claim to have messages from Emily. Is his
      wife really trying to reach him, or is he simply consumed
      with unresolved grief? I recommend this movie because of
      the many references to NDEs and the actual NDE scenes
      they have in the movie.

      (3) "Defending Your Life" (Drama)
      Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep find love in an afterlife
      way station where fates are determined. This movie
      is based around Brook's life review in heaven which is
      done extremely well in dealing with the life review as
      self-evaluation. This movie is actually almost a tear-jerker
      and very funny. Well worth seeing if you haven't seen it
      already. Two thumbs very enthusiastically up!

      (4) "CSI: Crime Scene Investigations" (TV show)
      In case your a fan of this show, I recently added Michael
      Petersen's NDE on my NDEs of the Rich and Famous.

      (5) "Penn & Teller: Bull! Ouija Boards; Near-Death Experiences"
      The skeptical magicians (why are they all magicians instead
      of brain surgens?) get their sleight of hands-on experience
      dealing with Ouija boards, and kill time discussing
      near-death experiences. It is always good to hear the skeptics
      opinion to understand your own position better. I am sure
      we will not hear about brain surgery or anything too in
      depth here. Check your TV listings for the time nearest you.

      (7) Books on the NDE

      *** The NDE Online Store includes NDE books, videos,
      documentaries, movies, magazines, and other media.

      *** "Life Between Lives: Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression"
      by Dr. Michael Newton (Release: May 2004)
      Dr. Newton's next books is soon to be released!
      Newton is world-famous for his spiritual regression techniques
      which take hypnotic subjects back into the past when they were
      lived in heaven in between Earth lives. His two best-selling books,
      Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, have left thousands of
      readers eager to discover their own afterlife adventures, their
      soul companions and guides, and their purpose in this lifetime.
      Now, for the first time in print, Dr. Newton reveals his step-by-step
      methods. His experiential approach to the spiritual realms
      sheds light on the age-old questions of who we are, where we
      came from, and why we are here. This groundbreaking guidebook,
      designed for both hypnosis professionals and the general public,
      completes the afterlife trilogy by Dr. Newton. And it is remarkable
      how well his research compliments NDE research. I get more
      email from people wanting to know about Dr. Newton. So now
      your wait will soon last no more! Also visit his website
      which I recently discovered at: http://www.lifebetweenlife.com/
      For many years I have been trying to find his website or contact
      him. Judging my the name of the above internet address, I
      believe that Dr. Newton probably has the rights to that website

      *** "We Live Forever: The Real Truth About Death"
      by Dr. PMH Atwater (Available: April 2004)
      Whatever you thought you knew about life and death,
      be prepared for some surprises. This material is based
      on PMH Atwater's 25 years of researching the near-death
      phenomenon with thousands of experiencers, other
      personal stories, plus what she herself witnessed on
      the Inner Planes when she died in 1977.

      *** "Experiencing the Next World Now"
      by Dr. Michael Grosso (Available: Now)
      Grosso covers some of the best cases supporting survival
      of consciousness after death from the vast body of
      paranormal research from a wide variety of anomalies.
      Larry Dossey, M.D. says this about the book: "A daring
      new vision of consciousness is currently taking shape, in
      which the mind transcends the physical brain and body.
      This new picture of the mind holds the promise of survival
      of bodily death - immortality... Dr. Michael Grosso is one of
      the leading architects of this new paradigm, as this book shows."

      *** "The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce: Interdimensional
      Communication and Global Transformation" (Available: Now)
      by Wynn Free, David Wilcock (Contributor)
      This book provides very compelling evidence that Edgar
      Cayce is back and now lives in America as David Wilcock!
      I must say that after examining only a portion of the evidence
      it was very difficult to keep an open mind and not become a
      full-blown believer! Cayce said he would reincarnate in the
      year 1998. Without having examined all the evidence yet,
      I know that this is possible for a number of reasons.

      Cayce stated babies are born with their souls not fully
      "seated" into the body. Through various phases of growth
      toward adulthood, the soul becomes further and further
      manifested within the physical body. Through the endocrine
      glands, the phase from childhood, through puberty, then
      through the teenage years and on through adulthood, by
      the time a person reaches their late twenties or early 30's
      their soul is fully "seated" in the body. And because David
      Wilcock was already an adult in the year 1998, it is still
      possible to make a case that Cayce's soul fully manifested
      in David Wilcox at that time thereby Cayce's reincarnation
      through David Wilcock is possible. And if that theory doesn't
      fly yet and all the evidence still points to David, then there
      is always the so-called "walk-in" phenomenon first described
      by Ruth Montgomery.

      So, I am still evaluating this claim and slowly going
      through this book. Because physical features carry
      over from one life to the next, just by examining the following
      web page of photographs is enough to get you to seriously
      think about the real possibility:

      Here is more info: David Wilcock has the gift of channeling
      that Cayce had. David's parallels to Cayce include not just
      a remarkable physical resemblance, but also astrological
      charts, personality traits, correlations in the development
      and awareness of their psychic abilities, and the apparent
      connections of Wilcock's close friends to Cayce's intimate
      associates. Wilcock also examines Cayce's many predictions
      about global health issues and Earth changes, and gives
      guidance to those who want to understand the significance
      of these changes now taking place. So far, I only see one
      candidate for Cayce's reincarnation since 1998. It is David
      More about Cayce: http://www.near-death.com/cayce.html
      David's website: http://www.ascension2000.com/
      A.R.E. website: http://www.are-cayce.com/
      [Note: The ARE has not endorced David. My understanding
      is that ARE is extremely careful about such claims due to
      the large number of Cayce "reincarnates" or Cayce associate
      "reincarnates" that the ARE has had to deal with for over
      50 years since Cayce's death. You have not heard the last from
      me on this issue, nor do I believe have we heard the last of
      David Wilcox. My advice is to keep an open mind but not so
      open that your brains fall out! 8>)

      *** "The New Children and Near-Death Experiences"
      by Dr. PMH Atwater (Available: Now)
      This book is an expansion of her original book,
      "Children of the New Millennium" and it goes much
      further in examining children's cases; a large and
      detailed Resource Section and Appendices. Included
      in the material is the story of the youngest hellish
      case she has found, that of a nine-day-old infant.

      (8) Websites on the NDE

      IANDS is the premier research organization in the field
      of near-death studies. If you haven't yet joined this
      wonderful organization, I encourage you to join online
      at their membership page. There are many benefits for
      being a member. Their quarterly newsletter Vital Signs
      is alone worth becoming a member.

      Home page: http://www.iands.org
      Join IANDS: https://www.iands.org/joincard.html

      JUNE 24 - 26, 2004 - IANDS Annual Conference
      Evanston, IL (near Chicago) at the Best Western
      Check out the IANDS Conference information page.

      *** Journal of Scientific Exploration Website
      You will find the abstracts to some of the most important
      studies conducted concerning survival science by the
      top researchers in various fields.

      *** Fortean Times Website
      This is one of the best websites dealing with everything
      weird. It has been around for over 30 years and they
      have an excellent archive.

      *** Fast Forward: Links to Sites for the Case of Reincarnation
      This is Ellen Mogensen is with the Past & Now Forward
      Holistic Counseling with a very nice website on reincarnation.

      *** SaveJohnEdwardTV.com
      This is a John Edward fan site who is petitioning to have
      his show back on TV. Worth a look.

      *** Esolibris Website
      This is a large site containing many different articles dealing
      with survival after death, reincarnation, meditation, and healing.

      *** If you know of any new NDE website or web article
      you would like to see profiled, email to me the address
      of the website at: webmaster@...

      (9) Odds and Ends

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