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Near-Death Newsletter - Vol. 1, No. 5

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  • Kevin Williams
    ========================================================== Near-Death Newsletter Vol. 1, No. 5 May 01, 2002
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      Near-Death Newsletter Vol. 1, No.
      5 May 01, 2002

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      In this issue

      * NDEs in the news
      * The Forum
      * What’s new
      * NDE spotlight
      * From the webmaster
      * Upcoming events
      * New NDE tv listings
      * New NDE books
      * New NDE web links
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      NDEs in the News

      *** Sharon Stone talks about her near-death experience

      *** Supporting your patient after a near-death experience

      *** How my "death" changed my life

      *** Paramount Pictures is creating a remake of the 1966 romantic
      comedy "Alfie." It is about a womanizer whose near-death
      experience prompts him to rethink his superficial, empty life.
      For the full story, go to:

      The Forum

      *** Karen Floyd - heavenly snow

      *** Post your NDE on the bulletin board

      What’s new

      *** Major changes or additions to the near-death.com website:

      (Due to family crisis and health problems, I have been unable to
      make any additions to the website last month).

      NDE spotlight

      *** QUESTION: Is it your understanding that in order to reach the
      highest level of spiritual vibration, we must cleanse ourselves of
      the bad karma that has followed us from past lives and this life
      as well?

      KEVIN'S REPLY: I have never come across a near-death experience
      that fully explains it all. However, I have found several that
      seems to shed some light on this subject that seems to suggest
      that what you say is true. For example, here is some info from
      Thomas Sawyer's NDE in which he explains the process:

      "If a person dies and goes totally homogenous back into the Light
      it is reasonably improbable that there will be another
      reincarnation. It is improbable. However, it is more usual for
      people to die and go partially back into the Light while remaining
      partially in the realm of the earth plane. That means remaining
      partially within the earthly confines of the human condition with
      an attachment of sorts to the human condition.

      "Once you go into the spirit realm, you may realize that you
      haven't learned everything you should, so you find another
      personality, another body and your soul is maintained throughout.
      As you transform into another personality, your soul does not get
      bigger or smaller. You carry with you characteristics of your
      former personalities. The simplest example is to say that the
      phrase "burning off bad karma" means that you have characteristics
      that you have to deal with."

      More on this can be found
      here: http://www.near-death.com/experiences/sawyer4.html

      Edgar Cayce, who had tens of thousands of out-of-body experiences
      in which he brought back information that later proved to be true,
      agrees with Sawyer's information, except Cayce stated that it is
      the spirit (the Higher Self) that never changes. When the spirit
      decides to reincarnate in order to deal with more karma, it
      assumes another soul and body. Here is more info from John Van
      Auken, a well-known Cayce scholar.

      "Karma has been described as memory. Karma is memory coming to
      consciousness again. What has occurred in the past is recalled
      and has an effect on the present. Now, the recollection may not
      surface to the conscious level; the personality may have no
      awareness of the memory, in fact. Yet, it exists at the deeper,
      soul level. Nevertheless, the soul sees through the same eyes
      as the personality and is reminded of its past use of free will
      and consciousness. Naturally, some of these memories will be
      compatible with the Universal and some will not. Memory is an
      important concept in understanding how the law of karma works.

      "As a soul draws closer to the Universal Mind, it becomes aware
      that some of its memories are not compatible with the Creator,
      and since its ultimate purpose for being is companionship with
      the Creator, it seeks out opportunities to resolve these
      incompatible memories.

      "Suppose a soul criticizes another soul among its peers and
      behind its back. As it becomes more aware of its true nature,
      it will recall this wrong and, because of its incompatibility
      with the Creator, will seek to correct it. Now, the resolution
      could take many forms. The soul might seek out an opportunity to
      work closely with the injured soul as a supporter, assistant,
      publicist, agent, or the like. Or perhaps it would seek to
      re-create the original scene ­ putting itself in a position to
      criticize the other soul again in front of the same peers. The
      test would be to see if the soul would choose not to criticize
      this time, even if it meant a certain loss of position for
      itself. Throughout all this the soul grows wiser and more
      compatible with the Creator.

      "One must meet every bit of one’s karma. However, there is a
      way that it can be modified, softened, even ameliorated. If a
      soul, knowing another soul has wronged it, forgives that soul
      and holds no lingering resentment ­ perhaps has even forgotten
      the wrong in the depths of its forgiveness and understanding ­
      then it begins to take hold of the power of forgiveness. The
      more it forgives, the more it perceives and understands
      forgiveness. Then, when it approaches the Universal Consciousness
      and realizes it possesses memories that are incompatible with
      It, forgiveness is much more viable, removing the barrier of
      separation. The law is so precise (what one gives one receives;
      no exceptions) that if one begins having mercy on and
      forgiveness of others, one begins to receive mercy and
      forgiveness upon oneself. Unless, of course, one refuses to
      forgive oneself.

      "All has to be met. And yet, no soul is given more than it
      can bear to carry ­ this is the paradoxical blessing hidden in
      the limitations of time and space. A soul is given the time it
      needs to turn away from its selfish ways and, like the prodigal
      son, return home to a feast of joy and welcome from our Creator.
      Reincarnation is not a way to avoid judgment and responsibility;
      it is a way to allow the soul enough time to correct its
      mistakes and develop itself."

      You can read more about this here: http://www.near-death.com/secrets.html
      More on Cayce can be read here: http://www.near-death.com/cayce.html

      One particular NDE, by Dr. Dianne Morrissey, revealed that
      humans actually have three bodies, which can be called the
      physical body,the soul body and the spirit body. Her NDE is
      the only NDE I have encountered that involved all three bodies
      of the NDEr. This agrees with the Cayce material.

      In my opinion, taken all together, the above reveals that we
      are currently traveling through different levels of
      consciousness at the same time. When we die and want to enter
      into the pure conscious level of the spirit, we will not want
      to bring with us any karmic debt left unpaid. As David Oakford,
      an NDEr, states:

      "The physical pain, war, poverty, pestilence, horror, rape,
      murder, abandonment etc, etc, etc.! that is here on this
      planet is the result of humans coming here and making their
      free choices in order to learn and evolve. Unfortunately
      learning does tend to create a mess at times and the physical
      pain etc. is a part of that mess. It makes sense to me that
      the same free choice concept is instrumental in cleaning up
      the mess.

      "I liken it to camping and choosing to clean up or not clean
      up the mess one makes. If you choose to clean up your mess,
      this helps the planet to stay as is because one does not
      contribute to the mess. If one does not clean up it adds to
      the mess. If one cleans up their own mess and then some it
      contributes to healing the planet."

      You can read more about David Oakford's NDE here:

      From the webmaster

      *** QUESTION: According to the recent Dutch study, only 18% of
      those who were clinically dead had an NDE. This mean 82% of those
      who experienced clinically death, experienced absolutely nothing.
      Why doesn't everyone have an NDE?

      ANSWER: I believe everyone experiencing clinical death has an NDE.
      It may only be a matter of not being able to remember it. Most
      people cannot remember their dreams. This is because dreams involve
      the subconscious mind and not the conscious mind. I believe the
      NDE also involves the subconscious mind. Information from the
      subconsciousness is not easy to consciously obtain. This is
      probably why most people cannot remember their dreams or NDE.

      There is evidence from Dr. Maurice Rawlings' research that
      people can have an NDE but have absolutely no memory of it when
      revived. In his book "Beyond Death's Door," Rawlings, a specialist
      in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Disease, describes
      reviving a man from cardiac arrest. Here is what Rawlings
      experienced in his own words:

      "Each time he regained heartbeat and respiration, the patient
      screamed, "I am in hell!" He was terrified and pleaded with me
      to help him. I was scared to death...Then I noticed a genuinely
      alarmed look on his face. He had a terrified look worse than
      the expression seen in death! This patient had a grotesque grimace
      expressing sheer horror! His pupils were dilated, and he was
      perspiring and trembling - he looked as if his hair was "on end."
      Then still another strange thing happened. He said,"Don't you
      understand? I am in hell...Don't let me go back to hell!" ...
      the man was serious, and it finally occurred to me that he was
      indeed in trouble. He was in a panic like I had never seen before."
      (Rawlings, 1979). Rawlings said, no one, who could have heard his
      screams and saw the look of terror on his face could doubt for a
      single minute that he was actually in hell!"

      The man obviously had a hellish NDE, yet when the man was fully
      revived and stabilized, he had absolutely no memory of what
      happened including his experience with hell.

      Many people who have an NDE are told by light beings that they
      will not be able to remember completely what they experienced.
      Betty Eadie was not allowed to remember her mission. Jayne Smith
      was not allowed to remember her knowledge about "what everything
      is all about." I remember reading about one particular person who
      could only remember his NDE while dreaming. Indeed, I believe most
      NDErs have trouble remembering their experience completely.
      It may be that some people are being allowed to remember their
      NDEs for the purpose of world enlightenment.

      There are probably advantages for not being able to remember
      an NDE, particularly a hellish one. Such horrible memories can
      often lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. In general, we cannot
      consciously remember our past lives either. And this is probably
      a blessing. Imagine having a conscious memory of being Adolf
      Hitler in a past life. Perhaps amnesia is nature's way of helping
      us focus on the here and now. If everyone who was revived
      remembered an NDE, there would probably be a lot of heavenly
      minded people who are no earthly good. The same principle applies
      to past life memory in my opinion.

      Many NDErs have difficulty adjusting to life after an NDE. Four
      percent of NDErs commit suicide. Many resent having been sent
      back against their will. Not being able to remember such an
      experience in this instance may be a blessing.

      According to PMH Atwater, approximately 15 million people in the
      US have had an NDE. This is a tremendous number of people.
      Perhaps the forces that be are allowing only a relatively small
      number of people remember their NDE. Perhaps the other side
      believes too many glimpses into the afterlife might destroy the
      free will of humanity. They probably don't want to force
      humanity to believe. Perhaps God wants people to freely
      choose heaven over hell rather than force them. Nobody loves
      a robot.

      Upcoming events

      *** May, 2002 - 3rd International Congress of Projectiology and
      Conscientiology will be held in New York. This event will focus on
      the scientific exploration of the consciousness and its manifestation
      outside the human body. One of the distinguished speakers will the
      esteemed NDE researcher and experiencer, P.M.H. Atwater.
      For more info, visit: http://www.iipc.org/congress/English/Index.htm

      *** May 24-27, 2002 - 2nd Annual Northwest UFO/Paranormal
      Conference, Seattle, Washington - Researchers, authors and
      investigators who have brought to the public some of the world's
      most intriguing information on sightings, ancient mysteries and the
      paranormal will speak including Janet Colli on "Studies of
      Near-Death and ET Encounters"

      New NDE tv listings

      *** May 3 - Crossing Over with John Edward - KMAX Channel
      Edward alludes to a person's death on a holiday, leading to a
      woman's story of her brother, who died on Easter of a massive
      heart attack.

      *** Search cable listings for "near-death"

      New NDE books

      *** Earth Angels: A Pocket Guide for Incarnated Angels, Elementals,
      Starpeople, Walk-Ins, and Wizards
      by Doreen Virtue
      Hardcover - (September 2002)
      Hay House; ISBN: 1401900488

      New NDE web links

      *** Pam Reynold's NDE website

      *** Institute for Afterlife Research

      *** Heavenly Quotes About Heaven

      Odds and ends

      Please feel free to share this newsletter with others you think might
      benefit from this information concerning near-death experiences.
      Thanks for reading!

      If you would like to contribute some information to an upcoming
      Near-Death Newsletter, email it to Kevin Williams at his email
      address below.

      Kevin Williams

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      2002 Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife
      Kevin Williams
      Webmaster, Near-Death Experiences & the Afterlife
      Author, Nothing Better Than Death
      "Pure logical thinking cannot yield us any knowledge of the
      empirical world. All knowledge of reality starts from experience
      and ends in it." - Albert Einstein
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