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Near-Death Newsletter

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  • Kevin Williams
    Dear NDE Enthusiasts, This month s newsletter will be delayed because the holidays and the busy schedule. In several days, the newsletter will be ready and
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 11, 2003
      Dear NDE Enthusiasts,

      This month's newsletter will be delayed because the holidays and
      the busy schedule. In several days, the newsletter will be ready
      and emailed to you. It will be worth the wait.

      Just for your information, we now have a new Board of Directors
      International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS).
      More info here: http://www.iands.org/board.html

      For those who don't know about IANDS, it is an organization that
      everyone can join. At IANDS, you can connect with those who will
      probably be the ones providing the scientific evidence for the
      survival of consciousness after death. Already, a mountain of circumstantial
      evidence available. For more about this, visit my NDE and Science page

      Juliet Nightingale is the Chairperson of the Membership Committee of IANDS
      and she invites everyone to become a member. You don't need to have had
      a NDE to join. Here is her open invitation letter:

      Dear Friend & Fellow NDEr,

      Until recent years, the near-death experience (NDE) was rarely documented,
      much less talked about. It was something one could only share with certain
      individuals, who were already spiritually aware, open-minded … or, at least,
      receptive. If you’ve ever had a near-death or similar experience, perhaps you,
      too, have felt isolated or alone … with no one you could turn to, who could
      understand what you’ve been through … for fear of being misunderstood, judged
      or even ridiculed. This is primarily due to the fact that ignorance
      the NDE has been so prevalent … until recently. This has been a common theme,
      shared by countless individuals throughout the world, including myself, who
      have had NDEs or similar experiences.

      The good news is that, in recent years, the NDE has not only been talked
      about, but has also been documented and has received widespread media
      interest ­ both in broadcast & print media. A good example of this is my
      having seen articles in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia in past
      few weeks … including a column that I appeared in. Scientists, physicians,
      psychologists, ministers, mystics and others, have all congregated together
      to obtain a deeper understanding of the phenomenon of the NDE. It is
      something that many of us have been through; and we have been called
      back to teach and to share our experiences with others.

      As an experiencer, you’ll find it comforting to know, now, that indeed you
      are not alone … and you can share your experiences openly ... in a place
      where you will find an abundance of support, resources and amity with
      kindred spirits through the International Association for Near-Death Studies,
      (IANDS). By joining IANDS, you contribute to the maintenance of IANDS'
      informational and support services worldwide, which are provided directly
      or indirectly to the public through media consulting, publication of
      informational and resource materials ­ both in print and on line -- referrals,
      and telephone consulting and more... IANDS offers local support/discussion
      groups worldwide and serves also as a repository for accounts of many
      people's near-death experiences.

      If you’ve had an NDE (near-death experience), OBE (out-of-body experience),
      STE (spiritual transcendent experience), or are just interested in these
      topics as a researcher, educator, health care practitioner, scientist,
      minister, practitioner of metaphysics, writer or in the media or other
      interested individual, we welcome your becoming a member of IANDS!
      You may visit the IANDS website for more information and join on line
      by going to http://www.iands.org You can also join IANDS by filling out
      and sending the enclosed form to the IANDS office (see address above)
      or ringing 860.882.1211.

      We look forward to welcoming you into the global family of NDErs
      and friends in IANDS.

      In the Light,
      Rev. Juliet Nightingale
      Membership ~ IANDS

      Only Love is Real

      Peace and Light,

      Kevin R. Williams
      "Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife"
      "Nothing Better Than Death"
      "You grow to heaven. You don't go to heaven. " - Edgar Cayce
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