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Near-Death Newsletter - Vol. 02, No. 10 - October 2003

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  • Kevin Williams
    Eternity is not something that begins after you re dead. It is going on all the time. We are in it now. - Charlotte Perkins Gilman
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2003
      "Eternity is not something that begins after you're dead.
      It is going on all the time. We are in it now." - Charlotte Perkins Gilman
      NEAR-DEATH NEWSLETTER Vol. 02, No. 10 October 1, 2003

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      (1) News of the NDE
      (2) NDE Forum
      (3) What's New
      (4) P.M.H. Atwater's Q&A
      (5) Books
      (6) Web Links
      (7) Requests for Studies
      (7) Odds and Ends

      (1) NEWS OF THE NDE

      *** *** "Life Afterlife" Documentary Video may be Available by HBO
      RANCHO CORDOVA, CA (Near-Death Newsletter)
      The HBO documentary "Life Afterlife" that profiles near-death experiences
      and Dr. Gary Schwartz's ground-breaking study on psychic mediums may
      be available to the public according to Bill Chase, an HBO documentary
      executive, if enough people demand it. He told me that if I could generate
      enough interest in the documentary then HBO might make it available.
      So everyone let the producers and HBO know you want this out!
      Links about the documentary "Life Afterlife"
      Producers and HBO info:
      HBO: Bill Chase general@... (212) 512-1758
      Lucky Duck Productions lisa@... (212) 463-0029 ext. 112

      *** New NDE Documentary Released Entitled :The Near Death Chronicles"
      This brand new documentary (DVD) deals with the stories of three
      extraordinary men whom I profile on my website. One is a former Soviet
      scientist (Dr. George Rodonaia), another a former night club owner
      (Ned Dougherty) and the third a former art professor (Rev. Howard Storm).
      This documentary by Red River Productions is the first in a series of films
      concerning life after death. I highly recommend this. If you haven't seen
      these men in a video yet, this is the documentary for you. You can order
      it online right here. (added 09/28/03)

      *** Study into Near-Death Experiences Supports Theory of a 'Sixth Sense'
      EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - (The Scotsman)
      "There is now convincing evidence to challenge the current theory that
      consciousness can only exist inside the brain - and if you can have
      consciousness without associated brain function, that is enormously
      important for our understanding of the mind."
      NOTE: You may have to register to view this (it's free and easy) and woir

      *** Test for Near-Death Visions
      LONDON, UK (BBC Online)
      "Scientists have devised an experiment to test whether out-of-body
      experiences close to death are a real phenomenon or just a trick
      being played by the brain."

      *** Quest to Unravel Mystery of "Out-Of-Body" Experiences
      DELHI, INDIA - (Hindustan Times)
      "According to Dr. Peter Fenwick, if cardiac arrest patients can recall items
      left around the room, out of view of people on the ground, that could prove
      the mind exists in some way independently of the brain."

      *** Scientists to Probe Near Death Experiences
      MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - (Reuters)
      "Scientists probing the paranormal said on Wednesday they hoped to
      set up a major experiment in Britain trying to find out once and for all
      whether the mind can step outside the body at the brink of death."

      *** Terrifying Near-Death Experience Inspires Thrilling New Novel
      NEW YORK, NY - (PRNewswire)
      "This was not your typical near-death experience," Schilling recalls.
      "I was not floating in a tunnel of light with a feeling of peace. My
      experience was silent, dark and terrifying."

      *** Sharon Stone: Scary is Sexy
      LOS ANGELES, CA - (CBSNews)
      "A lot of people who have had near-death experiences say that it
      changes their life and their outlook on what they do. In Stone's case,
      she says she now cherishes every moment."
      Read her near-death account on the NDEs of the Rich and Famous page at

      *** IANDS Releases Bibliography on CD-ROM
      EAST WINDSOR HILL, CT - (Vital Signs)
      If you want to research a topic related to NDEs, you can locate
      every article on that topic ever published in the Journal for
      Near-Death Studies.

      (2) NDE FORUM

      *** M. L. Gordon's NDE
      "Now I've always told Linda that when I get to heaven, the first thing I
      want to do is walk the dusty road that Christ walked. As I stood with my
      hand on the gate, I looked off toward the right, and there was my dusty road."

      *** Lynn Russell's NDE
      "Without warning, my vision changed. I was now viewing our solar system
      with the sun in the center and the planets spinning around. Again, I found
      myself concentrating on the deliberate order, rhythm and planning of what
      I was viewing."

      *** Jean Harmon's NDE
      "But I want to go with you, I want to go home!" I cried. And again he said
      with such kindness - "No, Jesus sent me to tell you, now is not your time."

      *** Dove Song's NDE
      "My sister died and my spirit left my body. I was held in the arms of a
      being wearing a shroud of light and who, with the voice of pure love, said
      she was the Comforter, sent by God."

      *** Ella Day's daughter's NDE
      After she came back from surgery she said to me, "I have two guardian angels.
      One is wearing a purple dress and one is wearing a green dress."
      She said, "And one's name is George and one's name is Fred."

      *** Victor Borras's NDE
      "When the cloud covered my body, from toe to top of my head, I felt the
      most enormous and immense sensation of LOVE. It was so beautiful that
      I began laughing out of the joy this gave me."

      *** Post your NDE at: http://forums.near-death.com
      or email it to me at: neardeathexperience@... for
      possible inclusion in this newsletter and website.

      (3) WHAT'S NEW

      [These are new web pages recently added to near-death.com]

      (1) The NDE Trigger of Mental illness
      The near-death experience of Dr. Kay Jamison is profiled. She is one of the
      authorities on manic depression and as a sufferer she had experiences that are
      identical to the consciousness expanding near-death experience. Some info on
      mental illness is also included. (added 09/28)

      (2) Dr. George Rodonaia's NDE
      I stumbled across the part of Dr. Rodonaia's NDE where he is out of his body
      and communicates with an injured baby. This is good stuff. (added 09.30)

      (3) NDEs of the Rich and Famous
      Four more celebrity NDEs have been added: Chevy Chase, Sally Kirkland,
      James Cromwell, and the NDE of a school teacher who was greeted by
      Elvis Presley during her NDE. Find out why those who are rich and famous
      have nothing to gain and everything to lose by telling the world that they
      came back from the dead. (added 09/20/03)

      (4) Dr. PMH Atwater's Research Paper - Subjective Light
      Atwater's latest paper in PDF format is now available online. It's full
      title is "Subjective Light: Different Types and a New View." In wrapping
      up her current research on child experiencers of near-death states, it
      was necessary that she reevaluate her previous work with adult experiencers.
      Doing this brought her into focus with three very different types of
      light that are consistently reported, regardless of a person's age when
      the episode occurred. What this implies may call for a reconsideration
      of "light" and "dark" in accounts of near-death experiences. Download of 17
      page 133K available online for $1.95 (added 09/28/03)

      (5) The NDE and Religion
      More insights have been added including a section on harmful religious
      beliefs that negatively affect the quality of a person's NDE such as:
      bigotry, soul sleep, faulty religious doctrines, atheism, and fundamentalism.
      (added 09/20/03)

      (6) The Near Death Chronicles
      This brand new documentary (DVD) deals with the stories of three
      extraordinary men Dr. George Rodonaia, Ned Dougherty and
      Rev. Howard Storm. (added 09/28/03)

      (7) New NDE Documentaries
      Four NDE documentaries have been added. They are "Conscious
      Dying: Preparing Now For a Healing Passage," "Walking After
      Midnight," "Life After Death," and "Mysterious Forces Beyond -
      Vol. 2: Death and Paranormal." (added 09/20/03)

      (8) New search engine for website
      A new and better search engine (Google) has been added to the home
      page for doing searches on this entire website. This new search engine is
      the best on the market because it works, acts, and looks just like the
      number one search engine on the internet. (added 09/20/03)

      (10) Nora Spurgin's NDE research
      Much more of Nora's NDE research conclusions have been added.
      They are based on the top NDE researchers in the field and are
      beautifully compiled. (added 09/20/03)

      (11) Margaret Tweddell's after-death communications
      More of her insights have been added and more are yet to come.
      Her ability to connect with the Other Side ranks up there with
      Edgar Cayce. (added 09/20/03)

      Q and A with P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D.

      In this new section of the newsletter, P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D. will answer
      questions submitted to her from subscribers to this free newsletter. If you
      have a question that you would like her to answer, just email your question
      to webmaster@... for consideration.

      P.M.H. Atwater's next book, entitled "The New Children and Near-Death
      Experiences," will be released on December of 2003. You can order your copy
      now through Amazon. Order your copy at:

      Dr. Ken Ring had this to say about her book: "This book is the richest,
      most probing, and most comprehensive available of NDEs in children."

      QUESTION: "What happens to people who are in prison for committing a
      violent crime?" ...anonymous

      ANSWER: "This question leaves me a little confused as I am not certain what
      the individual means. People in prison serve out whatever term they were
      given. Some choose to take advantage of the time they have to educate
      themselves, read, study, grow in understanding and self-knowledge. Others
      become bitter or angry or simply resign themselves to their fate and endure.
      Should they die in prison, there is no definitive way to be certain what
      comes next for them - be it heavenly or hellish or ?. My reply reflects
      near-death research. We know from the various reports given so far
      worldwide (and there are millions of them), that what seems like it should
      be a criminal's "end," is not necessarily what occurs.

      "Near-death research highlights the existence of a Higher Source or Higher
      Will. We do not know what is going on at the soul level of any individual.
      We can know people on the personality level: what they did, how they acted,
      what were the mitigating factors in their life that contributed to what they
      became. And, we judge them on that basis, but we do not know nor can we,
      "who" they really are and what this life really means to their overall
      development as a soul. Because there is such a gap between the personality
      level and the soul level, we are cautioned in our churches and by our
      spiritual groups to judge the deed but not the person. Jesus said, "Judge
      not, lest ye be judged also." You get a heavy dose of just such a reality
      in cases of people who died, then came back to life with a different
      perspective, a greater sense of truth.

      "I would refer you to the case of Nathan Kyles III on pages 94-96 in Children
      of the New Millennium (Three Rivers Press, New York City, 1999), for the
      opposite view. He returned from his childhood near-death experience as
      transformed as any, but, because of how he was treated when he tried to
      share what happened to him, he turned to a life of crime. You see? We
      cannot be certain how anyone will respond or what is true for that
      individual at deeper levels of his or her being. There are no absolutes.
      The more you know about near-death research, the more convinced of that you
      will become.

      Question Two: "What happens to people who do horrible things such as rape
      and murder? What about Hitler and tyrants and such, did they choose to be
      that way before being born?" ....Todd.

      Answer: "This question sounds a lot like the first one. I wonder if
      "anonymous" is really Todd. Still, the question is a reasonable one, and
      one we all grapple with. Although no one can really answer this question,
      nor does near-death research address the subject directly, there are
      findings that convey some pertinent ideas I would like to share."

      "Reviewing the thousands of sessions I've had with near-death experiencers in
      a quarter century of research, there is a description about the spiritual
      realms that is consistent across ages and cultures and it goes something
      like this: there are levels to what we call "heaven" and "hell" and they
      are stacked atop each other like a "layer cake," separated only by rates of
      vibration. After you die, you usually go to where you "fit" according to
      your vibratory resonance at the time you passed over. Some souls, however,
      wind up in shadowlands or border areas for awhile and for various reasons.
      Those who go there seem to be the ones who are the most confused, regretful,
      curious, lost, or the most passionate about sticking around to help or
      hinder the living. These individuals are invisible to those alive, but can
      appear on occasion as if "ghosts."

      "Apparently, we stay in the realm where we "fit" until we learn and grow
      beyond the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that sent us there. Neither
      heaven nor hell are end-points. We are never "stuck" unless we think we
      are. Advancement seems to depend on our willingness to learn and grow, to
      awaken to the greater realization of who we are and the responsibilities we
      have as souls, as spiritual beings. For some, that is a big "call," and is
      tough for them to handle. Those more fixed or confused in their thinking
      have a more difficult time and can take longer in their development. We are
      not punished "for" our sins (mistakes) but, rather, "by" them. . . for we
      must face the consequences of whatever we think, say, and do. Yet how this
      works, how the soul plans its missions and growth patterns, is different
      than what a human being (ego-personality) does.

      "The soul has no concept of time and space, neither does it respond like a
      personality. Near-death experiencers are crystal clear on this. There is
      no "black and white" fact sheet that outlines how things should or must
      occur. What happens to any given individual depends entirely on his or her
      choices, the life as actually lived, and how that compares to the will of
      the soul. There really are spiritual laws and these laws apply to everyone,
      irrespective of religion or belief.

      "How someone like Hitler is dealt with and what becomes of him after death is
      not for my knowing. What I do know from my own near-death experiences
      is that once you begin to awaken, to know your real self, your Higher Self,
      and have a better sense of spirituality and of God, the puzzle pieces of life
      begin to fall in place and a knowing comes - a peace. There is justice; it
      doesn't work on The Other Side like we think it might or should." (For a more
      in-depth rendering on these matters, be alert to the publication in March,
      of my book Not Here, Present Elsewhere: The Real Truth About Death and
      Dying, due out from A.R.E. Press.)

      P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D.

      Website: http://www.cinemind.com/atwater/
      Marketplace (a public service): http://www.cinemind.com/atwater/rosen.html
      Research: http://www.near-death.com/experiences/experts05.html

      (5) BOOKS

      *** After the Light: What I Discovered on the Other Side of Life
      That Can Change Your World by Kimberly Clark Sharp (Available: Now)
      Kimberly's excellent book has been released. It is the message from her
      extraordinary near-death experience and how it changed her life. Kimberly
      is associated with the Seattle IANDS Chapter.

      *** Return From Heaven : Beloved Relatives Reincarnated Within Your Family
      by Carol Bowman (Available: Now)
      Carol shows in this groundbreaking book how common it is for beloved
      relatives to reincarnate into the same family. Each tale is stranger than the
      next: a grandfather returned as a grandson, miscarried twins were transferred
      from their mother to her sister-in-law and were reborn years apart.

      *** "The New Children and Near-Death Experiences"
      by P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D. (Available: December 2003)
      This book is a remake of the original; same basic style, but new cases
      and new research never before published, especially as concerns our
      tiniest near-death experiencers (newborns and toddlers).

      *** While Out of My Body, I Saw God, Hell and the Living Dead!
      by Dr. Roger Rogelio Shankle Mills (Available: Now)
      Pastor Mills died and was taken back in time to see Jesus before and after
      his crucifixion and resurrection. God told him to warn the ungodly,
      and backsliding Christians about outer darkness. Mills was given a tour
      of outer darkness, pits of fire, the demonic spirits, Beelzebub, the Room
      of the
      Future Dead, the Old Paradise Garden of Eden, the punishments for the
      hypocrite preachers and much more! (Note: heavy fundamentalist interpretation)

      *** The Lost Secret of Death: Our Divided Souls and the Afterlife
      by Peter Novak, Colin Wilson. (Available: Now)
      Peter Novak, author of "Division of Consciousness", discusses his very
      interesting theories concerning the soul and it's connection with the

      *** When Petals Fall by Wallen Yep (Available: Now)
      Brother Wallen Yep shares the account of his wife's near-death experience
      and his ministry of performing deliverances. Yep discovered that earthbound
      spirits can cause physical and mental illnesses that can be cured by performing
      deliverance (i.e., exorcisms) which he has been doing for years.

      *** Check out a complete list of the NDE books profiled on this website.

      *** Search for NDE books at Amazon.com

      (6) WEB LINKS

      Note: My website is dedicated to promoting IANDS, its website, and its
      research into the NDE. Their website is filled with a wealth of valuable
      info on NDEs
      and related subjects. Here are links to just some of their material.

      *** International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS)
      Visit the foremost NDE website for reliable information about NDEs,
      along with excellent resources and support.
      Home page: http://www.iands.org
      Site map: http://www.iands.org/toc.html
      NDE Revelations: http://www.iands.org/revelations.html
      Message Boards: http://www.iands.org/msgboards/messages/board-topics.html
      Register your NDE: https://www.iands.org/archives.html
      CD-ROM: https://www.iands.org/bibcd.html
      Summaries of 17 NDEs: http://www.iands.org/pmh17.html
      Plan on attending the IANDS Annual Conference... JUNE 24-26, 2004,
      Evanston (near Chicago), Illinois at the Best Western.

      *** Christian Andreason's NDE and home page
      This is guy's NDE is awesome. He is a musician/composer who
      composed a show for Betty Eadie. His website is a very commercial
      website for his many business ventures but he has his NDE also posted
      on it. His NDE is one of the best I've ever read and he filled some "pieces"
      I had of my NDE cosmology puzzle. Don't miss this one!!!!!
      We haven't heard the last from this guy, that's for sure.

      *** Abouts: Paranormal Phenomenon: Near-Death Experiences
      This is the NDE section of "What You Need To Know About"
      website. Articles and links on NDEs, OBEs, after-death, deathbed
      visions, theories, and everything afterlife.

      *** DSM-IV Religious and Spiritual Problems - Near-Death Experience
      In the proposal to the Task Force on DSM-IV for the new diagnostic
      category, Religious or Spiritual Problem, the NDE was used as an
      example of a spiritual problem that warrants clinical attention, but is
      not a mental disorder.

      *** Keith Favis' NDE site
      Nice NDE site from the UK with links to NDE research in the UK.

      *** Search for all the NDE websites on the internet

      *** If you know of any new NDE website or web article you would
      like to see profiled, email me the address of the website at:
      neardeathexperience@... Thank you!


      *** Jewish People Needed Who had a Mystical Encounter
      Dr. Carla Wills Brandon, the deathbed vision researcher and experiencer,
      has upcoming projects involving mystical Jewish experiences including
      ADCs and deathbed visions. If you are Jewish and have had a mystical
      encounter, she'd love to hear from you. Contact info:
      glimpseofheaven@... / (281) 338-2992 / www.carlawillsbrandon.com

      *** Request for Interviewees Who Have Pre-Birth Knowledge
      Rob Schwartz is a writer and currently writing about the spirit realm where
      souls design their lives before they incarnate and choose specific life
      in order to learn certain spiritual lessons. He would like to interview people
      who meet this criteria:

      (1) Are facing or have faced a challenging but common problem in life
      (such as obesity, homosexuality, a life as an immigrant, alcoholism, drug
      addiction, mental illness, homelessness, or criminal or violent behavior).

      (2) Know why their soul chose to experience the problem on a conscious level.

      A specific example is a woman who was in contact with spiritual beings on
      the other side. This woman has always been bothered by the fact that she
      is short and has an unusually large nose. The spiritual beings with whom
      she spoke told her that her soul had intentionally selected a short body
      with a large nose. They explained that she had been a very judgmental person
      in a previous life, and that her soul wanted to learn what it's like to be on
      the other end of judgments. This is a wonderful opportunity for people who
      experienced an NDE (or who acquired insight through another means) to help
      others with life challenges similar to their own. You can remain anonymous
      and real names not required. Contact into:
      reachme834@... / (847) 864-5216 / www.ahiredpen.com

      (8) ODDS AND ENDS

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      website (IANDS) http://www.iands.org

      That's it for now. Stay tuned for the next monthly issue!

      Copyright (c) Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife

      Peace and Light,

      Kevin R. Williams
      "Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife"
      "Nothing Better Than Death"
      "Life is God - everything in the universe and beyond.
      Light is God - the energy of which everything consists.
      Love is God - the power that holds everything together."
      - Kevin Williams
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