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Near-Death Newsletter - Vol. 02, No. 06 - June 2003

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  • Kevin Williams
    To die will be an awfully big adventure. - Peter Pan ================================================================= NEAR-DEATH NEWSLETTER Vol. 02, No.
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      "To die will be an awfully big adventure." - Peter Pan
      NEAR-DEATH NEWSLETTER Vol. 02, No. 06 June 1, 2003

      The Near-Death Newsletter is a free opt-in monthly newsletter in
      connection with http://www.near-death.com

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      If you have NDE information that you would like to contribute for
      possible inclusion in this newsletter and/or website, please
      email it to Kevin Williams at: neardeathexperience@...


      An online version of this newsletter can be found at this web
      page: <a href="http://www.near-death.com/newsletters/0106.html">
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      (1) News of the NDE
      (2) NDE Forum
      (3) What's New
      (4) Discussion
      (5) Dr. PMH Atwater's Q&A
      (6) TV Listings
      (7) Books
      (8) Web Links
      (9) Odds and Ends

      (1) NEWS OF THE NDE

      *** Univ. of Hawaii Theologian Guides 4 Journeys Toward Death
      HONOLULU, HI - (Honolulu Star-Bulletin)
      In "Living Your Dying," he shares how nearly being killed in a car
      accident helped him to better understand and embrace death as
      an integral part of life. He shares his belief that death is a key to
      self-understanding and an opportunity to experience life more fully.

      *** The Fiesta of the Near Death Experience
      AS NEVES, SPAIN - (Whats On When)
      The throngs of devotees of Santa Marta, the town's patron saint,
      known as the "saint of death", besiege the church and surrounding
      area for a day to pay their respects. All these people hold one thing
      in common - they have all nearly died.

      *** IANDS Releases Bibliography on CD-ROM
      EAST WINDSOR HILL, CT - (Vital Signs)
      If you want to research a topic related to NDEs, you can locate
      every article on that topic ever published in the Journal for
      Near-Death Studies. https://www.iands.org/bibcd.html

      (2) NDE FORUM

      *** Rev. Juliet Nightingale's NDE
      "I knew with total certainty that everything was evolving exactly
      the way it should and that the ultimate destiny for every living
      being is to return to the Source, The Light, Pure Love."

      *** Susan's NDE
      "I told my mother that I saw Grandpa and how he was thrilled to
      show me that he could walk on his hands. Her face went white.
      I asked her what was wrong. She said that when he was a teenager,
      he used to do that to impress people.

      *** Guenter's NDE
      "The light said ...'Let us go back in time, as far back as possible,
      and tell me how far back we should go". I said, "Middle Ages?"
      The light replied, "No, farther back." I said, "The birth of Christ?"
      The light said, "No, farther back." I was thinking hard. "Adam and Eve?"

      *** Morgana Taylor's childhood NDE
      "...without uttering a sound the Mermaid explained to me that she was
      in actuality an angel ... I was not witnessing her true form but, rather,
      one that she thought would be pleasing to a child such as myself."

      *** Rod Cooley
      "After viewing my funeral and my family, Eugene turned to me and
      asked, "Are you really ready to come here right now?" I looked at
      him and remembered that I was going to say "Yes!", but before I
      could utter a single word, I awoke on the floor in my bedroom."

      *** Kim Schomer
      "I realized after about one to two minutes that this was the tunnel
      that people see when they died and these were souls that I
      believed died in the war."

      *** Lila Smith
      "Then she said, 'You will be coming to us soon. You will be
      coming to us soon.' These are the only words she spoke
      over again. She said, "You will be with us soon.""

      *** Daniel
      "Everything that ever was, is, and will be. The true nature of
      the universe was suddenly clear as a bell, like a giant jig-saw
      puzzle. It seemed to have a perfect order to it ... in fact, it was
      evident that I was soon to become part of it. I was about to
      join the entity which could only be described as ... God."

      *** Deborah Walker
      "When I was lovingly encouraged to go into the physical world,
      I remember strongly protesting and threatening to withdraw if I
      did not like it there. I remembered being allowed to "visit" my
      earthly parents before being born and did so but from a far distance."

      *** Susan Christopher
      "Seventy-three days after my Dad died, my mother died ... In
      one of her visits with me one night, she explained to me that she
      was ready to go right after she had the brain surgery, but it was
      my voice that called her back in the recovery room."

      *** Stephen Smith
      "Throughout this whole thing, I felt like I was watching what was
      happening, yet still feeling like it was me. I and a lot of other
      people were all represented by big white balls and we were
      on a spacecraft of some kind."

      *** Dr. Martin Brofman
      "I was moving through the spinning scenes, which were memories
      from the life I had lived, memories which were calling for my attention.
      If I put my attention on them, though, I felt myself "pulled," because
      I was moving through these spinning memories, like being pulled
      through a tunnel, or falling down a well, but discovering that half-way
      down the well.:

      *** Post your NDE at: http://forums.near-death.com
      or email it to me at: neardeathexperience@... for
      possible inclusion in this newsletter and website.

      (3) WHAT'S NEW

      (These are new web pages recently added to near-death.com)

      (1) Nadia McCaffrey's NDE
      Having to return from her NDE was a tremendous disappointment
      to Nadia. Her desire to go back to the world of love caused
      her to
      attempt suicide on two occasions. These attempts only resulted
      in two more NDEs. (added 05/30/03)

      (2) The NDE and Science research conclusions
      Scientific discoveries found in NDEs; scientific technology
      in NDEs; findings of scientific research concerning the NDE;
      scientific theories and triggers of the NDE. (added 05/11/03)

      (3) The NDE and the City of Light research conclusions
      Many NDErs describe seeing a beautiful heavenly realm called
      by many names, such as, a "city of light" or a multi-dimensional
      "city of light" or "cities of light" or a "galaxy-like city of
      light beings"
      or "heavenly communities" or the "New Jerusalem" of the Book of
      Revelation. (added 05/12/03)

      (4) The NDE and the Void research conclusions
      Descriptions of the timeless, spaceless, darkness that is the
      which NDErs experience are profiled here. More will be added to
      this page soon. (added 05/11/03)

      (5) The NDE and Intense Emotions research conclusions
      The NDE is often a very emotional experience involving all
      the wide
      range of emotions. Some of them are very intense. This page
      all the various intense emotions experienced during an NDE. More
      will be added to this page soon. (added 05/11/03)

      (6) The NDE and the Life Review research conclusions
      The life-changing experience of the NDE is described here. This
      page is not yet finished and more will be added soon. (added

      (7) Edgar Cayce and the Afterlife
      All the information on this website concerning Edgar Cayce,
      his NDEs
      and his revelations have been consolidated into a section of
      its own.
      (added 05/11/03)

      (8) New NDE documentaries
      This web page has been redesigned and many new NDE
      documentaries added, such as, a video containing Dr. George
      Ritchie describing his NDE. A thorough search was done to find
      all the NDE videos available for sale on the internet. You will
      more than enough here. (added 05/12/03)

      (9) New NDE related documentaries
      This web page has been redesigned and new documentaries
      have been added. (added 05/11/03)

      (10) Press Release
      "New Website and Book Reveals Secrets of Near-Death Experiences"
      is the title to the latest press release of this website and
      book. (added 05/24/03)

      (11) Events of the NDE
      New events have been added to this listing of conferences,
      seminars, workshops, lectures and other activities around
      the world concerning near-death experiences. (added 04/25/03)

      (4) DISCUSSION

      *** What it is like to die
      Aziz Khabirpour presents the case of the reality of the afterlife
      theory of the NDE. "Astonishingly, many people describe the
      light as having a personality. People recount it having a sense
      of humor, and it being fun to be around. A little girl who died
      in a swimming pool, and who then told about her experience
      simply said, "You'll see, heaven is fun" (added 05/30/03)

      *** Search NDE Discussions Archive

      Q and A with Dr. PMH Atwater

      In this new section of the newsletter, Dr. PMH Atwater will answer
      questions submitted to her from subscribers to this free newsletter.
      If you have a question that you would like her to answer, just email
      your question to webmaster@... for consideration.

      Dr. PMH Atwater's next book, entitled "The New Children and
      Near-Death Experiences," will be released on December of 2003.
      You can order your copy now through Amazon. Order your copy at:

      Dr. Ken Ring had this to say about her book: "This book is the richest,
      most probing, and most comprehensive available of NDEs in children."

      QUESTION: What exactly is an NDE?

      ANSWER: There is no consensus among researchers as to exactly
      what a near-death experience is (NDE), much to the regret of the
      medical community which prefers "proven" definitions and details
      that can be measured in the manner they are used to.

      International Association For Near-Death Studies (IANDS) has
      recently stepped into the fray and offered the following: "The
      Near-Death Experience (NDE) has been defined as a lucid
      experience with perceived consciousness apart from the body,
      occurring at the time of actual or threatened imminent death."
      They note that "10 - 33% of those people facing a life-threatening
      event will have such an experience, and often they regard it as
      the most important event of their lives. Initially, they may have
      difficulty finding words to express the experience. Sensitivity by
      caregivers at this stage can be very important."

      I address this situation and its ramifications extensively in Chapter
      One of my book "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Near-Death
      Experiences. Allow me to quote a few paragraphs from that

      "Near-death states can occur when an individual brushes death,
      almost dies, or is pronounced clinically dead, yet later revives or
      is resuscitated. Typically, near-death experiencers register neither
      pulse nor breath for an average of 5 to 15 minutes. It's not unusual,
      at least in the work I have done, to hear of those who were dead
      for over a hour. Regardless of how long the experiences last,
      though, near-death episodes are significant in that they remain
      lucid and coherent in the experiencer's mind over time.

      "These experiences happen to anyone at any age, including
      newborns and infants. U. S. New & World Report's March 1997
      poll estimated that 15 million Americans have had a near-death
      experience, or roughly one-third of those who are at death's door.
      But this survey only addresses adult experiencers. In his
      groundbreaking study of child experiencers done in the late 1980's,
      Melvin Morse, M.D., author of Closer to the Light, estimates that
      among children close to death, around 70 percent have had a
      near-death experience.

      "Near-death experiences can range in content from an out-of-body
      experience to being in the presence of God. They imply that there
      may be life after death because of the imagery encountered and
      the accuracy of details that often could not have been known by
      the experiencer in advance."

      A word of caution is due here: "near-death-like" experiences
      can occur without perceived or actual physical death involved.
      I have a special chapter on this type in most of the books I have
      written, as it is valid and must be considered when discussing
      near-death states. Also, whenever you speak of the near-death
      experience (regardless of what type) you need also to include
      the aftereffects. It is the pattern of physiological and psychological
      aftereffects that validate the reality and import of the experience.
      Because of this, I now refer to near-death states as the "near-death
      phenomenon" (rather than "experience"). That way, both the
      experience and the aftereffects receive equal consideration,
      as they should.

      QUESTION: Do you think there will ever be proof of life after death?

      ANSWER: I doubt it. Irrespective of how amazing or evidential
      the proof is, there will always be some group or organization or
      authority figure who will refute that conclusion. And they need to,
      else the premise which undergirds society as we know it would
      be overturned or disappear. Some may think that would be a
      good thing, and, in a way it would be; yet, when you consider how
      much is vested in "keeping things the way they are," you begin to
      fathom how upsetting, instead of helpful, such proof could be.
      You need only recall what happened when Galileo was able to
      prove that the Earth revolved around the Sun, instead of vice
      versa, to appreciate what I am implying.

      Many of us harbor a deep longing within us to "shout from the
      mountain tops" that God is and death isn't, especially if you are a
      near-death experiencer. Should you give in to that longing,
      step back for a moment and watch what happens. Society has
      a way of "cruicifying" good news messengers. Perhaps you
      have already experienced such a backlash. I know I have. Still,
      if enough of us advance these thoughts, if researchers keep
      working and refuse to be discouraged, eventually a shift could
      occur in mass mind. It is possible. And I for one would be
      overjoyed if that occurred. --- Dr. PMH Atwater

      Website: http://www.cinemind.com/atwater/
      Marketplace (a public service): http://www.cinemind.com/atwater/rosen.html
      Research: http://www.near-death.com/experiences/experts05.html

      (6) TV LISTINGS

      (Check your local TV listings for the correct time near you)

      *** June 3,8,11,14,18 - "Heaven Sent" - Drama
      A young punk has a change of heart after a near-death experience
      puts him in touch with a friendly angel.

      *** June 3,4,6,11,16 - "Tequila Body Shots" - Drama
      On a road trip to Mexico, a college student drinks a magical elixir
      that gives him mind-reading powers and visions of the afterlife.

      *** June 4,11 - "Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction?" - Drama
      Dramatizations of bizarre real-life incidents and fictional tales of
      the unexplainable. Viewers learn at the end of the program which
      stories are true. This program deals more with the paranormal
      than near-death experiences specifically.

      *** June 5 - "Egypt: Land of the Gods: Death and Rebirth" - Documentary
      An exploration of the views on death by Egypt's major religions
      including resurrection; the afterlife, burial rites; and healing rituals.

      *** June 5,6,7,9,11,12,17,18 - "Flatliners" - Drama
      Medical students experiment with the afterlife by inducing near-death

      *** June 7 - "Resurrection" - Drama
      This is the 1999 TV version of the excellent 1980 movie about a woman
      who develops the power to heal following a near-death experience.

      *** Television series featuring the paranormal (including NDEs)

      *** Search cable TV listings for NDE programs aired from May 15
      through May 30. http://www.tvguide.com/listings/search/Search.asp

      (7) BOOKS

      *** "The Lost Secret of Death: Our Divided Souls and the
      Afterlife" - by Peter Novak, Colin Wilson. (Available: July 2003)
      Peter Novak, author of "Division of Consciousness", discusses
      his very interesting theories concerning the soul and it's
      connection with the afterlife.

      *** "Someone Else's Yesterday: The Confederate General and
      Connecticut Yankee, a Past Life Revealed - by Jeffrey J. Keene
      (Available: Now) - This is the true story of a Fire Chief who,
      without using hypnotic regression, experienced a series of
      uncanny synchronistic events that resulted in his research which
      provides abundant proof of his past life as a Civil War general.

      *** "There Is a River: The Story of Edgar Cayce"
      by Thomas Sugrue (Available: Now) - This is a remake and
      updated version of the original classic about the life of Edgar
      Cayce. The reader gets a glimpse into how Cayce discovered his
      abilities, and the challenges he encountered in fulfilling his life's work.
      The author actually spent time with Cayce and his family, and
      provides a very credible account of events in Cayce's life. It is
      interesting to read that Cayce himself did not fully understand the
      process of his sojourns out of his body, nor did he always have
      a clear comprehension of the messages brought through.

      *** Search for NDE books at Amazon.com

      (8) WEB LINKS

      *** Heavenly Paradise website
      This is one of the best websites I have found on NDEs. It profiles
      the analysis of the near-death phenomena, visions and visits to
      city of light, descriptions of heaven (activities, clothes, music, life,
      etc.), reports about life before life, heavenly pyramids, info on the
      second and third paradise. This site is pleasing to the eye and
      stimulating to the brain. You'll find a wealth of info here.

      *** The Edgar Cayce Virtual Library
      This virtual library consists of a collection of online articles,
      testimonials, essays, books, booklets, and interviews related to
      Edgar Cayce's remarkable life, work, and ministry. It is intended
      as a needed and valuable resource of Cayce-related material
      for the international community of physicians, therapists, patients,
      students, educators, researchers, and all others interested in
      Edgar Cayce - medical clairvoyant, Christian mystic, near-death
      experiencer, and one of the greatest psychic talents of all time.

      *** Soul Travel: The Emerging Soul - Out of Body Travel
      and Lucid Dreaming - International Institute of Projectiology
      and Conscientiology - Soul Travel Magazine is a non-profit e-zine.
      The primary focus of their web magazine is inner human
      development through the exploration of out-of-body experiences
      and lucid dreaming. They publish texts, articles and interviews
      within the fields of the multi-dimensional human and the emerging soul.

      *** News For The Soul
      A website that is a global community for soul searchers around
      the world, an online positive news broadcast center, an online
      audio and visual broadcast center, and a live life-changing talk
      radio show in Vancouver B.C. with Dannion Brinkley & Nicole
      Whitney - focusing on the uplifting side of the unexplained.
      "It's like Art Bell without the fear." (Dr. PMH Atwater will be
      interviewed live on June 28, 2003 - 10 pm PST on CFUN 1410 AM.

      *** Angelstaff - Changing the Face of Death
      Angelstaff is a "not for profit" organization dedicated to public
      awareness, consciousness and service towards the dying. The
      group, with NDEr Nadia McCaffrey's coaching, is experiencing
      unconditional love in dedication to helping people. The Angelstaff
      Project needs you. Their non-profit needs your help to raise $ 6000
      for the lease of their first second-hand store. In order to have this
      wonderful deal happen, they must move fast. Your donations are
      tax deductible. Please contact Nadia at nadiaiands@....

      *** The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom
      The CFPF is a non-profit organization founded by Michael Roll
      to present the secular scientific case for survival after death.
      To find out more about the Campaign, read an article by J.J.
      Snyder, Science Confirms Survival
      and a selection of correspondence:

      *** Reincarnation and the NDE
      Original articles, archived news stories, links and recommended
      books on karma, reincarnation and NDE. News stories such as:
      "Science Proves Life After Death", "Scientists Validate Near-Death
      Experiences", and "Out-of-Body Journal Article Causes a Stir".

      *** Search for all the NDE websites on the internet

      *** If you know of any new NDE website or web article you would
      like to see profiled, email me the address of the website at:
      neardeathexperience@... Thank you!

      (9) ODDS AND ENDS

      To UNSUBSCRIBE from this newsletter, send a blank email to:

      To SUBSCRIBE to this newsletter, send a blank email to:

      Please feel free to share this newsletter with others.

      Search for past issues of this newsletter:

      Visit the International Association for Near-Death Studies
      website (IANDS) http://www.iands.org

      That's it for now. Stay tuned for the next monthly issue!

      Copyright (c) Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife
      Peace and Light,

      Kevin R. Williams
      "Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife"
      "Nothing Better Than Death"
      "And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you
      truly dance." - Kahlil Gibran
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