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Near-Death Newsletter - Vol. 2, No. 04 - April 2003

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  • Kevin Williams
    ================================================= Near-Death Newsletter Vol. 02, No. 04 April 01, 2003
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      Near-Death Newsletter Vol. 02, No. 04 April 01, 2003

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      In this issue

      * NDEs in the news
      * The Forum
      * What's new
      * NDE discussion
      * From the webmaster
      * Upcoming events
      * New NDE TV listings
      * New NDE books
      * New NDE web links
      * Odds and ends
      * Subscribe instructions

      NDEs in the News

      *** Near-Death Experience
      "Geoff Cattach from Yarloop in country Western Australia couldn't
      believe his ears when his son young related his personal experience."
      This web page requires RealMedia or RealPlayer to hear the audio
      of the NDE.

      *** Near-Death Moment a Moving Experience
      MONTGOMERY COUNTY RECORD, PA - (The Intelligencer)
      "I saw the most beautiful, incredible lights," Gordon says. "It was
      brighter than our sun, and it felt so peaceful and loving. I wanted to
      go to it."

      *** What is Mind?
      BRAZIL - (Brain & Mind Magazine)
      "Saver & Rabin found that clues to the neural substrates of religious
      experience, near-death experiences and the intake of hallucinogens
      may be deduced from limbic epilepsy (the limbic system is described
      as the emotional system of the brain).

      *** Man Shares Story in Book After Nearly Dying
      STIKESTON, MO - (Skieston Standard Democrat)
      "The book tells of all the things I described to the doctor taking place
      in the emergency room after I had my aneurysm," Bean said. "But my
      doctor declared that I was unconscious." He continued: "I was telling
      them everything I remembered, and they were like, 'That's impossible.
      You were out."

      *** Twin Rivers Resident Describes "Journey"
      EAST WINDSOR, NJ - (Windsor-Hights Herald)
      "He is, in a way, reborn after the book's climax, a near-death experience
      where Bob is forced, by his guardian angel, to make a choice that will
      affect the rest of his life, and the lives of everyone he has ever touched."

      *** Minutes from Death
      (Christianity Today Magazine)
      "His throat slashed by a vagrant, this pastor saw his life and
      ministry, and what it could have been."

      *** A True Mystic
      PORTLAND, ME - (Portland Herald Press)
      "The Swedenborgian religion is based on the 18th-century writings
      of Emanuel Swedenborg, a Swedish scientist who began having
      mystical experiences - visitations of Christ, and near-death-like
      experiences - when he was in his mid-50s."

      *** The Earth's gravity field changed in 1998
      GREENBELT, MD - (Goddard Space Flight Center Media)
      New research at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center discovered
      that in 1998 something changed the Earth's gravity field, moving the
      magnetic poles closer together. The NASA article explained that
      as the ice on the poles melted, ocean currents moved water toward
      the equator, which factors researchers believe to be partly responsible,
      in conjunction with shifts in atmospheric patterns, for this ongoing
      shift in the Earth's magnetic field. Could this be the pole shift predicted
      by so many NDE prophecies?

      The Forum

      *** Mac Wright's NDE
      "A feeling of immense euphoria mixed with the desire to go back
      to wherever I had been overwhelmed me. The best way to describe
      it is that it was like the love a parent has for their favorite child
      times one billion."

      *** J.A.'s NDE
      "Suddenly we got into a place that looked like a room or a church
      or a temple, the only thing was that it was shining brighter than
      the sun."

      *** Asher Elmekiess' NDE
      "A rope was around his waist and he looked like a monk with a
      hood covering his head and straps on his sandals. He was what I
      would say a very Biblical looking person. There was something
      about him, as if he was the Peace, Love and Joy of that place."

      *** Reinee Pasarow's NDE
      "The Earth was alive and the Earth was singing. It was singing a
      single song and in that song everyone had a voice. Every human
      being had a very important note to add to this precious song of
      the Earth. It was a song of love and every living being had
      something to add to the song of Earth."

      *** Rose A.'s NDE
      "I found that part of me had separated from my physical body
      and had risen above my body to the ceiling. From above, I saw
      myself lying face down on the carpeting. Everything was so clear
      mentally and there was no pain."

      *** Mrs. Walters' NDE
      "When I had my first child I had the experience of being out of
      my body and hovering above it attached to a thick cord. I could
      see myself on the bed and the doctor who was in a panic."

      *** If you would like to have your NDE profiled on the
      near-death.com website, post your NDE on the Forum Bulletin
      Board at: http://forums.near-death.com or email it to me
      at webmaster@...

      What's new

      *** Major changes or additions to the near-death.com website:

      *** Research Conclusions
      I am doing a major update to my research conclusions by adding
      a great number of new information concerning the following subjects:

      1) Humanity - http://www.near-death.com/experiences/research04.html
      2) War - http://www.near-death.com/experiences/research10.html
      (added 04/01/03)

      NDE discussion

      *** The NDE and Dr. Richard Eby
      It is claimed that most of the NDEs profiled on my website are not
      totally consistent with traditional Christian teachings except for the
      case of Dr. Richard Eby. This web page discusses why this is not
      true by analyzing Eby's NDE.

      From the webmaster

      *** Holy wars, smart bombs and friendly fire
      My new web page on the NDE and War deals with some profound
      questions of the day. In light of the NDE, unconditional love for our
      enemies, and turning the other cheek, how does war such as the
      war in Iraq fit in? Should we support the war or support the protesters?
      Should we riot against police or kill Iraqis for peace? What do NDEs
      say about war?

      Upcoming events

      *** April 25 - 30, 2003 - Fifth International Conference on Science
      and Consciousness - Albuquerque, NM - "Consciousness Exploring Itself"
      Presenters include, Ralph Metzner, Peter Gorman, David Feinstein,
      Gregg Braden, and many others.

      *** May 16 -18, 2003 - "Pure and Convincing: Children's Near Death
      Experiences & Past Lives" - A.R.E. Conference, Virginia Beach, VA
      From the innocent and fresh experiences of children comes a fresh
      understanding of what lies beyond this life: fascinating research on the
      innocent and pure experiences of children, presented by the foremost
      experts in this field. Melvin Morse, MD; Kimberly Clark Sharp, LCSW;
      Charles Thomas Cayce, PhD, Carol Bowman, MS; ; Robert J. Grant;

      *** June 13-15, 2003 - Brussels, Belgium
      "1st Global Conference: Visions of Heaven and Hell"
      The conference will explore all pertinent sources which deal with
      or have a bearing on, understandings of heaven and hell. All genres
      and media will be considered in order to examine the widest
      possible range of representations, past and contemporary, which
      offer perspectives and insights on why these notions exist within
      human life, thought, belief and practice.

      *** June 23 - 26, 2003 - The Academy of Religion and Psychical Research
      Annual Conference - Bloomfield, CT - "The Varieties of Religious and
      Psychic Experiences: Personal and Global"
      The theme encompasses mystical, near-death, and out-of-body experiences;
      all forms of parapsychological experiences, including survival research,
      mediumship, apparitions and electronic voice communication, etc.

      *** July 16 - 20, 2003 - Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship Intl Annual Conference
      Philadelphia, PA - "A Search for Peace: Inner Peace and Global Peace"
      This is a wonderful opportunity to hear informative and inspirational
      lectures, take part in useful workshops, and enjoy the company of
      others also interested in psychic topics, and spiritual life and service.

      *** July 28 - Aug. 1, 2003 - Evoking the Spirits of the Deceased
      Rheinbeck, NY - "A workshop with Dr. Raymond Moody"
      "In this fascinating workshop, Moody teaches us a step-by-step
      technique for seeing and interacting with apparitions of deceased
      friends and family members. Moody recreated this procedure after
      applying modern knowledge about alternate states of consciousness
      to the ancient Greek oracles of the dead, known as psychomanteums."

      *** September 5-7, 2003 - The 11th European Skeptics Congress
      London, UK - "European Skeptics Conference"
      This symposium assesses the current status and future prospects of
      parapsychology. Parapsychology attempts to study alleged paranormal
      phenomena using the tools of experimental science.

      *** September 19-21 - A Conference Exploring the Evidence for Life
      After Death - Rheinbeck, NY - "Soul Survival"
      "This unique gathering is an extraordinary opportunity to explore the
      evidence for life after death with some of the leaders in the fields of
      soul survival, past-life therapy, reincarnation, communication with
      the deceased, and the afterlife."

      *** NDEs and the Afterlife Calender of Events (not associated with
      This is a list of activities that are scheduled for the next couple of months
      in the San Francisco Bay Area in Calif.

      New NDE TV listings

      (Check your local TV listings for the correct time nearest you.)

      *** April 6,10,11,12,14,16,17,18 - "Flatliners" - Movie
      Medical students experiment with the afterlife by inducing near-death
      experiences. Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts

      *** April 9 - "Defending Your Life" - Movie
      Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep find love in an afterlife way station
      where fates are determined. (excellent life review comedy)

      *** April 11,12,13 - "Penn & Teller: Bull!" - Documentary
      "Ouija Boards and Near-Death Experiences"
      Skeptic magicians Penn & Teller get some hands-on experience
      dealing with Ouija boards, and kill time discussing near-death

      *** April 11,17 - "Dragonfly" - Movie
      The wife of a doctor is killed and her young cancer patients who have
      had near-death experiences receive messages from her to the
      doctor (played by Kevin Costner).

      *** For television series featuring the paranormal (including NDEs)

      *** Search Cable TV listings for NDE programs
      TV listings in this section of the newsletter span from April 5 through
      April 20. After April 20, search the cable listings for TV listings from
      Jan. 16 through Jan. 31. A search using keywords such as: death,
      near-death, afterlife, reincarnation, heaven, hell, hereafter, afterworld,
      beyond, and otherworld, the other side.

      New NDE books

      *** Immortal Remains: The Evidence for Life After Death
      by Stephen E. Braude (Available: Now)
      Strong circumstantial evidence affirming the afterlife is profiled.

      *** Love Never Dies: A Mother's Journey from Loss to Love
      by Sandy Goodman (Available: Now)
      If you have lost a child or a loved one, this is an incredible book that
      absolutely must be read. But if you are only interested in the processes
      of After Death Communications (ADC) or spiritual growth, this work is
      laced with gems throughout; each another valuable piece of the puzzle
      of that is the bigger picture of the other side.

      *** We Are Eternal: What the Spirits Tell Me About Life After Death
      by Robert Brown (Available: Now)
      "We Are Eternal" reveals the astonishing story of the world beyond
      the physical, including what happens when our physical body dies,
      and what spirits really want us to know about capital punishment,
      suicides, evil spirits, and man's inhumanity to man.

      *** The Phenomenology of Past-Life Experiences (Mellen Studies in
      Psychology, V. 5) by Diane S. Winn (Available: Now)
      Diane Winn describes her research into the phenomenon of
      reincarnation and past-life experiences.

      *** The Lost Secret of Death: Our Divided Souls and the Afterlife
      by Peter Novak, Colin Wilson. (Available: July 2003)
      Peter Novak, author of "Division of Consciousness", discusses
      his very interesting theories concerning the soul and it's connection
      with the afterlife.

      *** European Cases of the Reincarnation Type
      by Ian Stevenson, MD. (Available: May 2003)
      The leading research in the field of reincarnation profiles European
      cases of reincarnation.

      *** Return of the Revolutionaries: Evidence of Reincarnation and
      Creation of a New World, by Walter Semkiw. (Available: May 2003)
      Walter Semkiw provides compelling evidence for reality of reincarnation.

      *** Healing Lazarus : A Buddhist's Journey from Near Death to New Life
      by Lewis Richmond (Available: October 2003)
      Buddhist teacher, Lewis Richmond, contracted encephalitis that
      attacked his brain and sent him into a coma for 10 days. He learns
      that the central Buddhist teaching of life as suffering and impermanence
      has literal as well as spiritual meaning. His book provides additional
      depth to his near-death account and recovery.

      *** Children's Near-Death Experiences and the Evolution of humankind
      by Dr. P.M.H. Atwater (Available: In the Fall)
      This book is a remake of the original; same basic style, but new cases
      and new research never before published, especially as concerns our
      tiniest near-death experiencers (newborns and toddlers).

      *** To search for NDE books at Amazon.com, click here:

      New NDE web links

      *** British Near Death Group: Spiritual Support Email Discussion
      A discussion of the near-death experience leading to the conclusion
      of the existence of things beyond our understanding and ultimately
      of a loving God.

      *** Knowledge From Beyond: Prayer, Support and Sharing Email
      Discussion - A discussion of near-death experiences and the
      knowledge that people have brought back with them from the beyond.
      This is a loving, non-judgmental environment for everyone where it
      is believed that all religions have the capacity of containing spiritual

      *** Canadian Near Death Group: Spiritual Support Email Discussion
      A Canadian near-death experience group where we discuss angels,
      ghosts, mental health, miracles, reincarnation, and more is also

      *** Near-Death Experiences: In or out of the body?
      An article from Dr. Susan Blackmore's website
      Perhaps we should give up and conclude that all the experiences
      are "just imagination" or "nothing but hallucinations." However, this
      is the weakest theory of all. The experiences must, in some sense,
      be hallucinations, but this is not, on its own, any explanation. We
      have to ask why are they these kinds of hallucinations? Why tunnels?

      *** Greater Things: Death and Back NDEs
      Accounts of those who have died, seen the Savior, visited the spirit
      world, and then were permitted to return with a special mission or

      *** NDEs and OBEs in Melanesian Society
      Reports of adventures in which people leave their bodies or die, journey
      to the world of the dead and then return are found in Melanesian

      *** Science Mysteries: Life After Death
      People of all times and places in history have believed that the
      human soul survives death. If there is no consciousness beyond the
      grave, then life has fooled almost everyone from the Pharaohs of Egypt
      to Jesus of Nazareth.

      *** Complete Idiots Guide to NDEs: Near-Death Look-a-Likes
      Chapter 3 of Dr. P.M.H. Atwater's excellent book
      Experiences similar to NDEs happen to many people. The fear
      of impending death triggers some of these episodes.

      *** Almost Heaven: Near-Death Experiences...Fact or Fiction?
      A brush with death almost always makes us appreciate our lives.
      The old saying is that you don't realize what you have until it's gone,
      and that's certainly true when it comes to a near death experience.

      *** If you know of any new NDE website or web article you
      would like to see profiled, email me the address of the website
      at neardeathexperience@...
      Thank you!

      Odds and ends

      Please feel free to share this newsletter to others if you think
      they may benefit from this information concerning near-death

      If you would like to contribute some information to an upcoming
      Near-Death Newsletter, email it to Kevin Williams at his email
      address below.


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      Peace and Light,

      Kevin R. Williams
      "Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife"
      "Nothing Better Than Death"
      "Love as much as you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways
      you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the
      people you can, as long as ever you can." - Anonymous
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