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Near-Death Newsletter Vol. 2, No. 03 - March

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  • Kevin Williams
    ================================================= Near-Death Newsletter Vol. 2, No. 3 March 01, 2003
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      Near-Death Newsletter Vol. 2, No. 3 March 01, 2003

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      In this issue

      * NDEs in the news
      * The Forum
      * What’s new
      * NDE discussion
      * From the webmaster
      * Upcoming events
      * New NDE TV listings
      * New NDE books
      * New NDE web links
      * Odds and ends
      * Subscribe instructions

      NDEs in the News

      *** Into The Light
      "The idea that when the brain ends life ends is now a concept
      that is beginning to fray at the edges a bit." Dr. Peter Fenwick,
      consultant neuropsychiatrist.

      *** Tunnel Visions
      "Death is an illusion, a nasty, bad lie," said one interviewee. It
      seems Henry Scott Holland was right: death is nothing at all."

      *** Brunswick Couple Finds Blessings
      BRUNSWICK, Feb. 6 -- (GAZETTE)
      "Just about the only thing Bob does recall is that sometime during
      his coma he "saw the angels" ­ his mother, her parents and many
      relatives on his father's side."

      *** Jim Lucas Tells the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
      "I have seen the eyes of the coming of the Lord," said Lucas after
      surviving his near death experience."

      *** Pick of the Day
      ""The Day I Died", 9 pm, BBC2, "This absorbing and thought-provoking
      documentary takes very seriously a subject that is often mocked:
      near-death experiences."

      *** True Believers Mingle with Scientists at Annual UFO Convention
      "He said great changes could come to human cultures "if we come
      to see UFO phenomena as having a relationship to other anomalies
      [such as] crop circles, near-death experiences, precognition, spiritual
      healing, apparitions of the Blessed Virgin--or whoever that woman is
      that so many people see--and organ transplants, when a person
      experiences personality traits of a person from whom the organ was taken."

      *** What Lies Beyond?
      INDIA, Feb. 24 -- (THE INDIAN EXPRESS)
      "Somebody described a dead atheist as someone who’s all dressed
      up with nowhere to go."

      *** Alternate Route: Event Attracts Fans of Holistic Medicine, Spirituality
      TORRANCE, CA, Feb. 18 -- (DAILY BREEZE)
      "In a crowded lecture hall, Dannion Brinkley uses colorful Southern
      colloquialisms to discuss life and death, peace and war, and even
      atoms and matter."

      *** A Near-Death Experience
      "The world was the most bright and beautiful thing I’d ever seen -
      like being re-born almost..."

      *** The Near-Death Experience
      "Dead men tell no tales, but what about those who have only visited
      the netherland? They come back from near death with incredible
      stories. Now scientists are refining their methods so that the living
      can learn from the nearly dead.

      The Forum

      *** Marty's NDE
      "The place I was in didn't really have concrete walls, but an area
      full of very bright light. It was warm and absolutely quiet."

      *** Stefano Barone's NDE
      "The light began to communicate to me. Words were not necessary.
      It was a simultaneous transmission of thoughts and images."

      *** Cath's NDE
      "Then, from out of the clouds, came two figures. I couldn't make out
      anything. They drew closer and I realized the person up front was
      my dear Uncle John."

      *** Palden Jenkins' NDE
      "In the inner world, Michael and I were walking hand in hand towards
      the Pearly Gates. It really was the Pearly Gates! I never knew the
      Pearly Gates actually existed, but they did - at least, in my experience.

      *** John P.'s NDE
      "Standing in front of Jesus, it was communicated to me that He had
      unconditional love for me and total acceptance. Jesus then reached
      out and gave me a hug."

      *** Robert Coleman's NDE
      "Suddenly, I felt as if I had been given access to the total knowledge
      of the universe. I stared at a huge dark wheel containing stars and
      other celestial bodies that slowly revolved. A deep voice spoke slowly,
      but I could not make out what it was saying."

      *** Paul Beecher's NDE
      "This was the first time I really felt the presence of that pure white light
      and also sensed it drawing me closer. It's glow was so comforting
      and warm."

      *** Chris Taylor's NDE
      "The closer I approached the light I became aware of a fundamental
      sense of purity. I could feel my pain falling away. I became aware of
      PURE LOVE, peace, tranquility."

      *** Sharon Wood's NDE
      "I then arrived in a void. It was completely black. I felt there was an
      edge to where I was. I sensed there were others near me - animals
      and humans."

      *** RBY's NDE
      "I experienced going up in the sky and I viewed my automobile
      and the others coming out to my rescue. But what puzzles me is
      that while I was up above them, I heard a voice that I can never
      get out of my head."

      *** Damien Spaulding's NDE
      "I navigated around for a second or two at the speed of thought
      and realized in the distance there was an open library. A library
      in the sky without walls."

      *** Bruce Gooch's NDE
      "Then I saw my wife sitting on the couch as my baby crawled on
      the floor. I don't know how it was that I could see them so clearly,
      but I did! They were nearly two thousand miles away!"

      *** Roger Pattee's NDE
      "Looking through one of the windows were my Mother and Father.
      They are both deceased due to natural causes. They were smiling
      and I remember my Father saying, "Not now Rogums. Not now."

      *** If you would like to have your NDE profiled on the
      near-death.com website, post your NDE on the Forum Bulletin
      Board at: http://forums.near-death.com or email it to me
      at webmaster@...

      What’s new

      *** Nothing Better Than Death info
      This new web page contains info on how to order the book from
      Xlibris, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. A Table of Contents and
      excerpt from the book is also profiled. (added 02/19/03)

      *** Research Conclusions
      I am doing a major update to my research conclusions by adding
      a great number of new information concerning the following subjects:

      1) Pre-Birth - http://www.near-death.com/experiences/research01.html
      2) Life - http://www.near-death.com/experiences/research02.html
      3) Religion - http://www.near-death.com/experiences/research04.html
      (added 02/26/03)

      *** NDEs of Atheists
      This web page contains links to all the people who were atheists
      before their near-death experiences. Find out if they came back
      an atheist. (added 02/19/03)

      *** More NDEs of suicidal people
      An additional page was added to my suicide section containing
      more NDEs by people who attempted suicide. (added 02/19/03)

      *** Another "Shared NDE" is added
      Under the caption "Shared NDE #3" an anonymous NDEr
      describes his experience with a friend of his during a
      Thanksgiving dinner. (added 03/01/03)

      *** More Biblical support for the NDE
      The argument is made that it is possible for people to actually
      see God; people are able to die more than once; NDEs do not
      conflict with scripture; the Bible supports the NDE idea of
      universal salvation. (added 02/12/03)

      *** New Hollywood movies with afterlife themes
      These movies have been added that have aspects involving the NDE:
      Dead Heat (2000), Ghost Dad (1990), Truly Madly Deeply (1991),
      Quiet Earth (1985), Impure Thoughts (1985), Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life
      is Calling (1986). (added 03/01/03)

      *** Translate web pages
      This is a link to Alta Vista's language translator. Convert web pages
      to Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Portugese, and more.
      (added 02/16/03)

      NDE discussion

      *** Christian doctrines and the NDE
      This page provides information on important doctrines of Christianity
      and my understanding of them in light of the NDE. Some of the
      doctrines include: Evolution versus creationism, the Garden of Eden,
      Adam and Eve, the Trinity, resurrection, salvation and damnation,
      abortion, prayer in school, the death penalty, etc..."

      From the webmaster

      *** The NDE and Music
      There exists some very interesting ideas concerning the music
      and sound heard during many NDEs. The following information
      are all the references to music and sound that is found in NDE

      Upcoming events

      *** March 7, 2003 - "Counseling Approaches to Child and
      Adult Near-Death Experiences"
      Univ of North Texas, Denton, TX - Featuring Debbie James, M.S.N.,
      Pam Kircher, M.D., Jan Holden, Ed.D.

      *** March 14, 2003 - "After-Death Contacts" - Full Circle Books,
      1538 El Camino Real Belmont, CA 94002
      http://www.changingthefaceofdeath.org and http://www.angelstaff.org
      Nadia McCaffrey and her Angelstaff presents: Sylvia Hart Wright,
      author of "When Spirits Come Calling: The Open-Minded Skeptic’s
      Guide to After-Death Contacts. She will be talking about how her
      husband’s death and his subsequent contacts with her and her s
      on, converted her from a skeptic to embracing the idea of after-life.

      *** March 17, 2003 - 7 p.m. - St. James, Piccadilly, London SW1
      "Near Death Experience Alternatives"
      Do NDEs point to consciousness beyond the brain? By Dr. Peter
      Fenwick, Institute of Psychiatry, University of London), President
      of the Horizon Foundation (formerly the International Association
      for Near-Death Studies UK). Is our consciousness just a mass
      of brain processes? An evolutionary by-product with no meaning
      or purpose? Or is it something beyond the brain - a bridge to
      other powerful, hidden dimensions of reality?

      *** April 25 - 30, 2003 - Fifth International Conference on Science
      and Consciousness - Albuquerque, NM - "Consciousness Exploring Itself"
      Presenters include, Ralph Metzner, Peter Gorman, David Feinstein,
      Gregg Braden, and many others.

      *** May 16 -18, 2003 - "Pure and Convincing: Children's Near Death
      Experiences & Past Lives" - A.R.E. Conference, Virginia Beach, VA
      From the innocent and fresh experiences of children comes a fresh
      understanding of what lies beyond this life: fascinating research on the
      innocent and pure experiences of children, presented by the foremost
      experts in this field. Melvin Morse, MD; Kimberly Clark Sharp, LCSW;
      Charles Thomas Cayce, PhD, Carol Bowman, MS; ; Robert J. Grant;

      *** June 13-15, 2003 - Brussels, Belgium
      "1st Global Conference: Visions of Heaven and Hell"
      The conference will explore all pertinent sources which deal with
      or have a bearing on, understandings of heaven and hell. All genres
      and media will be considered in order to examine the widest
      possible range of representations, past and contemporary, which
      offer perspectives and insights on why these notions exist within
      human life, thought, belief and practice.

      *** June 23 - 26, 2003 - The Academy of Religion and Psychical Research
      Annual Conference - Bloomfield, CT - "The Varieties of Religious and
      Psychic Experiences: Personal and Global"
      The theme encompasses mystical, near-death, and out-of-body experiences;
      all forms of parapsychological experiences, including survival research,
      mediumship, apparitions and electronic voice communication, etc.

      *** July 16 - 20, 2003 - Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship Intl Annual Conference
      Philadelphia, PA - "A Search for Peace: Inner Peace and Global Peace"
      This is a wonderful opportunity to hear informative and inspirational
      lectures, take part in useful workshops, and enjoy the company of
      others also interested in psychic topics, and spiritual life and service.

      New NDE TV listings

      *** March 5 - "Heaven Sent" - Movie - (SHOe Channel)
      A young punk (Vincent Kartheiser) has a change of heart after a near-death
      experience puts him in touch with a friendly angel.

      *** March 7,8,9,10,11,12,13 - "Dragonfly" - Movie - (STZTe Channel)
      Costner plays an ER physician who encounters young cancer patients
      who have had near-death experiences and claim to have messages
      from his deceased wife Emily.

      *** March 7,12 - "Sightings" - (SCIFI Channel)
      A man searches for his son from an alleged past life; near-death
      experiences; a house believed to be haunted.

      5:00 PM Channel 273 NGC Monday, 10
      *** March 10,15 - "Snakebite!" - (NGC Channel)
      Poisonous rattlesnakes and cobras are observed. Snakebite victims recount
      their near-death experiences.

      *** March 12 - "Flatliners" - Movie - (A&E Channel)
      Medical students experiment with the afterlife by inducing near-death
      experiences. Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts"

      *** For television series featuring the paranormal (including NDEs)

      *** Search TV listings for NDE programs
      TV listings in this section of the newsletter span from Jan. 1 through
      Jan. 15. After Jan. 15, search the cable listings for TV listings from
      Jan. 16 through Jan. 31. A search using keywords such as: death,
      near-death, afterlife, reincarnation, heaven, hell, hereafter, afterworld,
      beyond, and otherworld, the other side.

      New NDE books

      *** Immortal Remains: The Evidence for Life After Death
      by Stephen E. Braude (Available: Now)
      Strong circumstantial evidence affirming the afterlife is profiled.

      *** Love Never Dies: A Mother's Journey from Loss to Love
      by Sandy Goodman (Available: Now)
      If you have lost a child or a loved one, this is an incredible book that
      absolutely must be read. But if you are only interested in the processes
      of After Death Communications (ADC) or spiritual growth, this work is
      laced with gems throughout; each another valuable piece of the puzzle
      of that is the bigger picture of the other side.

      *** We Are Eternal: What the Spirits Tell Me About Life After Death
      by Robert Brown (Available: Now)
      "We Are Eternal" reveals the astonishing story of the world beyond
      the physical, including what happens when our physical body dies,
      and what spirits really want us to know about capital punishment,
      suicides, evil spirits, and man's inhumanity to man.
      http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0446528455 /neardeathexp-20

      *** The Phenomenology of Past-Life Experiences (Mellen Studies in
      Psychology, V. 5) by Diane S. Winn (Available: March 2003)
      Diane Winn describes her research into the phenomenon of
      reincarnation and past-life experiences.

      *** The Lost Secret of Death: Our Divided Souls and the Afterlife
      by Peter Novak, Colin Wilson. (Available: July 2003)
      Peter Novak, author of "Division of Consciousness", discusses
      his very interesting theories concerning the soul and it's connection
      with the afterlife.

      *** European Cases of the Reincarnation Type
      by Ian Stevenson, MD. (Available: May 2003)
      The leading research in the field of reincarnation profiles European
      cases of reincarnation.

      *** Return of the Revolutionaries: Evidence of Reincarnation and
      Creation of a New World
      by Walter Semkiw. (Available: May 2003)
      Walter Semkiw provides compelling evidence for reality of reincarnation.

      *** Children's Near-Death Experiences and the Evolution of humankind
      by Dr. P.M.H. Atwater (Available: In the Fall)
      This book is a remake of the original; same basic style, but new cases
      and new research never before published, especially as concerns our
      tiniest near-death experiencers (newborns and toddlers).

      *** To search for NDE books at Amazon.com, click here:


      New NDE web links

      *** Skytopia: The Quest for Profound Truth
      A scientific inquiry into some of the most important questions ever
      faced by humanity - and the search for proof of life after death.
      Answers are obtained by people who have had a genuine
      near-death experience.

      *** Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife
      This new website was developed to provide unlimited support and
      resources to those seeking to better understand the near-death
      phenomenom and the afterlife.

      *** Dharma Talks: The Insights Learned From One Near-Death Experience
      And How To Cope With Stage IV Cancer.
      "I could sense the feelings of others and how my actions in this life
      had touched them, the joy, happiness, heartaches, disappointments,
      love, all of their emotions. But there were no feelings of judgment."

      *** "Unsolved Mysteries" NDE Bulletin Board
      Many NDEs are posted on this website which is not affiliated with
      the television program

      *** Celestial Travelers NDE page
      Information about the NDE including personal accounts. This website
      is a must see just for the beautiful JAVA image of the NDE tunnel.

      *** The Near-Death Experience: A model for combining phenomenological
      aspects and biological correlates.
      A model will be suggested that tries to link the different aspects of the NDE,
      involving the phenomena, the role of the memory system and the effect
      of endorphins on the limbic system. Some philosophical implications have
      been added.

      *** A Near-Death Experience by Alex Paterson
      I had a 'near death experience' (NDE) as a child of about seven (7).
      I was kicked in the chest by a horse and I passed out. (I was severely
      winded and suspect my heart stopped briefly)

      *** Paranormal Phenomenon: Near-Death Experiences
      About's website containing a wealth on information on NDEs along
      with accounts and theories.

      *** Swedenborg and the Near-Death Experience
      Two hundred years ago Emanuel Swedenborg was writing about
      the same common elements found in NDEs. In his writings he frequently
      mentions the feelings of ineffability and also the peace and joy. He
      speaks of a light which he calls the Sun of Heaven. He tells us
      stories of those who meet their friends or relatives who had died
      before them. He speaks of the review of the person's life, the cities
      of light, and the realm of frustrated spirits. He even speaks about the
      out-of-body experience before there was any public knowledge of such a thing.

      *** If you know of any new NDE website or web article you
      would like to see profiled, email me the address of the website
      at neardeathexperience@...
      Thank you!

      Odds and ends

      Please feel free to share this newsletter to others if you think
      they may benefit from this information concerning near-death

      If you would like to contribute some information to an upcoming
      Near-Death Newsletter, email it to Kevin Williams at his email
      address below.


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      Peace and Light,

      Kevin R. Williams
      "Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife"
      "Nothing Better Than Death"
      "The brain has not explained the mind fully." - Wilder Penfield MD
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