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Near-Death Newsletter - Vol. 2, No. 2. Feb. 2003

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  • Kevin Williams
    ================================================= Near-Death Newsletter Vol. 2, No. 2 February 01, 2003
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      Near-Death Newsletter Vol. 2, No. 2 February 01, 2003

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      In this issue

      * NDEs in the news
      * The Forum
      * What's new
      * NDE discussion
      * From the webmaster
      * Upcoming events
      * New NDE TV listings
      * New NDE books
      * New NDE web links
      * Odds and ends
      * Subscribe instructions

      NDEs in the News

      *** Edwardsville Woman Has Near-Death Experience
      ST. LOUIS, MO, Jan. 21 (BELLIVILLE) -- "It was as though the
      hospital had no ceiling; she says she could even see her friends
      in the waiting room from her vantage point above the frantic effort
      to save her life."

      *** Touched By An Angel?
      LAS VEGAS, NV, Jan. 11 (VERO BEACH PRESS) -- "I saw
      black, black mountains and faces of devils, almost like they were
      plastic," he said. "And then I was flying and I saw my arms as

      *** Is God All In Your Head? Scientists Say Humans Wired For
      SANTA CLARA, CA, Feb. 1 (NEWHOUSE) -- "Studies of
      epileptic patients who have experienced religious hallucinations
      are evidence that "spiritual experience is not based on superstition
      but is instead real, biological and part of our primitive biological

      *** WSU Professor Lectures On Ghosts, Spirits
      DETROIT, MI, Jan. 29 (WAYNE STATE UNIV) -- "Langlois plans
      to turn her findings into a series of study books and she is always
      accepting subjects who would like to share their experiences.
      Those interested may send their name, telephone number and
      stories to janet_langlois@..."

      *** Chaplain Pens Book On Language Of The Dying
      COUNCIL BLUFFS, IA, Jan. 26 (NONPAREIL) -- "Besides the
      symbols, the book also describes more unusual events, such
      as a dying person "seeing" or talking to a deceased loved one,
      speaking a language they never knew or having a near-death

      *** The Return of Kevin Kling: A Story of Near-Death and Recovery
      WASHINGTON, DC, Jan. 4 (NPR) -- " "I felt death brush twice and
      had one full-blown conversation. I remember very clearly having
      the choice to come back here or to move on."

      *** Eminem's Near-Death Experience?
      HOLLYWOOD, CA, Nov. 15 (ET ONLINE) -- "Eminem's
      estranged mother, Debbie Mathers, talks about the rapper's
      near-death experience!"

      *** Bullshit Walks! Penn & Teller's New Showtime Series Tells
      Viewers Where To Get Off
      HARTFORD, CT, Jan. 30 (LIFESTYLES) -- "The initial season
      of "Bullshit" examines alien abductions, "environmental hysteria,"
      bottled water, feng shui, creationism, Ouija boards, near-death
      experiences, penis and breast enlargement scams and aphrodisiacs,
      second-hand smoke, products for babies, and end-of-the-world

      The Forum

      *** Alm's NDE
      "He jumped me from behind, punched my face and the sides of my
      head several times, then strangled me way beyond my ability to
      hold my breath, way beyond my body."

      *** Elizabeth's NDE
      "Immediately, I fell to my knees covering my head and eyes with my
      arms tightly. My eyes filled. Then the tears began to fall uncontrollably,
      yet I was filled with such joy. They were tears of happiness. I had
      remembered. I knew this being in front of me."

      *** EP's NDE
      "Then I prayed to God, whatever or whoever God is, to help me not
      hate my enemies so I could pray for them with a genuine heart.
      Suddenly, I was in the presence of light - incredible, indescribable,
      pure white light."

      *** Ian Nicholson's NDE
      "I was cycling with a friend. We were speeding downhill in our
      neighborhood when a little girl stepped out in front of me. I swerved
      to avoid her and crashed into a tree."

      *** Jeremy Andrews' NDE
      "I coded on the table and left my body - rising up into a fog. I came
      into a garden (I know this is real because I can see it in my mind's
      eye as vivid as if it happened last night). BUT, in this garden, there
      was a tree."

      *** Lauren Zimmerman's NDE
      "On the edge of existence, looking back, these circles of universes
      looked like strings of pearls. The Voice explained to me that, within
      each 'string,' the universes were connected and accessible to each
      other via what we now call 'black holes.'"

      *** Melanie's NDE
      "Then suddenly this bright light was in front of me. It was huge,
      bright white light, but it did not hurt to look at. In fact it was restful
      to look at. It engulfed me with calmness and love and yet it did not
      touch me."

      *** Nightocean's NDE
      "You should have seen the face of that intern who came into the
      morgue and saw my eyes open. I could not move or speak as I
      was stiff and cold."

      *** Stillhere's NDE
      "The most remarkable feature about him was his eyes. The thought
      of his eyes brings me to tears sometimes. They were very large and
      very brown and he seemed to speak through them of supreme
      compassion, patience, indescribable love, joy and a complete
      acceptance of me just the way I was."

      *** Virgus Norman
      "From that point on, my life has not been the same. He showed
      me so much and gave me special knowledge which I cannot
      recall to mind, although I have tried. I know it's there. I just cannot
      access it."

      *** If you would like to have your NDE profiled on the
      near-death.com website, post your NDE on the Forum Bulletin
      Board at: http://forums.near-death.com

      What's new

      *** Lessons from NDEs about the fourth dimension, by Jody Long
      This article attempts to explain the fourth dimension by analogizing
      to one, two, and three-dimensional concepts to what NDErs are
      telling us about their fourth dimensional experiences. (added 02/01/03)

      *** Afterlife beliefs and phenomenon
      From Egyptian to Voodoo and from Gilgamesh to the near-death
      experience, you'll find straightforward information on the topic of
      the afterlife beliefs of some of history's religious traditions. (added

      *** NDE prophecy
      (An addition to this page was added) Scientific evidence supporting
      the ability to successfully predict the future is provided here. More info
      about NDE prophecy concerning the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

      NDE discussion

      *** The Survivalist Interpretation of Recent Studies Into the
      Near-Death Experience - by Titus Rivas
      There is serious evidence for veridical perceptions during the
      stage of flat electroencephalogram (EEG) in so-called near-death
      experiences (NDEs). This paper addresses common
      counter-hypotheses for a survivalist interpretation of these

      From the webmaster

      *** The NDE and Destiny
      Information gleaned from many near-death experience accounts
      provides us with a wealth of information concerning concepts
      such as destiny, karma, predestination, free will, missions,
      reincarnation and how they relate to our lives.

      Upcoming events

      *** March 7, 2003 - "Counseling Approaches to Child and
      Adult Near-Death Experiences"
      Univ of North Texas, Denton, TX - Featuring Debbie James, M.S.N.,
      Pam Kircher, M.D., Jan Holden, Ed.D.

      *** March 17, 2003 - 7 p.m. - St. James, Piccadilly, London SW1
      "Near Death Experience Alternatives"
      Do NDEs point to consciousness beyond the brain? By Dr. Peter
      Fenwick, Institute of Psychiatry, University of London), President
      of the Horizon Foundation (formerly the International Association
      for Near-Death Studies UK). Is our consciousness just a mass
      of brain processes? An evolutionary by-product with no meaning
      or purpose? Or is it something beyond the brain - a bridge to
      other powerful, hidden dimensions of reality?

      *** April 25 - 30, 2003 - Fifth International Conference on Science
      and Consciousness - Albuquerque, NM - "Consciousness Exploring Itself"
      Presenters include, Ralph Metzner, Peter Gorman, David Feinstein,
      Gregg Braden, and many others.

      *** May 16 -18, 2003 - "Pure and Convincing: Children's Near Death
      Experiences & Past Lives" - A.R.E. Conference, Virginia Beach, VA
      From the innocent and fresh experiences of children comes a fresh
      understanding of what lies beyond this life: fascinating research on the
      innocent and pure experiences of children, presented by the foremost
      experts in this field. Melvin Morse, MD; Kimberly Clark Sharp, LCSW;
      Charles Thomas Cayce, PhD, Carol Bowman, MS; ; Robert J. Grant;

      *** June 23 - 26, 2003 - The Academy of Religion and Psychical Research
      Annual Conference - Bloomfield, CT - "The Varieties of Religious and
      Psychic Experiences: Personal and Global"
      The theme encompasses mystical, near-death, and out-of-body experiences;
      all forms of parapsychological experiences, including survival research,
      mediumship, apparitions and electronic voice communication, etc.

      *** July 16 - 20, 2003 - Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship Intl Annual Conference
      Philadelphia, PA - "A Search for Peace: Inner Peace and Global Peace"
      This is a wonderful opportunity to hear informative and inspirational
      lectures, take part in useful workshops, and enjoy the company of
      others also interested in psychic topics, and spiritual life and service.

      New NDE TV listings

      *** Feb. 4, 5 - "Ultimate Ten Unexplained Mysteries" - Documentary
      (TLC) Unexplained phenomena are examined. Included: spontaneous
      human combustion; extraterrestrial life; the dead returning to life;
      legendary creatures. Also: psychics and ghosts.

      *** Feb. 5, 16 - "Flatliners" - Movie - (A & E Channel)
      Medical students experiment with the afterlife by inducing near-death

      *** Feb. 5, 6, 10, 16 - "Dragonfly" - Movie (Satellite TV)
      Kevin Costner plays Dr. Joe Darrow, an ER physician who encounters
      young cancer patients who have had near-death experiences and claim
      to have messages from his dead wife.

      *** Feb. 6, 7, 10, 19, 20 - "Heaven Sent" - Movie (Satellite TV)
      A young punk (Vincent Kartheiser) has a change of heart after a near-death
      experience puts him in touch with a friendly angel.

      *** Feb. 7, 10 - "MSNBC Investigates: Back From The Dead" - Documentary
      (MSNBC) People who have had near-death experiences or have recovered
      from long-term comas are the subject of this report.

      *** Feb. 10 - "Critical Eye: The Death Zone" - Documentary (Sci Channel)
      Scientific investigation and analysis of death include near-death experiences,
      ghosts, reincarnation and spirit channeling.

      *** Feb. 11 - "Sightings" - Documentary - (SciFi Channel)
      An examination of Bigfoot; a teen's near-death experience; people who
      believe they were abducted by aliens. Also: "future life progressions";
      crop circles.

      *** Feb. 12 - "Sightings" - Documentary - (SciFi Channel)
      A reported turn-of-the-century UFO crash near Siberia; near-death
      experiences; crop circles. Also: a theory that sounds from the past can
      be heard in the present.

      *** For television series featuring the paranormal (including NDEs)

      *** Search TV listings for NDE programs
      TV listings in this section of the newsletter span from Jan. 1 through
      Jan. 15. After Jan. 15, search the cable listings for TV listings from
      Jan. 16 through Jan. 31. A search using keywords such as: death,
      near-death, afterlife, reincarnation, heaven, hell, hereafter, afterworld,
      beyond, and otherworld, the other side.

      New NDE books

      *** The Near-Death Experience: Problems, Prospects, Perspectives
      edited by Dr. Bruce Greyson and D. Charles P. Flynn. Charles C.
      Thomas, Publisher. An anthology of scholarly articles that probe
      the nature, possible explanations, and conjectures of and about
      the meaning of the near-death experience.

      *** Children Who Have Lived Before: Children from All over the World
      Prove That They Have Lived Before, by Trutz Hardo, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
      (March 2002) Children from around the world share their past life
      memories including some insights on kids who've been born with
      lost limbs and are able to describe when and where they lost them
      in a past life.

      *** This Day in Paradise: Contemporary and Historical Evidence of
      Life After Death, by Tim Ward - (August 2002)

      *** I Remember Choosing My Life
      by Jonathan Lippe - (September 2002)

      *** Death and Dying (Opposing Viewpoints)
      by James Haley (Editor) (January 2003)

      *** Prospects for Immortality: A Sensible Search for Life After
      Death (Death, Value, and Meaning Series)
      by J. Robert Adams (January 2003)

      *** The Afterlife Experiments: Breakthrough Scientific Evidence of
      Life After Death, by Gary Schwartz, William Simon, Deepak Chopra
      (March 2003) Dr. Gary Schwartz asked some of the most prominent
      mediums in America -- including John Edward, Suzane Northrup, and
      George Anderson -- to become part of a series of extraordinary
      experiments to prove, or disprove, the existence of an afterlife.

      *** The Phenomenology of Past-Life Experiences
      by Diane S. Winn - (March 2003) This book explores the
      hypnotically-induced past life experiences of five women as being
      one of a family of transpersonal experiences (including near-death,
      alien abduction, and shamanic journey experiences) that involve that
      transcendence of the usual boundaries of body, ego, three-dimensional
      space, and linear time.

      *** God, What Happens When We Die
      by Kay Arthur (March 2003)

      *** In the Service of Life: A Wiccan Perspective on Death
      by Ashleen O'Gaea (April 2003)

      *** Return of the Revolutionaries: Evidence of Reincarnation and Creation
      of a New World, by Walter Semkiw - (May 2003)

      New NDE web links

      *** Experiences of Previously Unconscious Patients
      by Madelaine Lawrence, RN, PhD - This is an online course
      to provide nurses, and other health professionals, with
      information about experiences patients have when they are

      *** One World Healing: The Website of Lauren Zimmerman
      Lauren had a life-after-death experience that changed her life
      dramatically. Since that time she's been in contact with UFOs
      and other-dimensional beings. The alien contact and encounters
      that she's had led her to create the "Other Worlds" series.

      *** Reality Center
      Soul, Spirit and Science of the near-death experience, spiritually
      transforming experiences, after-death communication,
      transpersonal psychology, spiritual emergence and emergency,
      consciousness research and more!

      *** The Pre-Birth Experience
      Men and women from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds
      are contacted by an unborn child before he or she was conceived.

      *** Beyond Indigo - Changing the way you feel about grief and loss
      When my father-in-law died, I dreamed that I was he and that I was
      dying. I saw everything through his eyes, including all the classic NDE
      experiences. I feel that now his consciousness is inside this body,
      combined with mine. I feel that this transference of consciousness
      has gone on for a long time, through many bodies. What do you think
      about this? Is it a NDE or a dream?

      *** My NDE Experiences and Other Things
      Tom Repasky fell off a cliff and certainly lost consciousness. He was
      attending a seminary to become a catholic priest. His experience is
      different than most NDEs. He did not leave his body and then return.
      Instead he entered the body, walked in and took up residence.

      *** The Natural Death Handbook - NDEs from Past Centuries
      The earliest English account comes from the Venerable Bede in the
      eighth century, who tells the story of a man who was thought to be dead.

      *** University of Virginia, Division of Personality Studies
      They are particularly interested in studying NDEs that may bear on
      the question of whether the mind can function outside the physical
      body, and on whether we may survive bodily death.

      *** Final Gifts: An interview with Maggie Callanan on Nearing-Death
      Awareness - These experiences seem to occur as people dying slowly
      of illness get nearer or as they are approaching death.

      *** My Spiritual Story: The Day I Died
      The happiest day of my life was the day I died. I was three years old
      and living in Richmond, Indiana. It was a sunny day and my dad
      decided to take me fishing.

      *** Did I Really Die?
      Jim Davis witnessed life after death. On July 6, 1997, eleven days
      after his appendix ruptured, life threatening toxins rushed through
      his body attacking his vital organs. As Jim's body shut down, he
      would embark on a journey only the dead could imagine.

      *** If you know of any new NDE website or web article you
      would like to see profiled, email me the address of the website
      at neardeathexperience@...
      Thank you!

      Odds and ends

      Please feel free to share this newsletter to others if you think
      they may benefit from this information concerning near-death

      If you would like to contribute some information to an upcoming
      Near-Death Newsletter, email it to Kevin Williams at his email
      address below.


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      Peace and Light,

      Kevin R. Williams
      "Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife"
      "Nothing Better Than Death"
      "You grow to heaven. You don't go to heaven. " - Edgar Cayce
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