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Near-Death Newsletter - Vol. 2, No. 1 - Jan 2003

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  • Kevin Williams
    ================================================= Near-Death Newsletter Vol. 2, No.1 January 01, 2003
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      Near-Death Newsletter Vol. 2, No.1 January 01, 2003

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      In this issue

      * NDEs in the news
      * The Forum
      * What's new
      * NDE discussion
      * From the webmaster
      * Upcoming events
      * New NDE TV listings
      * New NDE books
      * New NDE web links
      * Odds and ends
      * Subscribe instructions

      NDEs in the News

      *** Saddam Hussein's Son, Uday, has a Near-Death Experience
      "The transformation began in December 1996. Uday was gunned down
      and left for dead in a Baghdad suburb by unknown assailants. Several
      of his bodyguards were killed in the attack, and it appeared at first that
      Uday, too, would not survive. When he clung to life, it was said he would
      never walk again."

      *** Dr. Richard Eby passes away
      Dr. Eby crossed over on Dec. 26th, 2002 after a long illness. His NDE has
      been profiled on the near-death.com website for over a year now. During
      Eby's NDE, Jesus told him that Eby would still be alive at the time of Jesus'
      return. For a long time now, I have been advocating the idea that Christ has
      already returned. Not by appearing in the sky as the highly symbolic Book
      of Revelation and gospels suggest. It has always been obvious to me that
      Jesus would enter into this world the same way as he did the last time.
      Read more at this web page:

      *** Near Death Experience Still a Mystery
      Dr. Susan Aldridge states, "It involves a feeling of disconnection from
      the body during a life-threatening medical crisis ... and often progress
      down a tunnel towards a 'being of light' with long-dead relatives standing
      by. It sounds like a transition between life and death. So why do only a
      few people experience it?

      *** Garcia Touched by an Angel?
      "Doctors decided that Garcia needed heart surgery and in the course of
      the operation they removed his heart from his body. Within a few minutes,
      the chief surgeon declared Garcia legally dead. "I feel like I saw
      he said. "I was looking down and saw myself on the operating table."

      *** Near-Death Experiences Change Lives
      "Patients who have near-death experiences gain an increased understanding
      of life and some felt they recovered more quickly from their illnesses
      to research at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University School of

      *** U of Mass student makes the most of second chance
      "Lying on a street, the name of which he cannot now remember, D'Agostino
      thought he had died. ''My body was out, but my mind still going, and what
      happened - I can only think I began a self-grieving process,'' he said.

      *** Researchers Seek Answers to Faith's Place in Psyche
      "Hyperactivation of the amygdala, hippocampus and overlying temporal
      lobe gives a person the sense that they're floating or flying above their
      surroundings," says Joseph. "It can trigger memories and hallucinations,
      create brilliant lights, and at the same time secrete neurotransmitters that
      induce feelings of euphoria, peace and harmony."

      The Forum

      *** Peace Pilgrim's NDE
      "Then I saw beings. They were very far away. One of them moved
      toward me very quickly. When she came close enough, I recognized
      her. She looked much younger than she had looked when she passed
      over. I believe that at the time of the beginning of the change called
      death, those nearest and dearest come to welcome us."

      *** Guenter's NDE
      "I wanted to go right into the sun of our own solar system but
      couldn't because of those barriers. There is a correspondence
      between God, the universe as a whole and man. Our universe taken
      collectively resembles one man."

      *** Kathy Oros' NDE
      "It was at this point I realized that I knew this place. I was HOME.
      I also realized that I no longer had a body - and the feeling of pure
      JOY was so wonderful because I was able to feel joy without
      being bound in a body. I can't explain it in words how this feeling
      felt. When you are free of the body feelings are felt in the fullest."

      *** Oliver Hicks' NDE
      "Then, out of nowhere I see a tiny pin prick of very bright white
      light in the middle of my field of (closed) vision. Slowly, over 5
      seconds, the light gets bigger in its circular, tunnel like nature.
      It is tremendously pleasant and literally "attractive" - even

      *** If you would like to have your NDE profiled on the
      near-death.com website, post your NDE on the Forum Bulletin
      Board at: http://forums.near-death.com

      What's new

      *** NDE and the Afterlife website facelift
      This website recently underwent a major overhaul which was
      sorely needed. Pages were combined. Pages were grouped
      together. Same information but much more. If you are having
      trouble finding the new location of a moved web page, you can
      visit this webpage: http://www.near-death.com/directory.html

      *** NDE Triggers
      NDEs are induced by: death, dreams, stress, brain stimulation,
      deathbed visions, seizures, coma, after-death visitations,
      surgery, drugs, gravity, meditation, hypnosis, relaxation, psychic
      visions, OBEs, mirror gazing, rapid eye movement, alien
      abduction, sleep loss, sensory deprivation, sexual orgasms,
      religious ecstasies, mental illness, falling from great heights,
      and hyperstimulation. Whew. (01/04/03)

      *** NDE Evidence
      Dead brains can't have visions. NDErs see things outside of their
      bodies. People born blind can see. Unbiased children have them.
      They change people forever. They have similarities. They bring
      back scientific discoveries. NDErs are convinced it is real. People
      can share an NDE. Some were dead for days. Some have seen
      the future. They have been going on for thousands of years. (01/04/03)

      *** Experts of the NDE
      These renovated pages profile the main NDE researchers in
      the field. You will find much new info here. (01/04/03)

      *** Directory
      You can find the new links to the web pages of the NDErs
      and researchers that have recently been updated and moved.
      Also, their email and website information are available. This
      is part of the new renovation of my entire website. (01/04/03)

      NDE discussion

      *** If I kill myself, will I go to hell or have to reincarnate?
      Is any suicide justifiable? Should people have the right to live and
      die as they please? Are there any karmic implications involved?
      Is there a way to kill myself without hurting others and preventing
      the possibility of making a mistake and ending up a vegetable? Are
      NDEs involving suicide always hellish? Are NDErs told by the Being
      of light that suicide is not a valid option?

      From the webmaster

      *** The NDE and Astrology
      Do NDEs give us any insight into the reality or falsehood of
      astrology? If so, what are these insights? Is there a connection
      between the NDE and astrology? Are astrological concepts
      supported by science? Are such concepts supported by what
      we know about NDEs? Is astrology supported by the Bible? What
      exactly is astrology and how does it affect our afterlife situation?

      Upcoming events

      *** January 8-10, 2003 - IANDS North American Conference
      "Healing and the NDE" - Sheraton Waikiki Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii
      Our aim is to reach out to health-care professionals of all types:
      doctors; nurses; psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental
      health counselors; hospice workers; energy healers, etc.

      *** March 7, 2003 - "Counseling Approaches to Child and
      Adult Near-Death Experiences"
      Univ of North Texas, Denton, TX - Featuring Debbie James, M.S.N.,
      Pam Kircher, M.D., Jan Holden, Ed.D.

      *** March 17, 2003 - 7 p.m. - "Near Death Experience Alternatives"
      St. James, Piccadilly, London SW1 - Do NDEs point to
      consciousness beyond the brain? By Dr. Peter Fenwick, Institute of
      Psychiatry, University of London), President of the Horizon Foundation
      (formerly the International Association for Near-Death Studies UK).
      Is our consciousness just a mass of brain processes? An evolutionary
      by-product with no meaning or purpose? Or is it something beyond
      the brain - a bridge to other powerful, hidden dimensions of reality?

      *** April 25-30, 2003 - Fifth International Conference on Science
      and Consciousness - Albuquerque, NM
      "Consciousness Exploring Itself" - Presenters include, Ralph Metzner,
      Peter Gorman, David Feinstein, Gregg Braden, John Hagelin, Amit
      Goswami, Vasant Lad, Onye Onyemaechi, Don Campbell, William Tiller,
      Alexander and Ann Shulgin, and many others.

      *** May 16 -18, 2003 - "Pure and Convincing: Children's Near Death
      Experiences & Past Lives" - A.R.E. Conference, Virginia Beach, VA
      From the innocent and fresh experiences of children comes a fresh
      understanding of what lies beyond this life: fascinating research on the
      innocent and pure experiences of children, presented by the foremost
      experts in this field. Melvin Morse, MD; Kimberly Clark Sharp, LCSW;
      Charles Thomas Cayce, PhD, Carol Bowman, MS; ; Robert J. Grant;

      New NDE TV listings

      *** Jan. 9, 12 - "Defending Your Life" - TMC
      Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep find love in an afterlife way station where
      fates are determined. NOTE: This is an excellent movie which is based
      on NDE information. It is a funny, romantic, and tear-jerking movie.
      Brooks must defend his life during his life review before a Council of Elders.

      *** For television series featuring the paranormal (including NDEs)

      *** Search TV listings for NDE programs
      TV listings in this section of the newsletter span from Jan. 1 through
      Jan. 15. After Jan. 15, search the cable listings for TV listings from
      Jan. 16 through Jan. 31. A search using keywords such as: death,
      near-death, afterlife, reincarnation, heaven, hell, hereafter, afterworld,
      beyond, and otherworld, the other side.

      New NDE books

      *** Best Evidence: An Investigative Reporter's Three-Year Quest to Uncover
      the Best Scientific Evidence for ESP, Psychokinesis, Mental Healing,
      Ghosts and Poltergeists, Dowsing, Mediums, Near Death Experiences,
      Reincarnation, and Other Impossible Phenomena That Refuse to Disappear
      by Michael L. Schmicker
      "In Best Evidence, Michael Schmicker assembles scientific documentation
      for experiences that many readers intuitively believe are real, despite
      mainstream skepticism: ESP, psychokinesis, mental healing, ghosts and
      poltergeists, dowsing, mediums, near-death experiences, reincarnation,
      and, as Schmicker puts it, "Other Impossible Phenomena That Refuse to

      *** The Afterlife Codes: Searching for Evidence of the Survival of the Soul
      by Susy Smith, Suzy Smith, Gary E. R. Schwartz, Linda G. S. Russek
      "Susy Smith's thirtieth book contains more of the profoundly inspirational
      knowledge about life after death that she has received over the years from
      her mother and her spirit colleagues. Through the Survival Research
      Foundation and the Susy Smith Project at the University of Arizona,
      Smith hopes to scientifically prove that consciousness survives after
      physical death. She relives her years of awakening to a strong belief in
      life after death, and her psychic research spanning four decades of growing
      knowledge and changing attitudes about this controversial field.

      *** As I Lay Dying: Meditations Upon Returning
      by Richard John Neuhaus
      "Neuhaus, who found himself drifting in and out of consciousness after a
      tumor ruptured his intestines and the subsequent botched surgery caused
      internal hemorrhaging. One night he was visited by two beings, which he
      calls angels, who assured him that "Everything is ready now."

      *** Though You Die: Death and Life Beyond Death
      by Stanley Drake
      "Death is a certainty that affects us all, something that every human being
      must eventually face. And more is known about human death than many people
      realize. A growing number of people have experienced the brink of death and
      an "out-of-body experience." Some feel they have in fact chosen to return to
      life after hours on the operating table."

      *** Death: The Great Mystery of Life
      by Herbie Brennan
      " Herbie Brennan turns his attention to ghosts, mediums, out-of-body
      (OOBE) and other psychic phenomena which are clearly his chief interest more
      skeptical readers may raise an eyebrow. Brennan has done a number of
      experiments using hypnosis to trigger OOBE in subjects and the results of
      these, along with examples done by others in the field, are used to support
      arguable conclusion that "there is a substantial body of evidence to suggest
      the second body everyone experiences during an OOBE is something more
      than a subjective reality."

      *** Immortal Remains: The Evidence for Life After Death
      by Stephen E. Braude
      (No summary available)

      New NDE web links

      *** Life After Death (LAD) Discussion Forum
      "Lou Famoso has created this new forum as another location for you
      to post your LAD (or NDE) and discuss related topics. Posting your
      NDE on as many forums as possible is a good way to get your message
      to as many people as possible. Check it out."

      *** Renee Paraslow [ Pasarow], A Talk on Her Near-Death Experience
      "It was the love of God, and the love all things sacred and all things
      beautiful and all things just, and I could go on and on and on but this
      was what propelled me on was my connection and my affection for God."

      *** Near-Death Experiences in Thailand: Discussion of case histories
      "Several studies have indicated that the phenomenologies of NDEs
      is culture-bound. The observation that the Being of Light can appear
      differently according to a person's expectations of what God will be
      like supports the notion that a person's religion also plays a role. In
      this article, we will examine eleven NDEs collected in Thailand."

      *** Sir Martin Brofman in conversation....the Near Death Experience
      That Changed his Life
      "The Being said that because my reason for wanting to return was
      somebody outside myself, I would be allowed to return. Before I had
      the chance to express that I didn't really want to return, there was a
      rapid, confused movement, something happened,"

      *** Who's Who in NDE Research
      "Richard J. Bonenfant, Ph.D., provides an excellent brief biography of the
      "movers and shakers" in near-death studies. This page is excellent for a

      *** If you know of any new NDE website or web article you
      would like to see profiled, email me the address of the website
      at neardeathexperience@... Thank you!

      Odds and ends

      Please feel free to share this newsletter to others if you think
      they may benefit from this information concerning near-death

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      Near-Death Newsletter, email it to Kevin Williams at his email
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      Peace and Light

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      Peace and Light,

      Kevin R. Williams
      "Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife"
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      "You would know the secret of death. But how shall you find it
      unless you seek it in the heart of life." - Kahlil Gibran
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