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Looking for volunteers in each state: legislative signature

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  • Sam Wright
    POSTING: Letter from Bill Rollyson First let me thank those of you who helped me put together a list of economist for completing a letter of support to the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 7, 2005
      POSTING: Letter from Bill Rollyson

      First let me thank those of you who helped me put
      together a list of economist for completing a letter
      of support to the President, Congress, and the Tax
      panel. I intended to send out personal �thank yous�
      to each of you, but had the relative contact
      information stored in an email folder that was erased
      when I had to restore my hard drive after it became
      corrupted. A special thank you to David Kendall,
      Ph.D, economist at the University of Virginia at Wise,
      who drafted the letter and sent it to all the

      As most of you know, that letter was delivered a few
      weeks ago and is now posted on the FairTax website
      here. We will be adding economists to the letter as
      we go along, so if you know an economist either in
      academia or private industry, please send them a link
      to the letter and ask them to join us.

      We are now beginning a new project that is just as
      urgent and important. Bill Phelps, past Lt. Governor
      of Missouri, has drafted a letter that calls for the
      President, the Congress, the Treasury Department and
      the Tax panel to work together in good faith to
      thoroughly investigate and explore the FairTax in an
      unbiased manner. It is not an endorsement. We need
      to get as many current and past state legislators and
      governors to sign that letter as possible.

      This is a project best done by local volunteers. We
      are looking for volunteers in each state and in each
      district to contact their local legislators and ask
      them to add their signatures to the letter. We want
      to start with those legislators you know personally
      and then work through every state legislative body.
      They can sign by simply sending an email to myself
      (East Coast coordinator for this project)
      (wvquest@...) or Roger Buchholz (West Coast
      coordinator for this project)
      (orientamericanore@...) or to genie
      (genie@...) (Houston hdqs ) with �legislative
      signature� in the subject line, their permission and
      their contact information in the body of the message.
      Preferably this is sent from their official email site
      for confirmation.

      If you�re willing to help in your state, please send
      me an email (wvquest@...) in the next few days
      with �legislative help� in the subject line if you are
      from the Eastern side of the country or Roger
      Buchholz ( (orientamericanore@...) if you are
      from the Western side of the country and we will send
      you a copy of the letter and some other files that
      should be helpful.

      Thank you for being part of this great change!

      Kind Regards,

      Bill Rollyson

      PS: An added benefit of getting this letter to our
      state legislators and governors is it should pave the
      way for the eventual repeal of the 16th amendment! If
      you personally know any past or present state
      legislators, please ask them to add their name!

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