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God's Plan

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  • geet1957
    Remembering God s Plan by Ron Litton I have a task I cannot shirk, a dream I cannot deny. It is to remind my brothers and sisters on this planet of what they
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2002
      Remembering God's Plan
      by Ron Litton

      I have a task I cannot shirk, a dream I cannot deny.

      It is to remind my brothers and sisters on this planet of what they
      already know: that so long as we do not love each other and, out of
      that love, help each other, our problems will not end. Until we put
      aside what we want, and start doing what God wants, the collective
      insanity of the human race will continue.

      God, whether you call Him -- Allah, Jehovah, Buddha, Yahweh, or by
      whatever name -- asks from us only that we love each other, with no
      distinction or discrimination -- loving no one either more or less
      than another, just as He does. And out of that love, that we will
      then be more than willing to help and support each other. And that if
      we do so with a full heart, then we will make it our personal joy to
      be loving and caring to each other.

      Imagine. There can be a world where whole peoples get together to
      help other people who are in troubles that they cannot get out of
      without help.

      Imagine the government of the United States, saying to all the world:

      "When you cannot help yourselves, we will help you. When your
      children are dying of disease, we will send doctors and medicines.
      When your homes are destroyed by floods or hurricanes or tornadoes,
      we will help you rebuild. When your governments oppress you and cause
      you pain, we will help remove them. We will give our help directly to
      you, the people, and not to governments who may abuse our aid. And we
      will not help in ways that make you dependent on us for the rest of
      your lives, but we will help you help yourselves to become stronger
      and more self-sufficient. We will help your sick, your elderly, your
      tired, your poor, when they cannot help themselves, and we will help
      you climb back onto your own feet so that you can once again help
      yourselves and others.

      "But you must do your part. You must work for your own good, and when
      you have achieved it again, you must help us work to help others find
      and achieve their own good. There is just one rule: that all of us
      must love each other and help each other, just as God has done to us.
      We must follow that great example, no matter what the cost. We must
      never, ever, allow hatred or fear or suspicion or political or
      religious or cultural or social or ethnic differences to cause us to
      stop loving every human being equally, just as God does."

      We must always know that, when we follow God's simple laws, and work
      with them instead of trying to set ourselves and our rules up as more
      powerful than them, then all the world will become a heaven to us and
      to all the children who come after us.

      And God's laws are simple and easy to understand, even though they
      may be hard to follow. They are:

      Love each other.
      Help each other.
      Do these things joyfully and wholeheartedly.
      This is my task. This is my dream. To remind you of what you already
      know. That if we will truly love and help each other, and make that
      our joy, we can all live in peace and joy.
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