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  • Gil Bar-On
    I Loved this so much as well! Thank you for sharing with us! I ve thought about this idea before and would like if this was real.. :-) I m so glad I happen to
    Message 1 of 34 , Aug 31, 2013
      I Loved this so much as well!
      Thank you for sharing with us!
      I've thought about this idea before and would like if this was real.. :-)
      I'm so glad I happen to open my mailbox and looked at the list.. 
      since I do it very rarly..but I listened to my inner voice.. :-)

      Love you All!
      Gil :-)
    • monty w
      Who was Ariel Castro?   ________________________________ From: Richie Vaccaro To: nde@yahoogroups.com Sent:
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        Who was Ariel Castro?

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        No, a pervert is a pervert. Better off without having to feed and house him. Justice is done
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        On Sep 4, 2013, at 6:57 PM, el-stewart@... wrote:
        ARIEL CASTRO COMMITTED SUICIDE.  What was your reaction?  Did being exposed to NDE wisdom influence your thought?
        With love,
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        From: Venugopal AK Sent: ‎August‎ ‎28‎, ‎2013 ‎11‎:‎39‎ ‎AM To: nde@yahoogroups.com Subject: Re: [nde] Re: From the facebook.

        From: Matt <matt89331@...>
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        Subject: [nde] Re: From the facebook.

        Matt : Hi VG: I just cannot imagine what living in no time and no space would be like. So I just make no opinion of my own and try to keep an open mind. I don't expect there will be an explanation that I would be able to understand in this lifetime.
        VG : Dear Matt, IMHO, no event can take place without time. Time is defined as the interval between two events. No time no events. It is as simple as that. In Hindu spirituality God is described as beyond time, eternal. In my brief NDE I had experienced the passage of time. I was too young to judge accurately how many minutes I was experiencing NDE. Years later I have gathered from my elder sister who was present at that time that I was dead for half an hour. Thinking back I guess the duration of my NDE as I experienced it  was around five minutes. I have seen the white clouds moving very fast against a background of deep blue sky. I felt that these are moving much faster than usual. Here actually the judgement of time comes into picture.  It looked faster because I was much nearer to them than if I was on the surface of the earth.

        Matt : About space: It is supposed to have come into being after the Big Bang, and it is still expanding today, 14 billion years later.  Physicists have calculated the size of space to 0...many zeros...1 of a second from the time of the Big Bang, their mathematical  formulae could not reach the time of the Big Bang itself. Well, at that small fraction of a second after the Big Bang, our whole universe was supposed to have been the size of an apple. The density of that apple-sized universe must have been infinite! It contained everything that exists in our universe today.
        VG : I had believed in Big bang after reading a long and detailed article about Big Bang in an Indian Science magazine. This was some 35 years back. It was a reprint of an article by a leading American scientist. I believed every thing that was written. He has also postulated that within the first few micro seconds after the explosion what were the properties of the exploding Universe is not amenable to modern science.  Over the years I continued reading about the Big bang and started getting differing opinions from some renowned scientists. I will quote one available proof. According to the big bang theory the Universe is 14 billion years or so old. But there are Galaxies that are 23 billion years old detected in this very same Universe. How will one reconcile to this strange fact. Father is 40 years old and son is 60 years old. :) One main argument supporting the Big Bang theory is that of the red shift. If galaxies are receding from each other at fast velocities then there will be a wave length shift of the emitted light. This makes the light to tend towards red color. This is similar to the Doppler effect of sound when the source is receding, then the pitch of the sound will change. What mistake the cosmologists had done was to neglect completely the truth that the inter galactic  space is filled with charged plasma. There are light years long plasma ribbons carrying millions of Amperes of electric current. This Universe is really an electric Universe.  Light passing through this charged plasma will undergo red shift. Electromagnetic force is 10^30 times stronger than the gravitational force and as such will have a much more pronounced effect on the whole Universe. Another proof touted as very important fact is the cosmic Background Radiation. When the Universe was cooling and when it reached 3000 degree Kelvin then the protons started to join with electrons and make simple hydrogen atoms. In this process photos are emitted.  Those photons are present all over the universe as a dim but uniform light. I am writing a simplified version. Actual process is more complicated.  But the same dim light can be created by another process called Compton effect in which photons lose energy by collision with electrons. Halton Arp is an outstanding American scientist and the father of Radio astronomy. He is a strong opponent of the Big Bang theory. He had photographed several colliding galaxies in the Universe. How can things moving fast after a big explosion can collide with each other is any body's guess. There are many many for scientific facts proving that the Big Bang is a myth. You can google for The Big Bang Myth and read hundreds of web pages providing proofs against the Big Bang theory. To prop up the Big Bang theory the scientists have to invent new new things like Dark Matter, Dark energy, inflation etc. The Ocham's razor is a principle which postulates that if several explanations are available for a phenomenon then the simplest will be the correct one. Before ending I want to point out a lighter side of the scientists. It was Fred Hoyle the main proponent of the Big Bang Theory who coined the phrase "Big Bang" and this was done with a bit of a naughty connotation.  ( A scientist out of frustration called an imaginary particle the Godamn It  particle and his editor edited that word to God Particle and that is famous all over the world as if God is discovered in a laboratory :) ). For further reading : 

        Matt : Another thing about space that intrigues me: What is the space of our universe expanding into? Nothing? Most people already think of space as emptiness, as nothing. Are there different kinds of nothing?
        VG : I had read a scientist explaining this conundrum of space expanding into nothingness. He theorizes that nothing exists outside the boundaries of the expanding universe. It is neither space nor non space. As the Universe expands more and more space is created into the nothingness. Matt : Eckhart Tolle wrote that most people think of Eternity as one day after another without end. If this were the case, he said that eventually he would become bored to death. He thinks of Eternity as an eternal Now. And Now is never boring. To him eternity is Timelessness -- just No Time.
        VG : I believe that Eckhart Toll is an enlightened being.  So he will know better than anybody else. In India we call an enlightened soul like Sri Ramana Maharishi or Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj a Jnani. When a Jnani dies his soul gets absorbed completely into the Source, God and he is free of the birth-death-rebirth cycles. He dissolves without leaving any trace of his previous lives. He will experience death as a deep dreamless sleep from which he will never wake up again, ever. Buddha described the human condition succinently : "Samsaram Dukham" - Worldly life is suffering. Matt : Are spirits living in a state of no time and no place? Are they everywhere and nowhere? They are said to know it instantly when we think of or talk to them. Of course, for most of us, this talk is one-sided. We don't hear their replies. Very few people do.
        VG : There seems to be an impenetrable  barrier between the physical world and the spiritual world. There was a young air hostess from India who was killed in a terrorist hijacking of her plane. Later her spirit contact her mother through a medium and says that she got special permission to contact her mother. Generally this is not allowed in the spirit world.  Similar incident is described by Sri.R.K.Narayan a celebrated writer of English books. His wife died young and then she contacted him through a medium using automatic writing. She also tells the same thing. She says that she can look into the physical world any time and see every thing. But she cannot interact directly. She informs him that our daughter is palying in the court yard of yourt house wearing a blue dress. He writes that when he returned home he never bothered to check the color of the dress because he was 100% sure that it will be blue. He was skeptic and actually a stranger approached him and told that he is instructed to contact him by his wife. He has written his real life experience in a book called  "My Dateless  Diaries" and he had written a novel dramatizing all the facts of his after death communication. This book " The English Teacher"  is published by Penguin Books. I had copies of both books which I had given to friend for reading and retaining. The english teacher is a very poignant story it will will be very difficult to read it without moist eyes.
        "The English Teacher is a 1945 novel written by R. K. Narayan. This is the third and final part in the series, preceded by Swami and Friends (1935) and The Bachelor of Arts (1937).
        This novel, dedicated to Narayan's wife Rajam is not only autobiographical but also poignant in its intensity of feeling. The story is a series of experiences in the life of Krishna, an English teacher, and his quest towards achieving inner peace and self-development.[1]"
        Matt : Your point of "experiencing time differently" on the other side
        certainly deserves consideration. I can imagine that our universe, time and space came from nothing other than the thought and will of God. Not that I understand any of the above. I'll just keep my mind open.
        VG : Dear Matt I am also in the same boat like you. I also do not understand most things.  What ever I have written above is informations gathered from books and the internet. In my younger days I used to feel very frustrated about the infinite space in which this Universe exists. If you think deeply about infinite space you will also feel very puzzled. I had once written about in this forum, some three years back. After starting the regular practice of meditation my mind set changed and I accepted with humility that there are many things in the universe which is beyond human comprehension. May be I aquired a little wisdom or common sense :)
        vg Regards, Matt --- In mailto:nde%40yahoogroups.com, Venugopal AK <akvenugopal@...> wrote: > > Dear Matt >           If I remember correctly Mary Relen,  who posted this on face book, is an NDE experiencer. I do not support all that is written there. Rebirth is always in a future time. With out time no event can take place. So telling there is no time in after life is not acceptable to me. May be time is experienced in a different way there. I know from my experience that there is no gravity and its hold on our body in the after life. But I have experienced the passage of time just as in this lf here and now. > Regards > vg > > > ________________________________ > From: Matt <matt89331@...> > To: mailto:nde%40yahoogroups.com > Sent: Wednesday, 28 August 2013 12:56 AM > Subject: [nde] Re: From the facebook. > > > >   > Hi again VG: > > I forgot to write that the idea of reincarnating into a past or > future life had never occurred to me. But, since time does not exist on the other side, Why not? > > Matt > > --- In mailto:nde%40yahoogroups.com, tom3putt3@ wrote: > > > > Wow, now that's a concept that I have never heard. > > Tom > > > > > > >
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