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Re: [nde] Re: Myriad living microscoping beings

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  • Noni
    Dear Valerie, Some studies have been done over the last decade to dismiss the idea of a poltergeist (or something evil) being responsible for what is now
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      Dear Valerie,
      Some studies have been done over the last decade to dismiss the idea of
      a poltergeist (or something evil) being responsible for what is now
      called 'sleep paralysis' or SP. It is now considered a hallucination and
      it only happens when one is sleeping on their back.

      It makes sense to me that when we wake from a sleep we 'automatically'
      start to move our body. When we can't move, our brain tries to determine
      the cause. Our brain says we are awake, we notice that our eyes are
      working. Our entire body isn't moving.. We being to struggle to move our

      What is most convincing to me is that we can't move our fingers or toes
      either. Nothing, that I know of, can hold us down that we can't move
      either our feet or hands and still feel like we are being choked..The
      choking feeling is probably caused by sleeping on our backs and our
      muscles are pushing up but the body is not responding. The pushing up
      may give a choking sensation.. The brain may then go into panic mode..

      It is a very frightening experience and I can understand why our minds
      would come to the conclusion it must be happening by a sinister force..
      But that is something I no longer believe..
      Love, Noni

      On 3/23/2013 7:07 AM, keela@... wrote:
      > Hi Alya
      > I also had an experience that you described, I truly know this was a
    • valerie sumner
      From Valerie, Oh what a lovely page here of Bunny and hearts. I shall try and keep this picture into my computer. Love it. My quirky sense of humor I guess. I
      Message 68 of 68 , Apr 6 4:56 PM
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      From Valerie,
      Oh what a lovely page here of Bunny and hearts. I shall try and keep this picture into my computer. Love it. My quirky sense of humor I guess. 
      I have attached a picture  from my computer memory above. Some might like it, here we had to put our clocks back 1 hour last night, shortly I am going to get a bale of oaten hay and then off to  my horses to feed them.  Where did you get the picture of the rabbit, ? I use the free version of Incredimail cannot afford to buy the  other one. How is John Schofield, I never hear from him these days, I hope he is all right, I know he gets  depressed sometimes, don't we all. I have recently dropped a fellow I knew for over 25 years, I knew him years ago at a horse establishment, he was married and had a Son, who now has grown up in his 20's. Norman is the fellows name who I have dropped like a stone, he works at a Dairy, and I asked him could he get me some milk please, I would pay, he got me a litre of milk, nice of him, I had given him a lift home that day as his car had gone wrong the wheel came off,.long story.   Anyway I got out of the car to feed my horses, he stayed in the car, it was one of those strange events I suddenly turned round and there I saw him having a drink of milk, OJK . However  when I left for home he gave me the bottle of milk he had drunk out of, her also had his own 2 litre bottle of milk. I am saying this because he has HIV and Thrush etc, I daresay he wanted to pass his HIV on, not happening. I am often warned by spiritual occurrences. I do not know why I turned around at that moment unless it was my inner spirits. Cannot trust some people when they are in a bad mood. Also one day down by a Dam on the property where I have my 3 stallions, Norman also had a little pony who he never fed, I fed his pony for 8 months as he would have died without food or water regularly checked,  he later moved his pony to another property then told me some weeks later his pony had died, the Vet said of malnutrition I suppose once again he never fed the pony. I miss that little pony a little Welsh pony he was and a palomino old. This Norman is also GAY not that it matters, but he does fall out with a lot of people often. I did feel sorry for him though having HIV and also heart attacks, and Diabetes now, and other rotten things that all go hand in hand with HIV. Did you hear how they have found a cure for HIV? Also Cancer .
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      From: Noni
      Date: 7/04/2013 1:17:20 AM
      Subject: Re: [nde] negative or positive forces
      Noni is not a scientist. I know that I have many different labels
      -depending on who you talk to. Like you, my father called me stupid. I
      know now, that I have issues with dyslexia.. Back in my school days I
      often labeled myself as stupid.
      Horses? I am totally inept in taking care of a horse. I have only been
      on guided horse rides.. My legs are very short and saddles are often
      uncomfortable. Horses seem to know that I am not a disciplinarian and
      often ignore my pushes for them to keep pace with the other horses in
      the line. I swear, once when I had a branch swing back -because of a
      rider in front of me- and hit me, I just knew that the horse I was
      riding thought it was funny. I did not know that a horse could have a
      sense of humor till then. I once went to visit a place called the 'Outer
      Banks' where wild horses are allowed to breed and roam. I was with a
      friend who loves horses.. She had a car that she could drive on the
      beach and when we got out of the car one of the horses walked directly
      up to me. My friend thought I was a 'horse whisperer'. I had to assure
      her that the reason the horse came up to me -and not her- was because I
      had my hands in my pocket. I knew the horse was looking for food.. If I
      had a carrot I might have been tempted to feed the horse but I felt sure
      that people are not supposed to feed them -but do anyway.. So now they
      come up to people they think might give them food.
      It is my opinion, Valerie, that you write your poetry while being 'in
      the now'. 'The now' is when we are all at our best.
      Love, Noni
      On 4/6/2013 3:00 AM, helen hutton wrote:
      > Is  Noni a Scientist? I bet she couldn't put a horses shoulder back in
      > position, I can.
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