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Re: [nde] Re: Living in the now without family members

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  • Noni
    Dear Paul, I believe that unconditional love means that if one does not always live a good, forgiving and loving life, they will still become one with God
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      Dear Paul,
      I believe that 'unconditional love' means that if one does not always live a good, forgiving and loving life, they will still become one with God and be near God. The self righteous, the lost, the reckless are all loved without conditions.

      However, there are stories about higher dimensions or higher spiritual realms and this may mean that learning to be more loving and kind may have its rewards.. So, how all this works is not always clear..

      True self realization -while still in human form- seems to be desired by many spiritually devoted people..
      What changes in a person who has 'true self' realization?

      <begin quote>
      "Horrible as is war, because of the spirit of hate and destruction it embodies and keeps alive, yet the fact remains that man in his soul knows that he neither slay nor be slain by the mere act of destroying the physical shell called the body. It is inconceivable that human beings would lend themselves to warfare, if they did not know, as part of the area of supra-consciousness, that there is a -something- over which bullets have no power.

      This fact, regarded as a more or less vague-belief- to the majority, becomes incontrovertible fact to the person who has entered cosmic consciousness. His view is reversed, and where he formerly looked from the sense-consciousness plane forward into a -possible- spiritual plane, he now gazes back over the path from the spiritual heights and sees the winding road that led upward to the elevation, -much as a traveler on the mountain top looks back for the first time sees all of the devious trail over which he has, climbed to his present vantage point.
      <end Ali Nomad quote>

      Love, Noni

      On 11/27/2012 7:26 PM, Paul wrote:
      I think I do believe in karma, but think of good karma being the same as earning grace in the Christian religion. I know there is no one religion in the afterlife as we all become one with God. I believe that anyone, anywhere in the world can end up near God if they live a good, forgiving and loving life. What else can we ask really.

    • valerie120bb@dodo.com.au
      THE GIVER OF BREATH IS ME Oh yes you can look and think serene I stand in fields of velvet green But often I stand alone in Spartan land Of soil and stone and
      Message 33 of 33 , Dec 2 2:51 AM
               THE GIVER OF BREATH IS ME
        Oh yes you can look and think serene
        I stand in fields of velvet green
        But often I stand alone in Spartan land
        Of soil and stone and twisted dreams
        Where once in glorious color of burnished leaves
        The cycles of months roll by until worthy Spring
        And then you can look at ME the TREE
        For all your pride you could not live
        But for ME
        For your wasted breath I take in for free
        Then give back to you sweet Oxygen
        More precious than gold itself
        Riches might make a King of YOU
        But without trees and plants
        It would spell DEATH for you
        Written 2/12/12 by V.Sumner
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        Date: 2/12/2012 2:50:34 PM
        Subject: Re: [nde] Re: Living in the now without family members

        Hinduism teaches - there is absolutely not an iota of scientific evidence for this - that God is present every where even in rocks and minerals. Human life forms start their journey from the rocks and minerals. First step is simple living things and grows to more complex life forms like a worm or a bad. After millions of life - death - rebirth cycle those souls that are luckey will take to the highest form of life - a human being. So this theory very clearly tells that all living things have a soul. Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose had proven a hundred years back, that plants and trees do experience emotions of fear happiness etc. They can even read the intention of a human being whpo comes near it with the intention of cutting it down or harming the tree in any other way. Details about his research work is available on the net. Only human beings are self centered and will consider, if at all that only humans have souls where as all others have only a very undeveloped feeble awareness of self. Sheldrake asserts that some parrots have telepathic power. This also you can read on the net. There is a man who jhires out trained animals like horses, dogs, monkeys etc. and birds like parrots and mynah etc for Bollywood films. He claims that he knows their language and communicate with them. Any way they act in a wonderous way in films. I have seen several of these films. Also an american researcher had taught ourangutangs to communicate using picture boards.
        With love and regards

        --- On Sun, 2/12/12, Noni <kiwanis@...> wrote:

        From: Noni <kiwanis@...>
        Subject: Re: [nde] Re: Living in the now without family members
        To: nde@yahoogroups.com
        Date: Sunday, 2 December, 2012, 8:27 AM


        What happens to an animal's soul when their life ceases to exist?

        I don't think anyone can answer that with certainty.. There are many theories.. Some children NDErs said they visited an animal heaven. Some NDErs said they were greeted by pets that had passed before. Some believe that they will reincarnate to fulfill their own purpose.

        I think the problem we have in trying to find an answer is that we can only 'think' using 3D words. We do not 'know' what consciousness is. Many people believe that as pure consciousness we are all ONE. As humans, we judge 'life' from our physical perspective.. From our human perspective we see life 'ending' to mean it is lost to us forever. We can't view life from the viewpoint of the eternal spirit/soul. I guess it is designed that way for a reason.. But I believe we will have all our answers when it is our time to leave this world..
        Love, Noni

        On 11/21/2012 11:53 AM, tom3putt3@... wrote:

        Linda, thank you for reminding me there are more than just pets that live in the NOW. Even though there are many lives (plant and animal) that live in the NOW that does not preclude the fact that fear can still exist in the NOW. For example an antelope being chased by a lion or any other animal that is prey for the predators.
        I really don't understand the big picture as to why so many animals lose their lives for what seems to be no reason. Not just those that are lower on the food chain but all the animals killed by automobiles as well as those that are unfortunate to be the object of man's inhumanity.
        If animals have souls, what happens to those souls when their life ceases to exist?


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