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FW: Unsinkable Video Series

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  • John Schofield
    If you re on a downer, this may help. Best I can say for it presently is that it seems upbeat and free... respectfirstnations....
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      If you're on a downer, this may help.   Best I can say for it presently is that it seems upbeat and free...


      Message Received: Jun 01 2011, 04:51 PM
      From: "Sonia Ricotti (Unsinkable)"
      To: "Subscriber"
      Subject: Unsinkable Video Series

      Welcome to the launching of Unsinkable! I am so honoured to have you be a part of this celebratory event.

      Here is your link to view the Unsinkable Video Series (featuring me, Bob Doyle, and Marci Shimoff)! In this first video, I will be offering some great advice and tips on how to be "Unsinkable" - check it out:


      Also, you are now officially registered for Season 2 of the Be Unsinkable Teleseminar Series beginning June 14th, 2011 at 7PM Eastern/4PM Pacific. Make sure you block off every Tuesday and Thursday at 7PM Eastern on your calendar and get on the calls live.  

      We have a phenomenal line up of speakers. Visit this page to find out who they are:  


      As we get closer to the start of the series, you will find the teleseminar schedule and call-in information (and other information) at this link:



      Sending you lots of love and light.

      Sonia Ricotti

      P.S. Did you get your copy of Unsinkable yet? It's a phenomenal tool to have anytime you encounter one of life's obstacles. When you get your copy now, you'll also receive the "Treasure Chest Gift Pack" filled with some great downloadable products (audios, e-book, etc.) to help you right now. 

      Order from Amazon:

      Order from Barnes and Noble:

      Sonia Ricotti

      193 Church Street, PO Box 1221
      Oakville, ON
      L6J 5C7

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