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Re: [nde] DREAM

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  • Mary Shaver
    Thank s Linda, makes sense to me ! I alway s felt safe around my grandmother ! even when she was in her 80 s , probably cause she mostly raised me , she
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 3, 2007
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      Thank's  Linda, makes sense to me !  I alway's felt safe around my grandmother !
      even when she was in her 80's , probably cause she mostly raised me , she alway's made me feel safe !

      Linda ^i^ Stewart <el-stewart@...> wrote:
      Mary Shaver To: NDE  October 01, 2007 [nde] DREAM
        Hey guy's I had a very vivid dream last night , my mother & grandmother were both in it , we were in this 2 story house , I was getting ready for bed , walked into a bedroom downstairs  my grandmother was in this really big bed , I told her , I'm going to bed now as soon as i lock all the door's  !
      She said " well there's no one eles here but us , so jump in bed with me , no sense in going up stairs ! So I went to go luck all the door's , got to this sliding glass door , the lock's wouldn't work , then it changed to another room , my mother & father were in there with this box of stuff , my mother said why did you give that stuff to her , he said well she found the box ! Her meaning my cousin Sandy  !
      My father is still alive , anyone no what this mean's ???????????
      Dear Mary,
      In another email I wrote - about dreams:
      You might remember, when trying to understand or interpret dreams  - that, because *you* are the dreamer, you are the author of your dream and every single element of the the dream is something symbolic about *you*.  The dream is not something outside of you that you observe.
      If you take your dream from that standpoint, you can ask yourself some questions:
          YOU are a two story house - does that mean you feel like two people?  Or have two different sides to yourself?
          You are the bedroom downstairs where your grandmother was in a big bed (You are also the bedroom, downstairs and grandmother) - does that mean that you keep your heritage 'below' your regular life?  What does your grandmother represent to you (in my case, when I think of my grandmother I automatically think of strength and feistiness).  The bed (YOU) on which your heritage lies is big, roomy - does that mean your heritage is important to you for?  Or that you make a lot of room (to-do) about it?
          YOU, as your grandmother, reminds you that you do not need to "lock down", to just remember your heritage?
          YOU are the locks that cannot be locked - do you feel like sometimes you cannot lock out things?  Or that you are unsafe? 
          YOU are sliding glass doors that won't lock.  Do you feel that you are "transparent" ?  That people can see through you?
          YOU are Sandy.  What does Sandy represent to you?  Whatever she means, means that you found the resources that Sandy has.
      Anyway - that's the way I look at dreams.
      With love,

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