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Souls - final incarnation - who decides?

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  • thejustone
    Happy New Year Rachael, It s a shame your husband didn t tell you about your karma as well isn t it. I wonder if we don t want to reincarnate then who decides
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2007
      Happy New Year Rachael,
      It's a shame your husband didn't tell you about your karma as well isn't it. I wonder if we don't want to reincarnate then who decides otherwise?
      ~ to die would be an awefully big adventure - Peter Pan ~
      From: Rachael

      --- In nde@yahoogroups. com, "thejustone" <thejustone@ ...> wrote:
      > Amanda wrote: "I would like to think that if we do reincarnate, our
      soul experiences
      > would in some way take us forward to a better experience next time,
      > but it may be that a more complete experience becomes necessary, as
      > the case of the Tibetan monk."
      > I read in some book years ago that the final incarnation is supposed
      to be the hardest. Everything gets wrapped up and because of it being
      so hard, there is no reason to want/need to ever return. But hey, who
      really knows?
      > Justin.

      I agree with your last paragraph... my husb and I had a hard time
      of things. Any one thing would be enough to split up other couples, at
      least have a mental breakdown. Yet between us or around us, we came
      out the other side of poverty, bad luck, infidelity, a son in jail,
      homelessness, domestic abuse, other family members meddling, substance
      abuse...all in 28 years time. I could never understand how we both
      were able to wake up the next day sometimes, and under the same roof!
      There were also good things, but the bad were real nightmares! Yet I
      could never understand why we were still together at times, except to
      think that fate/destiny simply made a very strong bond between us and
      our trevails. After he passed, in an adc he told me thank you for
      staying in the marriage, and because I did he does not have to come
      back because his karma was fulfilled. I have wondered if this means
      mine would be fulfilled also.

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