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Hi John, from Valerie.

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  • valerie
    Hi John, you being in Wales are not all that far from ASTON in Shropshire are you, well I am asking this because for many years now I have had the DEEDS to
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2006
       Hi John, you being in Wales are not all that far from ASTON in Shropshire are you, well I am asking this because for many years now I have had the DEEDS to Aston Manor in Shropshire, The Lord of the Manor of Aston was John Wright, who migrated to America around somewhere nigh 1799, the Deeds are dated 5th November 1795-6. It has many names written on the back skin there are 7 skins in all, and the size of these Deeds is like the Magna Carta, they have been written in copper plate writing(Goose quill Pen)  When I was in U.K. I had a Lawyer look @ them, he told me they were genuine, and they are, they came to me through a "Time Corridor", I also had a Medium look @ them, she told me how they were to do with my past, I know that as I have always wished to go to Yorkshire and ride my then Black Thoroughbred Mare across the Yorkshire Moore, with a highwaymans cape on with red sating lining inside of it, I pictured myself on a black Mare in a storm where a great Oak tree stood, and my horse was rearing up high in the storm under the tree. I loved it, always was a wild romantic Soul. But I never got to ride my Black Thoroughbred Mare in Yorkshire on the Moors. I came to Oz instead, but those Deeds I left in U.K. For some years with my Aunt, then when my sister had returned to U.K. Those years ago, she was coming back again to Oz, so I asked her to pick the Deeds up for me, which she did, and I have them here with me now. There is also a map on the last skin, and the Bishop of Aston has signed the back of the parchment. There would be heaps of History attached to these Deeds, and graves would have the names therein, Elizabeth Varnolds, John Bishton, Sarah Varnold, Valentine Vickers. Amongst other names on the Deeds. It also tells a story of the way of life of people, it names the Inn Keeper, and his name also, one would expecdt to see it in a Museum under glass.  I have written to the Ludlow Council, they wanted me to give it to them, I of course did not and would not, if anybody wants them they can pay me for them, otherwise they will stay here in Oz. There was a John Wright who lived in the "Big House" Aston Manor in Ludlow Shropshire, the river corfe runs through the land and there were 400 acres with the Manor, and many other buildings on the grounds. The Deeds are the size of a roll of wallpaper. Too big for me to scan any of them. I was going to put them for valuation at Christies, but have not done so yet, I have had them for over 38 years now, there also are many land tax stamps on them with leaded pieces going through the Vellum. They are also 6d stamps and the King of the periods name appears on each stamp. I will have to look at them to get the Kings name anyway it would be the King from 1796 and thereabout.
      If you know anything interesting about them would you let me know please. I will send you some more details.
      Kind regards,
      Valerie. 2.4.06
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