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BAIRC MEETING AT IITC / March 2 / San Francisco, Calif.

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    From: Janeen Antoine janeenantoine@hotmail.com The IITC is happy and honored to host this month’s Bay Area Indian Representatives Council meeting for
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2007
      From: "Janeen Antoine" janeenantoine@...

      The IITC is happy and honored to host this month’s Bay Area Indian Representatives Council meeting for March. I hope you will try to attend. A lot of activism and gatherings are signs of the winds changing, bringing optimism and hope for the youth. We have much to talk about, exchange views, and look for ways to help each other!

      Friday, March 2, 2007

      International Indian Treaty Council
      2390 Mission St. #310 (corner of Mission and 20th Street-meter parking, or in parking lot across the street. The BART Station’s 16th and Mission; walk south four blocks, and from 24th Street Station, walk south four blocks)
      San Francisco, Calif.
      Call the IITC at 415-641-4482.

      9:30 am until 12 noon.

      Coffee and Bread/Pan dulce, juices, and fruits.

      A light lunch will be provided and refreshments, too. You are welcome to bring something to share!

      The agenda may include:

      Introduction by the Host/Pray:
      Primary concern continues to be the UN General Assembly and the Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples;

      Guests: who you are, what nation, what you represent, and what you wish to talk about? (Three minutes);

      ALSO: (Five minutes each)

      Up-date on the Inter-Tribal Friendship House, in Oakland: New Fundraising date, March 16;

      4. U.S. Out of Iraq Now! Rally, March 18, 2007 in San Francisco. A Veteran’s and American Indian Contingent, including guest speakers
      Dennis Banks, and many more! The ALL NATIONS Drum, and special performance by an Indian band, Black Fire!

      The status of DQ University; a schedule of events including a fundraiser schedule for April, May, and June;

      A powwow at San Francisco State University, March 30th and also an update on the Richard Oaks Mural at Campus Student Center;

      San Francisco Mayor’s task Force on American Indian community needs, and Office of Human Rights Commission;

      The Washoe Sacred and Natural Cave Rock near Lake Tahoe. To save Cave Rock and other Traditional and Cultural Sacred Sites! Report from SF 9th District Court, rally held February 15, 2007;

      30 Year Anniversary of the Longest Walk across America, February 11, 2008; a bay area committee planning of events.

      Other/Announcement; Next meeting location?

      Close – Pray

      Informal lunch

      Please call if you wish to include additional information about the agenda. Ask for Jimbo or Tony, at 415-641-4482. And, check out our website: www.treatycouncil.org
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