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Jene L. McCovey: Yurok tribal Chair candidate 2006

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  • Jene L. McCovey
    Naknow, Jene L. McCovey. Please vote for me. I have great pride in my people. Culturally we belong to the World Renewal Religion. In spirit we dance together
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 28, 2006
      Naknow, Jene L. McCovey. Please vote for me. I have great pride in my people.

      Culturally we belong to the "World Renewal Religion." In spirit we dance together with Karuks, Hupas, Chululah, and Wiyots. As a block, we should unite our tribes and seek the return of our sacred items of
      patrimony--return the dance regalia and honor the spirits of every plant and animal that gave its life to be a part of the dances. Some people believe the dance article has a spirit, and it cry's when it is locked away in a museum drawer and does not dance. Some people say the spirit of every animal cry's.

      If we cannot bring the dance regalia home, we should go to them and sing with the sacred items of patrimony. Educate the world there is a great need to balance the world and stomp out evil. The world needs to know the flint in the "White Deerskin Dance" cuts the world open to let the sickness and bad out to the end of the universe. Then we make the medicine, our prayers put the world back together again, we fix the world anew. Not just for us, but for mankind.

      As a consortium, our tribes can begin to change the Native American Graves Protection Repatriation Act to recognize the spiritual connection to the physical as we understand it.

      Our "World Renewal Religion." should be recognized as a world religion by the United Nations. All our tribes would have to agree. We would have standing in the "World Court" and expose the calculated destruction of the Klamath River. The lethal waters has caused multi-year fish kills. These deaths of adult and juvenile fish is a form of GENOCIDE. The lethal waters are caused by toxic green algae that grows behind the dams, herbicides, run off farmland pesticides and fertilizers and mining are a few pollutants of our Klamath River.

      How can you equate an anadromous fish, whose nature is to return to its natal stream of birth to spawn and die, with that of a potato?

      We Yuroks need leadership that is transparent--open. I have worked in
      Sacramento assisting with legislative language, lobbied for environmental issues, elders and disabled, and cultural resources. I have advocated for the preservation of our fisheries, quality water, non use of pesticides, native language and education within federal, state and county forums. Give me the facts, I make my position clear and concise.

      I can read and understand law. I have a paralegal certificate from the
      American Indian Law Center, UNM. "Federal Domestic Assistance Technician Specialist," grant writing and federal Indian law. There is no loyalty or stability in grants. I write and speak with conviction. I've 34 hours training as a mediator. I have a BA in anthropology. Nearly 40 years collective experience working with 501 (c) (3) non-profit--non-government organizations.

      In law school, I got the notion of "breaking paper." There are the pro and con cases to any issue. Finding the path, establishing precedence to the core facts of having standing in court is easy. Finding a friendly court is hard during this regime of federal government. Our future lies in the hands of this government,
      Green Diamond and the courts of appeal. What are the deals council has
      brokered for? What happens if the federal players change, or Green Diamond does not want to negotiate equitably--fair?

      If there is no equality in the law, no justice, it becomes a moral issue. A moral obligation to recognize the over sight of many laws.

      As a non voting member of council I'd advocate for fair treatment, clarity, and open communications--less closed doors.

      Jene L. McCovey
      1091 Hallen Drive
      Arcata, CA 95521


      jlmwesaw @ northcoast.com (take out spaces)
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