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June Events for Two-Spirit people, family and friends

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  • Miko
    What in Native America is happening in San Francisco at the end of June? Please see below: (Please take out space of all e-maill address to use.) Gay American
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 24, 2005
      What in Native America is happening in San Francisco at the end of
      June? Please see below:
      (Please take out space of all e-maill address to use.)

      Gay American Indians (GAI) 30th.Anniversary Reception June 24th
      will be held on Friday, June 24, 2005 at 7:30 PM at LGBT Center,
      1800 Market Street, San Francisco.

      The event will honor esteemd poets, Chrystos (Obijwa), Dr. Paula
      Gunn Allen (Laguna Pueblo), and Maurice Kenny (Mohawk) for their
      writings and research over the years. Light food and refreshments
      will be served. The event will be open to the public. For more
      information on this event e-mail: Epahe55 @ aol.com

      Two-Spirit Writers Conference June 24th:
      Being hosted by Gay American Indians (GAI), Native American Culture
      Center (NACC) and Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirits (BAAIT-S)
      Friday, June 24th., from 1:00 to 3:00 PM at Native American Aids
      Project (NAAP), 555 DeHaro Street, San Francisco. Lunch will be served at 11:30 AM. This writers' conference is open to all Two-Spirit writers and
      poets. For more information e-mail: epahe55 @ aol.com or contact BAAIT-
      S at (415) 865-5616 or at http://www.baaits.org

      Dyke March June 25th
      Delores Park and 18th St. BAAIT-S will open the stage with at 3:00,
      those wishing to be with us on stage, please find your way behind
      the stage by 2:45. The actual parade will begin around 4-4:30. Look
      for the BAAIT-S banner. The Womyn are glad to have the men their for
      support but this is a womyns space so please be respectful. More
      information please email: bbloba @ yahoo.com

      PRIDE June 26th
      The pride contingent will meet in downtown San Francisco at Market
      and Spear St at 8:00am. The actual parade begins at 10:30 but it is
      important that everyone is in place ahead of time. After the parade
      is completely, the contingent will meet behind the Main stage for
      opening prayer on stage. We have 15 minutes onstage and it would be
      terrific to have everyone with us.

      Two-Spirit Nations will be located on Civic Center Plaza. This is
      our space, please bring your Nations flag and promote the
      sovereignty of our Nations. The space will include NAAP, Native
      American Health Center and more. Please spend your time with us. We
      are still working to promote and schedule different happenings
      throughout the day at our space (Two-Spirit Nations).

      17th Annual Two-Spirit Gathering June 27-July 1:
      The agenda has yet to be set in stone. We are waiting for people to
      submit workshops that they want to present. Here is the schedule of
      events so far:
      There is a swimming pool, amphitheater and grass area. There will be
      on-site AA/NA meetings.
      Monday Arrive and pre-dinner Talking Circle
      Tuesday workshop TBA,
      Wednesday Afternoon youth workshop, Evening No-Talent Talent Show
      Thursday Morning morning/afternoon workshop TBA, Two-Spirit Pow Wow, traditional Native American dinner
      Miko Thomas, co-Chair, BAAITS
      Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirits

      ******REMINDER: pay your fees before April 1st to save $50.00
      Email me directly with questions at admin @ baaits.org or for an
      application sent via mail otherwise, go to http://www.baaits.org to
      download an application.
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