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Coastal Voices: Lead, ammo and facts

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    The Yurok Tribe’s Wildlife Program started the “Hunters as Stewards” campaign with the idea that hunters, if presented with the most timely and
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      The Yurok Tribe�s Wildlife Program started the �Hunters as Stewards� campaign with the idea that hunters, if presented with the most timely and trustworthy information, would strongly consider switching to non-lead ammunition.

      It was our initial opinion that the majority of hunters � critical thinkers by nature � want to preserve natural resources and are proactive in their approach to conservation. Given our experiences at our shooting demonstrations in Del Norte and Humboldt counties, this approach was completely on target. We couldn�t have asked for a better start in our effort to get people talking about lead.

      Most participants walked away with a new perspective, and traded boxes of lead ammo for high-quality copper ammunition to use in the final test, harvesting live game. We encourage the public to ask us tough questions and hold us accountable for all information we present.

      Recently, a letter writer to The Daily Triplicate submitted a piece containing almost all of the same queries we�ve heard from hunters in the field. I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to provide a response to Troy Messal�s letter and open up a broader dialogue about the use of non-lead bullets for hunting. Although Mr. Messal has not yet participated in one of our shooting demonstrations, his main misgivings about the �Hunters as Stewards� campaign included: a valid fear about a lead ban, safety concerns about eating lead-shot game, apprehension about effectiveness of copper bullets, and doubts about the validity of the link between lead ammunition and condor poisoning.

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