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URGENT* IMPORTANT CONSULTATION - July 1st - Sacramento "Carcieri v. Salazar"

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    From: United Native Americans Please Attend & or  Forward On To All In Indian Country. . . Dear Family and Friends   We have been told that tomorrow, July 1,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2009
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      From: United Native Americans

      Please Attend & or  Forward On To All In Indian Country. . .

      Dear Family and Friends
      We have been told that tomorrow, July 1, 2009 is a VERY important day. 

      In a notice we received from Laura Davis, Associate Deputy Secretary of the Interior, Washington DC, it is stated that "The U.S. Supreme Cout issued an opinion interpreting a provision of the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 ("IRA") that impacts the authority of the Secretary of the Interior to take land into trust for Tribes"
      "Please see attachment for more info"

      The importance is: "In keeping with Interior's commitment on government-to-government consultation.... key word being "CONSULTATION"....
      We were given a TIP that many VERY IMPORTANT officials, state and federal will be attending tomorrow's CONSULTATION....
      To all of you who have been following our plight for justice... we are asking you to attend the meeting(in force)scheduled for Wednesday, July 1, 2009 (9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.) - Hilton Sacramento Inn, Folsom room, Harvard Street, Sacramento, California (916) 922-4700

      Today, we received info that many important officials from DC are in Sacramento today and will be at the meeting tomorrow, including legislatures.

      Again... we were told... this is VERY IMPORTANT and officials are there to LISTEN... this would be a VERY GOOD OPPORTUNITY to get our critical situation brought to the awarness of these officials.
      Unfortunately for us (the Tribe) we are afraid that if we leave the tribal property, the San Joaquin County Sheriff's will seize the opportunity to overtake our Tribal office, so we cannot leave these grounds.
      We understand that this is quite a bit to ask of you... but many have asked what they can do to help us find a resolve to our issues and to get justice.... the irony is that our problem started in Sacramento and its fitting that the protest for justice for our Tribe, be brought up in Sacramento, again... consultation means that the officials are there to listen and anything of IMPORTANCE can be brought to the floor at that meeting.

      PLEASE BE OUR VOICE.... The opportunity is here and now... put a stop to the injustices being inflicted upon us.... help right the wrongs... Independence Day for the U.S. is just around the corner... help our tribe gain independece from the outside interferences of the Gaming Developer Albert D. Seeno and his associates (Chadd Everone and Velma Whitebear) who have been tring to destroy us by spreading false rumors of a split tribe, and a leadership dispute. Their lies have caused the Bureau to wrongfully withhold our 638 contract for 2008/2009 and their criminal actions of deliberately given misinformation to the California Gambling Control Commission have caused CGCC to illegally withhold our RSTF (Revenue Sharing Trust Fund) monies of which in near or over 5 million dollars. 

      There is no reason as to why we are sitting here pennyless, near homeless and IGNORED by not only the BIA but by Government Officials. We are a federally recgonized Tribe that is being abused and ignored... our suffering is great, our pain is great and through you are voice will be great.. 

      Our hearts are filled with hope... anyone who can attend tomorrow meeting on our behalf will be bringing justice to our cause.. for those who cannot attend... please keep us in your prayers and know that we are still here fighting to survive.. not only as our Tribe... but as Indian people.

      With much Respect and Many Blessings!!!

      Let our cries be heard and our prayers be answered

      Silvia Burley

      and the Tribal Council & Tribal Members of the California Valley Miwok Tribe

      Mailing Address Physical Address
      California Valley Miwok Tribe California Valley Miwok Tribe
      1163 E. March Lane 10601 Escondido Pl
      Suite D-PMB#812 Stockton, California 95212
      Stockton, California 95210-4512

      Tribal Office 209.931.4567 or 209.487.9519
      Fax 209.931.4333 or 209..487.8579
      My Tribal Cell Phone 209.470.5963
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