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Project Phoenix update

Our volunteer project programmer, David Scheidt, not a ham as of yet but hopefully soon, has written Java code that reads a data stream of 32x48 images and
Woody K3VSA
Aug 28, 2012

Re: NB4TV callsign issued

Excellent. A Sent from my iPhone
Jan 22, 2012

NB4TV callsign issued

The NB4TV callsign was issued to us yesterday by the FCC.
Woody K3VSA
Jan 22, 2012

NB4TV callsign being processed

The FCC's database now is showing as being active our application for the NB4TV callsign.
Woody K3VSA
Jan 14, 2012

Sequential callsign issued

We were issued the club callsign of KK4FYG and have already submitted the paperwork to obtain the callsign NB4TV.
Woody K3VSA
Dec 31, 2011

Video of 32-line TV

See this YouTube video of VK3AML on optimizing 32-line TV. http://youtu.be/1ShYefsbnAE This may not require as much bandwidth as I originally thought,
Woody K3VSA
Dec 24, 2011

Website now up and running

Woody K3VSA
Dec 23, 2011
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