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37660Re: EQ audio plugin

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  • Scott Fraser
    Jul 2, 2009
      <<Ive only noticed drop outs / choppy behavior from wave editor and
      SEQ2 when the source is mono / single channel being exported to
      stereo. As mentioned its a shame these two dont work better together,
      when they are stable its great - but Ive lost count how many times Ive
      spent over an hour fiddling with SEQ2 only to hit save and then it
      crashes... litereally... I managed to grab SEQ2 when there was a group
      buy going on, i think it was 49 dollars. Which was some time ago and
      Ive not noticed any updates since.
      Both have major stability issues. >>

      I would look at Wave Editor as the source of instability, since SEQ2
      works with other hosts quite well. If SEQ2 didn't properly implement
      the AU specs it would have similar problems elsewhere. I suspect if
      Wave Editor is having this issue, it will have issues with other AU
      plugins as well. Wave Editor is a relative newcomer on the scene &
      doesn't have the long background & established user base that makes an
      editor like PEAK an industry standard.

      Scott Fraser

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