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  • picnet2
    Jun 29, 2009
      Ive only noticed drop outs / choppy behavior from wave editor and SEQ2 when the source is mono / single channel being exported to stereo. As mentioned its a shame these two dont work better together, when they are stable its great - but Ive lost count how many times Ive spent over an hour fiddling with SEQ2 only to hit save and then it crashes... litereally... I managed to grab SEQ2 when there was a group buy going on, i think it was 49 dollars. Which was some time ago and Ive not noticed any updates since.
      Both have major stability issues. Which is why I opted also for Amadeus pro, shame it doest have a real time plug in architecture the same as waveeditor - but for editing without eq its far faster. And the sonogram feature is worth the asking price alone.


      --- In naturerecordists@yahoogroups.com, "justinasia" <justinasia@...> wrote:
      > Thanks everyone for your input about EQ plugins. I've followed up on all suggestions as follows:
      > > I use SEQ2 From Neugen audio for the EQ part,
      > Hi Mike
      > I just tried the trial of SEQ2. It's $119 so I would like to be sure it works well. It seemed more controllable than the Apple one and so should be good for me. However, I had a problem. I used it to EQ the track, then flattened the layer (that's how it works in Wave Editor), and then saved the track (with a few more steps in between such as dither and so on). When I sent it to a friend he noticed that at 2 points in the track there were silences, lasting less than 0.03 seconds which give a very annoying click. This evidently occurred during editing (they are not in the original recording). Do you think that could have been due to the SEQ2? Otherwise it is a strange coincidence as it has never happened before that I have noticed, although, it could have been due to Wave Editor in one of the other editing steps. I would not like to use SEQ2 if it may introduce random errors like that.
      > > If there's an AU plugin that cannot be found through this resource:
      > > http://www.kvraudio.com/
      > > it won't be missing too long.
      > Hi Rob
      > They seem to have hundreds! I would really like to go by personal recommendations though, so I know there should not be any troubles. Any suggestions?
      > I searched their site and this one was recommended, "ddmf IIEQ pro". I thought the curves seem like they cannot be made very steep, for example the curve for the high pass filter shows that if you want -20db at 20Hz, it starts the curve going down at over 200Hz. Even the notch filter for the same starts at just below 200Hz. Is that considered steep enough? SEQ2 at least was able to make a far steeper curve. Plus, it makes a worrying thump sound through my speakers when turning on a filter.
      > As for the LADSPA EQ plugs, I am hoping to stay in one application if possible (Wave Editor, with which I assume they will not work).
      > I tried Blue Cat triple EQ, but it doesn't seem to load into Wave Editor. Waves Renaissance EQ is $200 which I am hoping to not have to spend. Trackplug I am investigating now.
      > > I'm sorry that I can't remember who it was at the moment, but one
      > > alert list reader suggested an EQ app that had unlimited bands of EQ
      > > (or many) that sounded very similar to Eqium to me.
      > I searched. Was it apulSoft apEQ ?
      > http://www.apulsoft.ch/apeq/
      > US$74.88. Seems to be good. You can also zap really narrow sections of frequency - they call it "band reject". I expect that can be useful. Does anyone have opinions of this plugin? Perhaps it is "the one".
      > Thanks everyone
      > Justin
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