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Re: Juan Pablo Culasso

Excellent! Thanks for the link.I'm glad that I could watch this clip here in the US, as some BBC programs are blocked here. BR, Greg From: "cjhails@...
Gregory O'Drobinak
1:16 PM

Re: Juan Pablo Culasso

Many thanks. JP. www.jpculasso.net
Juan Pablo Culasso Alonso
6:42 AM

Juan Pablo Culasso

A very nice piece on and by our own Juan Pablo Culasso on the BBC today. Well done Juan your work is always a source of inspiration and amazement to me. I only
9:51 PM

Re: MM-BSM-9

Hi Vichy, I got the same your results using two EM172 parallel connected (+3dB), with Olympus LS5, Sony M10, Roland R05 and even with the inexpensive Zoom H1.
Jul 2

Re: How many lyrebirds?

Hi, Peter. I swiped a copy from Soundcloud and spent way too much time playing with it in Rx last night and this morning. I've had good luck with Rx in
Keith Smith
Jul 2

Re: Digest Number 6418

I meant to add this link to my recording of the Superb Lyrebird in Royal National Park https://soundcloud.com/meena-haribal/101022superblyrebird Cheers Meena
Meena Madhav Haribal
Jul 2

Re: Digest Number 6418

Hi Peter, They are (or It is) alarmed by something, a predator or even your microphone if it was visible. And in your recording there could be one bird that
Meena Madhav Haribal
Jul 2

Protecting your gear from theft

Just a friendly tip for everyone who is going out recording this summer and risks leaving their equipment in the car. Pacsafe makes a lockable mesh-reinforced
J. Charles Holt
Jul 1

How many lyrebirds?

I've finally got around to uploading this unattended recording from 18 months ago. The microphone was set up between the fork of a fallen tree. About a minute
Peter Shute
Jul 1

Re: What causes recording rumble?

... Charles, Looks good to me. If you take different samples you should get different wiggles, but the noise level is generally constant with frequency. More
Jun 30

Re: MM-BSM-9 theory

... Gregory, I was going to reply with those figures, but on second thoughts, the coherent wanted signal should be identical from both capsules and therefore
Jun 30

Re: What causes recording rumble?

David, I was using batteries, but after doing additional recordings its clear that the one I posted was getting interference. Here’s a screenshot from a
J. Charles Holt
Jun 29

Re: What causes recording rumble?

David, It was running on battery power. I tried to get away from potential noise sources, but I suppose its possible I was getting signal from somewhere in the
J. Charles Holt
Jun 29

Re: in-depth article about the noise of overflights

Thanks for share this Dan Bestu kveðjur / Best regards *Magnús Bergsson*Tel: + 354 6162904 http://fieldrecording.net . On Thu, Jun 25, 2015 at 11:02 PM, Dan
Magnus Bergsson
Jun 28

Re: What causes recording rumble?

... Charles, Looks like good old square wave mains hum with all the odd harmonics to me going by the top frequency scale. The even harmonics cancel out in a
Jun 28
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