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  • Ken Batts
    We re at an interesting stage in this nfw thing. We have a body of writing (primarily at naturalism.org, Tom s and linked-to writings), the internet groups
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2006
      We're at an interesting stage in this nfw thing. We have a body of writing (primarily at
      naturalism.org, Tom's and linked-to writings), the internet groups (these lists) even some
      local clubs (Boston and Richmond). We even have an effective full-time advocate (Tom C.).
      There seems to be a group of dozens of participants and possibly hundreds of like-
      minded people we know of, with the near-term plausible potential for thousands out there
      in the world who agree with us but haven't heard about this yet. So what do we do?

      To go from dozens to hundreds to thousands, I think we need to focus on our core ember
      of discovery, that there is no evidence for nor compelling reason to believe in free will, and
      that the implications for that are profound and progressive, which if it catches on will
      change the world. With nfw you get connection, compassion and control. Without it you
      don't really get those, so we wouldn't have much to offer. Yes, outside resistance will be
      fiercer the more radical our message, but that can't really be helped.

      Carrying on the fire analogy we need to take the ember, hidden so long by obscurity, and
      light a bonfire, risking attacks by opponents (fundamentalists, traditionalists, etc.) but
      brightening the light will also make it possible for those out there to see it and join in.
      This means a higher profile, and one openly and clearly nfw, otherwise people won't get it
      and they'll move on.

      How do we do that? Part of it is to try to get over the ember mentality, that we need to
      hide out all the time for fear of attack. We're not individually alone anymore, though our
      group is small. So I suggest we, as the Republicans have learned, stay on message, and
      keep the message simple, and that message is nfw and its progressive implications. No,
      we don't have the Republicans "advantage" (they can gain followers by pandering to
      people's weakest side, using fear and loathing) but in the long run we're better off. Ours is
      more like Galileo, the slow but steady advantage of evidence, or, in our case, lack of
      evidence for fw.

      I propose each of us think about what we can do to add a few people to the active list at
      CFN in the next year. These could be friends, colleagues, people we've met on the web,
      etc. A possible place to start is with Tom's elevator speech, pdf, or brochure, or all of


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