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56394Re: Wood - Spruce?

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  • oakwalkingstick
    Apr 28, 2014
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        If the board has any width save for string instrument sound board.

      I have sneeked a peak at other replys and I remember seeing a PBS show in 70's of a Dulcimer maker that tried making one w/ Teardrop shape on oneside and hour glass on opisite and found it supier to either symetrical design in sound quality,but can not remember how sounded better.

         If do build for Strings or flutes for that matter try native Black Locust or Osage Orange for back board .

         The 646 page  "WOOD HANDBOOK :Wood as an Engineering Material"reprinted in 2002 by Algrove publishing [from original 1999 USDA version] states Imported Rosewoods can be replaced with Black Locust( from same family as Black african wood for clairenets -another PBS show as a kid) it has great rot and movment resistance -used to peg oak warships together do to it's even lower movement and rot resistance than Oaks. Most gets used as split fence post {last up to 50 years beyond unsplit Cedar} Amish are sawing  B. Locust up localy as 2" square Garden Stakes to ship somewhere out of local backwater.


      I Think it was Biker Bob

      that made flutes where he sanded down sides of varible tone tube(before or after holes?) likly before tone holes enlarged [just opened] so the

       Flute BODY Actualy Resonated     with what he called   "Hobo Notes" 


        Inserting a thin piece spruce as the spliting edge in a N.A. style flute will give a little woodwind type chariter vibe I discovered in only one way( But I am not buildingand or expermitting) -I did this once to give voice to a flute that a church member brought me with no sound

       The flue was in the bird, and a very long TSH was no go > I atached homemade{ touch thinner than flue} venner and secured it w/ superglue on top flat nest area to intersect air strem and cover long TSH.


        Oh and Alantic White Cedar is /was prefered wood for Woodland style drums (interior twice as deep as rim wide inside dimensions) soposed to be most excelent .


      good buiuling, Blessings h

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