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56392Re: Factors that effect the voice

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  • rdbat1
    Apr 26, 2014
      Patience wasn't a problem. It was so engaging and sort of magical that the kids were talking quietly and focused on their flutes. Even the pace of their questions was nice. It seemed like every answer was quick and they were on their way again. Like a giant meditation class or something.

      They had their choice of red cedar, aromatic cedar, or hemlock. The hemlock was from my principals property. I am planning to use local reclaimed wood next year. I have access to cedar, alder, and figured maple scraps from a couple local mills. I am not sure about using maple because it is so hard and wont be easy to carve. But it will be cool to have the older kids select the wood at the mill that will become the flutes for our school.

      I have only played my flutes by myself so far and I don't really know anything formal beyond the basics about how to play. So doing a flute circle is going to be a large learning experience for me too. I am hoping to make it to flutequest near Seattle this year to do some serious learning. I am a beginner as far as building, but I think I am a better builder than player at this point!
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