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  • rdbat1
    Apr 26, 2014

      Well, I am about 9 months into learning to build flutes. I have made 7 myself, and helped 10 of the staff at my school make a flute each. A couple of weeks ago I started building flutes with the 27 grade 5-7 students in my school. Got some other staff and parents together along with 4 drill presses and 4 routers and off we went the first day. Mostly success, some problems and redos, and no fingers lost or routed...generally went well with the majority of the kids making a reasonable TSH that I knew would at least give me an ok sound. The kids glued them up and started  shaping their flutes this week. I have a bunch of spoke shaves and reasonable carving knives that the kids use to form their flutes. In between we drilled the air hole into the SAC.

      Popped their fetish blanks on and gave a breath and voila almost all had a very nice note. But 5 had a squeaky high pitched note or nothing at all. I spent about an hour and a half on their TSH this morning with little improvement. I also checked for air leaks and if there were any they were rather minute. Finally I took one and slathered glue up the line where they are glued together and gave a blow. Perfect note! I couldn't believe I spent all that time when all I had to do was seal the flute up. Worked on all of them. They all got the seal treatment and have nice voices. I have really enjoyed the learning curve of making and helping others make flutes. Every time I think I have it figured out, something else comes along and surprises me.

      One of the cool things coming out of this is that my principal and the woodwork teacher from the high school are beginning to build flutes themselves. My principal is on his 4th flute now and the woodwork teacher is talking about doing flutes as a project with the students. He has also asked if I would do a pro d session building flutes with teachers. It excites me to see others wanting to take it up and build too.


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