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56373Re: [Native Flute Woodworking] flute portal forum

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  • John Pink
    Apr 9, 2014
      I have read that R.Carlos uses Ken Light flutes. They work closely together. I can't say that he uses Ken's flutes exclusively though.

      "To thine own self be true"
                John L. Pink

      On Apr 9, 2014, at 10:11 PM, NAF Lover <naflover1@...> wrote:


      I'm not involved with that forum, so the following is a guess (or question):

      Is the flute portal forum there a mailing list (similar to how Yahoo! Groups, here, is really a mailing list)?

      Yahoo made a change to the way email is "verified" on the Internet - just this last weekend - that has essentially broken mailing lists all over the world.  Specifically, people having Yahoo email addresses (such as yourself) will not be able to successfully post to a vast number of mailing lists, as of now.

      If that is what's happening here, your choices are (1) wait until people scream at Yahoo enough that they relent; (2) wait for the affected mailing list managers to make what are probably significant changes (many probably won't, or for those who do, how long it may take them is unknown to me); (3) get another email (don't use Yahoo email to post to mailing lists anymore); or (4) give up and move on.

      Still, since I don't know what the flute portal's behavior is, I can't say they are running a mailing list or not.

      Maybe this helps, maybe not.  Let's see what other responses you get.


      P.S. what specific Nakai song are you asking about?  If it's "Athabascan Song" from "Earth Spirit", I'd surely respond.

      wro713@... wrote:

      Hi all its been awhile sense I been here. I know some of the flute making members here belong to the flute portal forum. I tried ten times to make a post there and it never goes through. That forum is the most complicated site i ever seen to get into.  i belong to other forums and they are easy to get into such as are group.Another thing what kind of flute does Carlos Nakai use ,i can,t seem to imitate his notes Thank you Bill

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