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55955Re: Boring Fails

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  • Richard Ortega
    Dec 1, 2013
      I have been boring my flutes for several years now. I too struggled with
      the drill bit drifting off center. I researched and discovered a drill
      bit designed to minimize drifting. The bit was developed for rifle
      boring or deep hole drilling. I also discovered a high price tag if I
      wanted to use for making flutes. Looked a little more and found there is
      a woodworkers version of the bit. It is used to drill the hole in turned
      wooden lamp to run the electrical cord. The bit is called a Shell Auger
      bit. I purchased one from Wood Workers Supply for under $20.

      The bit is used on a lathe and is feed through the Tail Stock Holder.
      The trick is to first drill a 3/8 inch pilot hole. Once you have the
      pilot hole you can use a long Ship Auger bit to dill the bore. The feed
      screw on the ship auger bit will follow the pilot hole. I use a drill
      press on a Shop Smith to drill the bore, but a standard drill press will
      work. I don't see why you couldn't use a regular hand drill and clamping
      the blank to a workbench the bit will still follow the pilot hole.

      This a very brief summary of how I bore my flutes, if you have any
      questions I will be happy to go into more detail for those interested.

      Take care,

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