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55954RE: Understanding NAFlutomat Design tool

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  • rdbat1
    Dec 1, 2013

      So when I run the numbers through the NAFlutomat tool this flutes length actually acts like it is a 7/8 bore. This likely is because of my routed out and added finger board. But it might be because the bore length is 3/4" longer than where the TSH is. So I am unsure of what to base the placement of my finger holes on.

      So should I go with finger measurements that come with a .75 bore or .875?

      ---In nativeflutewoodworking@yahoogroups.com, <rdbat1@...> wrote:

      I have at least three ways of measuring finger hole distances. One is in an instruction booklet by Raymond Wells, another is the rule of thirds, and also the NAFlutomat design tool. All come up with finger holes in slightly different places. Thing is the NAF site measures from the south end of the flute, while the rule of thirds divides the distance of the bore, and the Ray Wells book measures from the north end of the air split. After my latest disaster placing finger holes I want to make sure I do it right. To add to the mix I have a direction hole too. It started as two direction holes, but now that I have put on a new finger board I only need one direction hole to get the A I want.
      So my question is about where to measure from to place finger holes.
      My fundamental note is A4. 3/4" bore, 3/16 thick walls at the finger hole area. Entire bore length is 13 3/4" but the TSH is only 13" from the south end of the flute. The direction hole is 3/8 across and the center of it is 1 13/16"  from the south end. So the north end of the direction hole is 2" from the end.
      So if I want to use rule of thirds do I measure from the direction hole or the end of the flute? Do I include that extra 3/4" in my measurement of bore when I measure for the NAFlutomat or do I measure from the TSH? It seemed like I had to make things a bit shorter to make the right note using NAF on this flute and now I wonder if it is because I should have been measuring the full length of the bore instead of from the TSH.
      So where should I be measuring for the bore length? TSH to direction hole? TSH to end of flute? Full length of bore?
      I am so confused at the moment. I sure get why I want to take notes as I go. It will make future flutes so much easier!.
      Any help would be so appreciated here.
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