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  • Thomas Greywolf
    Weli kishku,                         This is a note to let All of you who are still interested in the protection of Native rights or are
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 23, 2011
      Weli kishku,
                  This is a note to let All of you who are still interested in the protection of Native rights or are new to Indigenous activism that we are still here.
      The American Indian Injustice Group (A.I.I.) has been around since 1998. We are Not For Profit and All Volunteer.
      Our original group founded on yahoo has worked hard for Native Rights for over 12 years. We here at A.I.I. are a dedicated Family of Mixed & Full Blood Native and non-Native Peoples. Our members are from all over the globe.
      We Fight the Daily Injustices perpetrated against Indigenous Peoples throughout the Western Hemisphere. We do this by issuing A.I.I. Alerts. These Alerts are intended to give all persons concerned with Native Issues a clear concise report of an Injustice to be fought through E-mail, Letter and Phone Campaigns to the Offending Parties, Politician's, Attorney's and the News Media.
      We do not pit Native against Native here. We will not question your "NDNess" here.
      There are those who do not understand why we send out an A.I.I.Alert from an already printed news story. One major reason we use an already printed or broadcasted news story. Is because they have already had the facts and sources checked out. The reason we use them again is really rather simple. We know that not everyone, read's every story. We know that any story is relevant.
      Meaning that what is not important to you or your Nation/Tribe may be life altering to someone else. When you read an A.I.I.Alert, they may very well seem overly dramatic for what you percieve as an issue of little consequence. Yet to the people it is happening to, our Alert isn't dramatic enough.
      That's done on purpose and with reason. We want to get your attention. Similarly to the way the newspaper does with a flamboyant headline or the way a news broadcast does with a station break zinger. We want you to read it.
      Unlike any other group or organization that is dedicated to Native Issues. Unlike the newspapers and broadcasters(who must remain neutral). We Do Not.
      We include the contact information with email addresses, phone numbers or snail mail addresses in which to contact those who are effecting Native Peoples in a negative way, that are showcased in each particular A.I.I.Alert.
      The whole point of these Alerts is very simple. To band us all together to help our Native Brothers & Sisters.
      Remember This,
                    When you pass up an A.I.I.Alert today just because you don't think it's important to you or in your opinion it is a trivial cause or maybe you just don't like the person sending the message.
      Tomorrow's Alert may be something you do care about, but others will have the same attitude about what you think is important and they will ignore your cause.
      Bottom Line: If we as Native Peoples are to get anything done for other Native Peoples who aren't in as good a position as we are. Then we might as well give the Invaders to this land everything they came to steal. Stop fighting for Reservation money, Trust money, Land or Native Rights to the land or Recognition.
      After All, The only important issue is the one that concerns you, Right!
      If you give them an inch, they'll take a mile. That's why we must not consider any Native issue as Trivial, Period!

      The American Indian Injustice Group has now expanded to Facebook. The hope is that we can reach a larger audience to
      broaden our group base and in turn have a better effect on the issues.

      Email: americanindianinjustice@...
      Thank You for your support
                                                  Thomas Greywolf Atkins
                                                 Chickahominy & Mattiponi
                                   Director: American Indian Injustice Group
                     email: americanindianinjustice@...

      What Will You Do For Native Peoples Today?
      We here at A.I.I. Fight the Injustices Perpetrated Against
      Our Indigenous Peoples Everyday.
      Leonard Peltier Should Be a Free American Indian,
      Instead of A Political Prisoner Of The BIA & FBI!
      Please Find & Support Your Local AIM Chapter.
      Join and See What We Can Do To Make A Positive Change For Our Native Brother's And Sister's.
      Weli Kishku(it is a good day)


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