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My Thanksgiving Wish for All of You

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  • Thomas Greywolf
    It s now 6am, I ve been up since 4 after goin to bed at midnite. Helen did the greens, 3 sisters, real mac and cheese, the sausage stuffing and the potato
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 23, 2006
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      It's now 6am, I've been up since 4 after goin to bed at midnite.
      Helen did the greens, 3 sisters, real mac and cheese, the
      sausage stuffing and the potato salad.
      I did the two hams, the yams and the pineapple upside-down cake.
      We did all this up to midnite.
      Now since 4 I've had the turkey in the oven and the pigs tails for sauerkraut are cooking and the eggs are ready for Helen to devil them.
      I let her sleep cause when she gets up I'm done with everything til the family starts arrivin with all the grandkids and nieces and nephews
      and such.

      We all know what this day means to American Indians in general, with it's own small individual differences for each of us. I'm not going to dig into all that right now. Personally I call this specific day ThanksTaking.

      But never the less I am thankful for many things.

      I am thankful for Helen Runningwater. She's fighting the sickness and has 4 more chemo treatments before starting her radiation. I thank the Creator everyday in my smoke for allowing her cancer to be caught soon enough for her to still be here with me. Because without her I would be lost. She has made me more civil, even though the soldier still comes out from time to time.

      I'm thankful that I and my family are basically healthy.

      I'm thankful for the support I have with my elders and my people.

      I'm thankful for my American Indian Injustice Group family. With their help, we have given those who cannot get out to events and protests a voice for the American Indian community.

      It's 630 now and I'll will be going outside in a few minutes for my sunrise prayers. I will include ALL of the inhabitants of our mother earth, even those who profess to hate me and talk about me behind my back. I will pray that ALL of you have a wonderful holiday on this ThanksTaking and know that I am praying for peace amongst all of us, at least for this one day.

      I will be praying for our brother Leonard Peltier and every unjustly incarcerated American Indian across OUR land.

      I will be thanking the Creator for another day that I was in this world, that I have a roof and heat and food to eat.

      With All My Love To You As One Of The Great Mystery's Creations, Best Wishes And Happy Thanksgiving


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