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  • Thomas Greywolf
    ... way ... represented ... in ... Americans ... and ... PBS- http://www.pbs.org/aboutsite/aboutsite_emailform.html ... airing ... e-
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 10, 2004
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      > As you already know. The American Indian family, humor , love or
      > of life has never been a television show. Although many have not
      > lasted long just about every other nationality has been
      > in sitcoms and dramas. We are not truthfully respresnted anywhere
      > mainstream television. So what is it I need help with, you ask?
      > It is my belief that the reason that so many Americans could care
      > less about the plite of Natives in this country. Is because they
      > don't "know any". Lets change that. Lets put an American Indian in
      > their livingroom every week. Whats been done to change attitudes
      > towards Native Americans hasn't work to well to get other
      > on our side. Maybe television would be a good start to humanize
      > American Indians in the eyes of the majority. If we can make them
      > laugh or think of us as their fellow Americans instead of feel
      > guilty, who knows what can happen?
      > I would like all of you to forward or pass this message on every
      > Native yahoo & msn group or other websites you belong to. In an
      > effort to get any American Indians on a network television show.
      > Please help us get represented.
      > The following links are the places you want to send your e-mails
      > fill out feedback comment forms.
      > ABC- netaudr@a... <that's @...
      > NBC- nbcshows@n... <that's @...
      > CBS- http://www.cbs.com/#
      > theWB- faces@t... <that's @...
      > FOX- askfox@f... <that's @...
      PBS- http://www.pbs.org/aboutsite/aboutsite_emailform.html
      > When addressing PBS please thank them for their
      > of Native dramas & documentaries.
      > I have contacted all these places already and would appreciate all
      > your help. Tell everyone everywhere. Lets flood them with so many
      > mails they'll have no choice but to hear us.
      > Thank You,
      > Aho,
      > Thomas Greywolf
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