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399A.I.I. ALERT # 48: A Houma Tribe teenager needs your help

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  • Thomas Greywolf
    Mar 22, 2011
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      A.I.I. ALERT # 48: A Houma Tribe teenager is being forced to choose between his education and is heritage.
      We’ve seen this before and it’s time to make your voices heard again. Please read the story and steps below to help this American Indian young man.
      Emails & Contact info is below the news report.
      Native American boy suspended from school for long hair, ACLU steps into La. Case
      Posted by Barry Leibowitz
      (Credit: CBS)
      (CBS/AP) NEW ORLEANS - Long hair led a 13-year-old native American boy to get suspended from a Louisiana junior high school, but the American Civil Liberties Union says the Houma Indian teen who grows his hair long for cultural and religious reasons was suspended illegally.
      ACLU executive director Marjorie Esman says Seth Chaisson was suspended March 15 and 16 from Juban Park Junior High in Denham Springs. The ACLU wants a guarantee that he can stay, with reprimands and discipline erased from his record. He was allowed back in the Livingtston Parish school last Thursday.
      Esman says the boy has the same right to long hair that a Christian student has to wear a cross or a Jewish boy to wear a yarmulke to school.
      Esman said Chaisson "is becoming more in tune with his own religious beliefs. Just as a junior high school student might decide to wear a cross that they had never wanted to wear before,
      he has now decided to grow his hair out in a way he had never decided to do before."
      Ed Foster, supervisor of child welfare and attendance for the Livingston Parish School System, says he has scheduled a meeting Friday with the teen's mother.
      Below is the letter I sent to the emails below. Please feel free to use it or change it to fit you. And of course you are welcome to copy and paste.
      To Whom It May Concern:
      My name is Thomas Greywolf Atkins, I am an American Indian of the Chickahominy & Mattaponi. It has came to my attention that the Livingston Parish school district has a policy that violates the Spiritual & Religious rights of American Indian youth. Case in point, young Mr. Seth Chaisson.  How Dare You!
      Would you force a Christian youth to not wear his cross, a Jewish youth not to wear his yarmulke? You have shown the world that you have no respect for American Indians or their culture.
      My only question is; What is your school system going to do about this issue? How is this going to be corrected and made right? We as well as the press are watching.
      Your immediate attention to this matter is needed,
                                                                   Thomas Greywolf Atkins
                                                                Chickahominy & Mattiponi
                                                Director: American Indian Injustice Group
                                             email: americanindianinjustice@...
      Please send your letters to these email addresses and U.S. Mail address:
      Rick.wentzel@...brenda.williams@..., elizabeth.whittington@..., CustomerService@..., governor@..., gov@..., ltgov@...

      Livingston Parish School Board,
      Livingston Parish School District
      13909 Florida Boulevard
      Livingston, LA 70754
      You May Also Call at: 
      Livingston Parish School Board
              (225) 686-7044
                   Paul Pastorek
         State Superintendent of Education
               Ph. 1-877-453-2721
                 René Greer
            Director, Public Affairs
              Ph. 225-342-3600
      Thank You for your support
                                                                 Thomas Greywolf Atkins
                                                                Chickahominy & Mattiponi
                                                Director: American Indian Injustice Group
                                             email: americanindianinjustice@...

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