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342Utility Co. raising fees to wipe out Native land

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  • Thomas Greywolf
    Mar 11 7:05 AM
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      Spread the word to everyone you have contact
      with in Virginia!
      Anyone who is against their gas & electric bill being
      raised to fund a study that will destroy Native land are
      asked to come!
      Don't let them raise your bill any higher than it already is
      Just To Wipe Out the Mattaponi & Pamunkey peoples !


      It means Newport News wants to allocate another $43 million for costs associated with the reporting, archaeology, permitting and legal battles they are fighting. Oh, and then there's buying land and paying the scientists to fake more "data".

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      From: Rose
      > The James City Service Authority has issued a Notice of Public Hearing
      > for April 10,2007 in regard to Utility Rates. On the flyer that's
      > available at the CEO stations in the county it says the hearing is to
      > "consider the following proposed rate changes as a means of helping
      > finance the future water supply related to the King William Reservoir."
      > (emphasis mine)
      > An abbreviated copy of this hearing notice can be found online at
      > http://www.jccegov com/pdf/jcsa/ Public_Hearing_ Notice_Utility_ Rates.pdf
      > <http://www.jccegov com/pdf/jcsa/ Public_Hearing_ Notice_Utility_ Rates.pdf
      > >
      > It needs updating.
      > You can reach the JCSA at http://www.jccegov com/jcsa/ index.html
      > <http://www.jccegov com/jcsa/ index.html>
      > I just wonder what this means 'to finance a future water supply of a
      > reservoir' ?

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