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320Pamunkey & Mattaponi need you! King William reservoir ruling?

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  • Thomas Greywolf
    Sep 3, 2006
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      Your Help is Needed In This Matter!
      Please pass this letter to Everyone You know and
      to Every Yahoo, MSN & AOL Native Group you can
      think of as well as www.powwows.com

      There is a New Fight being waged against the Native People in

      This new process attempts to circumvent ongoing litigation, the public
      regulatory process and decades of scientific & public opposition
      from both Native and Non-Native Peoples to the King William
      Reservoir Project. If this attempt at a permit extention passes,
      irreparable harm will be done to Virginia Wetlands, Wildlife and the
      future of the Mattaponi and Pamunkey Peoples.
      As well as breaking the Oldest Treaties written with any American
      Indian Tribes and the Virginia regulatory process itself. This Dam and
      Resivoir will flood existing Traditional Tribal Lands held Sacred and
      Protected by Treaty since the First English Settlers arrived.

      If you live in or near Virginia and don't want to see the
      life of the Pamunkey and Mattaponi peoples uprooted
      or the environment destroyed.
      Show up and show your opposition to the reservoir!

      Found on the state Commonwealth Calendar at

      State Water Control Board meeting, 9:30 AM, September 6, Wednesday
      in House Room D in the General Assembly Building at 9th and Broad.
      The meeting is open to the public. There is a 65 page agenda
      available, where the first item is the City of Newport News. Is this
      the extension of the water board permit? Does anyone know?

      According to posts here, at a public hearing held earlier most of
      the people who spoke were against the permit being extended. Will
      that matter to the state water control board?

      Read the story:




      Below is the Letter I sent to All of Virginia's State Legislators.
      I Urge You To Do The Same! Please feel free to replace my name
      with your own.

      Subject:Mattaponi and the Proposed Building of King William Reservoir

      Dear Elected Representative,
      The City of Newport News continues to
      misrepresent the facts on the King William Reservoir issue. After
      16 years of effort, the City's attempts to secure all of the necessary
      permits have failed. Now they wish to get an extention to permits they
      do have and should not have been granted in the first place.

      The Institute of Water Studies, and the earlier Phillips and two
      Spiegle-Muller reports all reach the same conclusion-
      "Newport News does not need this water".

      Each year, the governors of Virginia publicly accept the tribute
      of the Mattaponi and Pamunkey Indian Tribes as per their treaty. By
      doing so-they have acknowledged the treaty as being a valid legal
      document. In the treaty, the Mattaponi have treaty protected
      fishing and gathering rights which would be violated by the
      waterworks. This project threatens the way of life of the Mattaponi
      Native American population.

      A significant part of the area contains many archeological sites
      important to the Mattaponi and Pamunkey tribes - villages, camping
      sites, burial grounds and the ISLAND where Chief Opechanacanough
      lived and ruled for many decades. As well as those sites of our
      European ancestors are treated with great respect and concern.
      The same respect and concern should be granted to these-they are not only a
      part of the history of the Mattaponi and Pamunkey-but also a great
      part of the history of the first settlers.
      Independent scientists from the Virginia Institute of Marine
      Science and VMRC staff found that the project will jeopardize
      restoration of the tenuous Chesapeake Bay American shad population.

      The water intake will be constructed in the most significant
      breading and rearing areas of the American Shad in the entire state
      of Virginia. The reservoir will flood populations of threatened
      plants, such as the federally threatened plant, the small-Whorled
      Pogonia and the sensitive Joint-Vetch and also flood bald eagle
      habitat. The need for recreational facilities does not outweigh the
      loss of plant and animal life indigenous to this area.

      The National Research Council reviewed hundreds of mitigation
      projects and reported many were never even started, others weren't
      completed and those that were finished failed 83% of the time. Ohio
      is just one of many states that have lost 90% of its wetlands.

      Studies have also concluded that replacement wetlands are NOT
      equivalent to the natural wetlands they are to substitute for.
      Again, the need for recreational facilities does not outweigh the
      loss of plant and animal life indigenous to this area or breaking
      of Treaties with the Original Peoples of this land.

      As a tax-paying citizen of the United States of America I ask the
      State of Virginia lawmakers set aside the 1500 acres of land the
      Reservoir would flood along with the 1,089 acres of upland the Reservoir
      would impact as "State Protected Land" in order to insure the habitat
      and continuity of all the species found there and ask that the State
      prevent any future agricultural, residential or reservoir development
      from ever occuring upon this land.

      I also request that the State of Virginia make a permanent
      arrangement to ensure the protection and observance of the treaty,
      and to ensure that the fishing and gathering rights of the Mattaponi
      be observed, honored and protected for ALL TIME.

      The General Assembly's chief responsibilities are to represent
      citizens in the formulation of public policy.
      Those Official's who Allow a permit extention at this State Water
      Control Board meeting, 9:30 AM, September 6, 2006 will be remembered
      come election day! YOU CAN BANK ON IT!

      Thomas Greywolf Atkins
      Founder- The American Indian Injustice Group

      This Letter was sent to the
      Following E-Mail Addresses, just copy & paste
      the Virginia officials into your CC: line and
      the Media into your To: line.
      Then delete everything except the letter with your
      name in place of mine and hit send.

      Virginia Officials:
      tim.kaine@..., governor@..., mail@..., ltgov@..., district22@..., district14@..., district04@..., district28@..., district29@..., district37@..., district25@..., district34@..., district21@..., district24@..., district19@..., district17@..., district32@..., district09@..., district02@..., district18@..., district16@..., district11@..., district05@..., district03@..., district33@..., district23@..., district39@..., district26@..., district27@..., district38@...

      info@..., nationalnews@..., investigations@..., national@..., sam@..., indianz@..., cshaw@..., editor@..., abramowitz@..., barkinr@..., mike.adams@..., kevin.cowherd@..., pmilton@..., skelly@..., jimlee@..., carriem@...

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